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Lisianthus are a soft, delicate bloom. They are often mistaken for Roses as they are a similar shape and size. They are great in posies and bouquets and come in a variety or pinks, purples, mauves, cream and white. Don’t be fooled by their delicate nature, they are quite hardy and can last up to 2 weeks in a vase.

Lisianthus have a romantic feel about them, making them a very popular gift to give someone special. They also symbolise gratefulness, charisma, and love. They are a common bloom found in florists and are available in abundance in the warmer months.

Lisianthus are a popular choice for wedding bouquets because of their Rose-like features. They are perfect for a cottage style bouquet and look divine with a mix of Garden Roses, Gardenias, Lavender, and Peonies.

Growing Lisianthus

Lisianthus are very tricky to grow from seed, so start with and established plant. Lisianthus are great in pots and can also be planted in the garden. They prefer moist, well-drained soil and a sunny position. Lisianthus are an annual bloom, but if you are in the warmer regions you may be able to get them to flower more than once.