When Size Matters

Have you watched the “Tiny House” shows? You know the ones, where people are downsizing, or shifting the focus in their lives to the things that make them happy. What this usually entails is reducing the clutter in the home, shrinking the size of your living spaces so there is less time necessary to clean, and with that comes more time to spend refocusing your attentions. More time to spend chasing your passions, spending more time outdoors (coz there isn’t any room to sit down inside anyway 😂😂😂) and more time with family.

Well, this week, something positively tiny popped up in my feed; Tiny Bouquets. The #tinybouquetchallenge has finally made it to Australia. Some suggest that the trend was started in Dublin by florist, Reka Kurtos. Below shows an image on her entry into Fusion Flower magazine’s ‘Just Chrys’ competition.

Source: Reka Kurtos Facebook

These bouquets, as you can see, are not just a couple of stems of flowers tied together, oh no, these bouquets are incredibly intricate and delicate, and finished meticulously whether than be with rustic string, or luxurious ribbons.

To be honest, when you see them with no point of reference to gauge the size you could quite easily be fooled into thinking they are a full sized bouquet.

Source: The Enchanted Florist, Lismore
Source: The Enchanted Florist, Lismore

These bouquets would not be something that your average customer would order….unless of course your average customer is arranging a wedding for Barbie and Ken 😂😂😂

For the industry, it is an interesting trend too. Although these bouquets contain very little, believe it or not, they take just as long (if not longer) to put together. As the work is incredibly delicate, the blooms need to be carefully selected and prepared before the arrangement can be put together. Small sprays may need to be separated from the main stem, or single piece cut and conditioned. Ok, so that is the HOW? taken care of…

tiny bouquet challenge

And then we come back to the all important WHY? Why would you want to order one of these impossibly small bouquets? Firstly, let’s face it, the challenge is just a bit of good old fashioned fun….from creating the piece, to taking some creative photography. Let’s face it, they aren’t going to fill a vase and spruce up your house for guests. Well, perhaps you want something teeny tiny for your pint sized Prima ballerina after her dance recital. Perhaps you want to leave a beautiful tribute on the headstone of one of your loved ones. Perhaps you want a miniature version of a bridal bouquet made for a thoughtful anniversary gift. In fact, one clever florist finished her tiny bouquet off with her engagement and wedding rings…in place of a bow. That probably gives you some idea how truly miniature they are!

Tiny bouquet challenge
Source: Insta Saver

These bouquets are not something that you would want to order everyday, but for specific occasions they could be just about perfect. I don’t anticipate that you will see them ready made out the front of our store anytime soon, but like any other arrangements, we are happy to help create something  unique for you. Come in store to chat, or call 02 9871-1666.

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Feature Image via The House That Lara Built


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