When Winter is on Its Way

While it may be hard to believe, now that we are past the half way mark of the month of May, it is now drawing closer to winter. For some, this marks the starts of a downturn in activity and outdoor activities. For our industry, this means that things will start to quieten down as the more moderate temperatures will come to an end, and this usually coincides with a drop in wedding and event bookings.

In the cooler months, there is LOTS to enjoy in the floral world. Garden roses come to an end now, so the roses you will see in store will either be glasshouse grown or imported. The glasshouse grown roses lack the fragrance of garden roses. While their heads tend to hold the shape well,  they will never truly open….unless of course you choose to reflex your roses. 😉 Winter is also a wonderful time to enjoy many of the wonderfully fragrant bulbs that are available such as hyacinth, and johnquills. Other bulb flowers you can begin to enjoy soon are daffodils, and tulips.

You will also see cymbidium stems start to be available in store frequently from now. The entire stem of flower is cut from the plant to give us these incredibly big, eye catching, beautiful and long lasting blooms. For that reason, they are priced dependant on how many individual flowers are on the spike.

Cymbidium orchid spikes are beautiful, striking and long lasting
Source: Flower Farm Shop

Some spikes of cymbidiums also have a fragrance, which is quite interesting. They are available in a vast array of colours including white, pink, mauve, yellow, lime, burgundy, red, cream, orange, chocolate and many more variations in between.

Tulips are an incredibly elegant cut flower. Throughout winter you can enjoy beautiful single standard tulips, feathery tulips, double tulips, and parrot tulips. One thing that many people do not understand about tulips is that they grow towards sunlight. As you can probably imagine, it is incredibly frustrating for a florist who has arranged them in a mixed bouquet as you will find them standing tall above their flower neighbours overnight. This is even more frustrating for a wedding florist!  Not only  do they grow in length,  but their stems will become all wiggly and wavy in an attempt to be the tallest and the closest to the sun. For this reason alone, it is so important to choose a reputable florist when ordering flowers for a wedding, otherwise you are at risk of receiving a bunch of rather wayward blooms.


But probably what most consumers look forward to most when thinking about fresh cut flowers and winter is the longevity of the blooms. It is certainly true that in the cooler months your flowers will last longer. When ordering a flower delivery or buying fresh cut blooms for home you can be confident that  they will look fresh and fabulous for days or even weeks depending on what you choose, and how well you care for them. You will notice that the water does not become as smelly as quickly however it is just as important to change the water and recut the stems regularly to get the best vase life. Talk to our wonderful staff about long lasting choices. The cymbidium stems for example can be pricey per stem, but when you think you can enjoy them for weeks, they are actually very good value. Sometimes you will find some of the blooms may be covered when sitting in a vase with foliage or other flowers. Instead of having them essentially wasted, snip them off the stem and use them in a float bowl.

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