Enchanting and Elegant Roses are a classic flower and a favourite of many. The Rose has an ideal sentiment which is communicated through it's sheer beauty. Roses are the perfect way to say I love you or a simple thinking of you. With gorgeous colours Florist With Flowers will have the most beautiful roses delivered to that special someone today!

Roses are a classic flower choice, a simple statement of love and affection. Whether you choose classic long stemmed red roses, coloured roses or scented garden blooms, roses are a versatile and popular bloom to incorporate in mixed bouquets, arrangements or simply presented alone with lovely foliage.

Roses are a classic choice for anniversaries, marriage proposals, engagements, and weddings. Roses are also the traditional choice for Valentine's Day as they are able to convey a variety of meanings dependent on the colour of the blooms you choose to give.

Red roses are symbolic of romantic love, true love and endless love. They are the perfect choice for long term romances, proposals and anniversaries.

Yellow roses can be given to convey the appreciation of friendship, joy as well as message of "Get Well' and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Choose purple or mauve toned roses to woo the one you are enchanted by, or if you have fallen in love at first sight. They are an unusual choice, and are ideal to show the recipient that this love is unique and treasured.

Pink roses are also symbolic of love and affection, but also are a perfect way to convey appreciation.

White roses are symbolic of purity and innocence. This is what makes them a popular choice for wedding bouquets and arrangements for engagements. They are also a good choice for sending condolences and conveying your sympathy.

Orange roses symbolise desire and passion. Give these roses when it is perhaps a little too soon to be confessing your undying love ;-)

These days roses have been bred to be as close to perfection as possible, but with that they have lost some of the true beauty, the fragrance. When selecting long stemmed roses, it is important to realise that the stem length as well as the flower head size and petal count has been prioritised over the fragrance of the bloom.

If having a fragrant bloom is paramount choose a garden variety rose instead. These blooms are available in the warmer months of the year and generally have shorter stems with thorns. They open quickly and do not tend to last as well, however the fragrance (in my opinion) more than makes up for it. Florist With Flowers proudly support local rose growers, regularly visiting the farms to select the best blooms. After being in the industry for more than 25 years, our relationships with growers ensures we secure premium fresh flowers that we can deliver all over Sydney for you. Call 02 9871 1666 to talk to one of our team about what we have on offer today!