Wedding Inspirations: Featuring Pantone’s Twin Tones of 2016

When you look back on photos, some things clearly give away the time and place of the picture, whether it be the fashion, the hairstyles, or even the decor and setting. Things that were at the height of fashion at the time, can seem so dated when looking back, and we find ourselves cringing at the choices we made for ourselves, or that our parents made for us as children (Hey, there has to be someone to blame right?)

Weddings are no different. The dress, the decor, the engagement ring even, can give away the time frame that the event took place, and just as fashions come, fashions go, and no matter what choices you make, there is a good chance that at some point in your lifetime, your tastes will change.


No matter what, your pictures will take a snapshot of this time and place in your life, and at 80 years old, sitting up in the easy chair looking through your wedding album with your beloved, I can hardly imagine that you will be regretting what colour scheme you chose, or how you did your hair.

For a clear snapshot of the year that was, why not incorporate the colour of the year in your wedding palette. For 2016, Pantone chose two subtle tones, Serenity, a soft blue, and Rose Quartz, a pastel pink tone. And, as an added bonus, by choosing this colour scheme for your wedding, any traditionalists will find it easy to include ‘something blue’ with no trouble at all.

blue ribbon
Image: Fab Mood

Pastel tones work well for wedding palettes as they add soft bursts of colour without providing too much contrast against a light ivory/white/cream dress. The benefit of Pantone’s choice this year means that you can also incorporate the colour in key items such as the groom/groomsmen suits/ties.

blue suit
Image: Lover.Ly


Get the look for your bouquets by using a blend of flowers in the two Pantone tones. You can certainly add white/ivory/cream to tone the colours down, or include a third tone to make the blend a more harmonious pastel blend.

Soft pink choices could include: hydrangea, roses, hyacinth, sweet peas, dahlias, blushing bride, astibille, veronica, ranunculas, peonies, freesias, geraldton wax, jasmine, singapore orchids, celosia, cherry blossom, peppercorn,

Dusty Blue flowers could include: Sea Holly (Equinox/thistle), hydrangea, grape hyacinth, hyacinth, veronica, celosia, delphinium, forget me nots,

pantone 2016

There are amazing seasonal flowers that are available throughout the year. What is available to you, obviously depends on when you are getting married. I think that it is important to stress that the particular tones in this colour palette are soft and muted. This really means that any dyed varieties of flowers are out. The blue and pink tones achieved with systemic or dip dyes are far too intense to work within this theme. (Phew!)


Bouquets Top L-R Bouquet handheld, Blue Bouquet, Bottom L-R Wild gathered Bouquet, hand held ribboned bouquet

The softness of the blue and pastel pink tones  lend themselves to a decidedly old world feel, reminiscent of Royal Albert vintage tea sets. They are particularly soft and romantic, and work well in gathered garden style posies, as well as cascading bouquets.


Invites (L-R): Watercolours, Floral, Lace

I’m sure you will agree that the twin tones that Pantone named the colours of the year 2016 provide a beautiful, soft and subtle base for a wedding palette. The watercolour tones can easily be integrated throughout the wedding in small details like invitations, jewelery, and ties, or as major components such as bridesmaids gowns, flowers, and the men’s suits.

Regardless of the colour palette you choose, remember that in the scheme of things, a wedding day is insignificant within a marriage, a marriage is so much more.

Fwf x

Header Featured Image: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/wedding-color-trends-2016-pantones-rose-quartz-serenity-226737


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