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What if you missed out on Valentine’s Day?

So Valentine’s Day has been and gone for another year, but believe it or not, a florists work is still not done.

Some people will have arrived home to a pretty unimpressed partner, angry or disappointed that they were not remembered on the day of love. What does that say, they think? How does that look, they ask.

So in a quest to right any wrongs, February 15th can quickly turn into another busy day. But on February 15th, things tend to return to normal. The flower shop will be stocked with a wide variety of stock, perhaps just not as full to the brim as in the days preceding.

Many florists have perfected their ordering systems, using a combination of examining previous figures and forecasting their needs based on pre-orders as Valentine’s Day approaches. This is great news for everyone as it means there is less wastage and that the stock is fresh post Valentine’s Day too. What it may mean however is that red roses are not as readily available. After all, if you were a rose grower, would you prefer to sell your roses at premium prices leading up to the day of love, or cut prices once the day has been and gone? Growers plant their roses with the hope that they will be perfectly timed with Valentine’s Day. Stock that blooms perfectly the week after could have devastating consequences for our local growers.

If you are one of the people who needs to order flowers for a loved one on February 15, use it as a real opportunity. What do I mean?

Instead of just going ahead and getting the red roses you were supposed to get, choose something totally unique, and something totally beautiful. Given that we are still enjoying the heat of summer and all that comes with it why not consider something that is unique to this time of year?

Image of gorgeous Garden roses
Garden roses are gorgeous

Garden roses are a rose of course, but rather than being grown for their perfect head, or the length of their stem, garden roses are perfectly imperfect and have a scent that is unforgettable.

Garden roses will truly open up, revealing the gorgeous centre of the bloom, with gorgeous prickly foliage running up and down the stem. They will evoke all 5 senses. Believe it or not, the scent is so intense, you can taste it!

Image of Pretty Proteas from South Africa
Pretty Proteas are endemic to South Africa so enjoy our warm climate

If you are looking for an alternative to roses (and perhaps intentionally avoided buying them on Valentine’s Day) you could consider blooms that will handle the heat with ease. Tropical blooms are made for these conditions as are many native flowers.

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