Chrysanthemums are commonly known as the traditional Mother’s Day flower. However this old fashioned bloom is still very popular and these days comes in a variety of shapes and colours. 

The chrysanthemum originated in East Asia and is used for medicinal and flavouring purposes as well as for its beautiful blooms. In Japan , the chrysanthemum has been their national flower for the past 100 years and symbolises happiness and longevity. 

The most common varieties found in florists these days are the Daisy Chrysanthemum, Polaris Chrysanthemum, Button Chrysanthemum and Disbud Chrysanthemum. All of these varieties come in a wide range of colours and can last 2-3 weeks in a vase. The Disbud Chrysanthemum is a large, single pom pom like bloom with hundreds of petals creating the ball like flower. The Daisy,Polaris and Button chrysanthemums have multiple small blooms on a single stem, Polaris Chrysanthemums being the ‘Fluffiest’ variety.


Growing Chrysanthemums

As a Chrysanthemum plant is a common gift for mother’s Day, heres a few tips to keeping your Chrysanthemum blooming every year. 

Chrysanthemum plants in a pot can last for a few weeks inside as long as they are in a bright, well-lit position and the soil is kept moist. It is best to pick off any spent flowers and discoloured leaves. When flowering has finished cut the plant back to approx. 15cm and plant it in a sunny position in your garden. Chrysanthemums prefer well-drained soil and need regular fertilising.