Sweet Peas are the sweetest flowers of all. With their soft delicate perfume they are a popular flower for all occasions. Often when people see and smell Sweet Peas they are taken back to memories of their childhood. These timeless blooms come in a variety of colours, the most common being white, pink, mauve, dark purple and cream. Sweet peas are available in store during late Autumn through Spring and last in a vase for 5-7days. 

Sweet Peas have soft, delicate petals, which makes them a popular choice for Bridal bouquets. They look simply stunning en masse or in a mix with other delicate blooms such as Lily of the valley, Freesias and David Austin roses. 

The scent of the Sweet Pea is often used in perfumes, soaps and candles due to its sweet, subtle fragrance. 


Growing Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are easy to grow. If you can, grow sweet peas from seedlings rather than seeds. Most varieties are climbers so they need a fence or structure to climb on for best results. Make sure your soil is well draining and rich with compost. Keep the soil moist.

Plant your sweet peas and late Autumn and they will bloom in late Winter – Early spring. Sweet peas will continue to flower through Spring, if you cut the flowers and enjoy them this will promote new flower growth rather than the plant going to seed.