What does Christmas look Like to you?

When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind?

For me, there are many things, but one thing that is essential to my picture of Christmas is a summer’s day….and we certainly haven’t been short of those.
Anyone from the Northern Hemisphere would surely struggle with the heat at Christmas, but for us Aussies, it is simply our ‘normal’.

With that comes a change in traditional menus, with less hot roasted meat, and more cold seafood, and of course, there is no holly or mistletoe.

Fresh flowers are essential for many people’s picture of Christmas including mine.
Fresh bunches of pine, or spruce can bring the lovely scent of a Christmas tree to your home whether or not you have a fresh tree.


And who could forget the little explosions of bright red that appear in the shape of Flowering Eucalyptus?
I think of flowering gum as our Aussie Holly. Of course it is not at all related to Holly, but like Holly blooms at Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, the flowering eucalyptus species are in bloom during the festive season here. Plus, it is stunning with its vibrant red and lush green.


Christmas bells are a flower that many people search for during the festive season. They are essential to a traditional Christmas for many people. They are usually sold by the stem for a premium price, however as they are so delicate they should not be mixed with huge volumes of other flowers as they will get swamped.
Ceratopetalum gummiferum, the New South Wales Christmas bush, is another popular Christmas flower. It is a tall shrub or small tree and the magic is that the sepals turn from cream to a bright red-pink around Christmas time.

One of my personal favourite plant materials to decorate with at Christmas time is Caladium leaves. They come in countless varieties, each with unique patterns and colour combinations on the leaves. The markings on each variety is so unique, and each leaf has a unique shape and finish.
I usually use a combination of a few varieties, including the red and green patterned leaves, as well as the white and green.
I find foliage always lasts well in our warm climate and requires less work, so it’s win win.


We always have a fabulous selection of old favourites in store plus much, much more, so I’m curious….have you got a favourite flower to decorate with at Christmas? Does it have to be red, white and green….or is there other factors that influence your choices?

The countdown is on…only 9 days til Christmas, make sure you have any gift orders finalised, and feel free to come in to discuss any fresh cut flowers for home.

Fwf x

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