Wedding Inspirations: Eclectic and Eccentric

Your wedding day should be an expression of you both as individuals, as well as who you are as a couple. For that reason, no two weddings need EVER be the same. Crush on somebody’s styling, envy the dress, fantasise about that dream venue, but ultimately, the two of you together will make decisions for your day that are as unique as you are as a couple.

For those who like things that are more eclectic, textured, different, or quirkier, this style of flowers may indeed be the way to go. This style of wedding can also be referred to Boho (Bohemian), Ethereal or Hippie Luxe depending on the color palette and accessories you choose to combine.

boho bouquets

Get the look:

The key to pulling this look off is to work with your existing colour scheme. This is generally dictated by your gown (whether it is white, ivory, cream or another colour) and by your bridesmaids gowns. These key elements tend to dictate what other ideas you can bring into the theme to tie it together, rather than rip it apart. Have vibrant bridesmaids gowns? Match the intensity of colour with bright bouquets. Chosen textured neutral toned gowns for your maids? Maybe earthy natives and berries will be a better fit.

Dress fabrics within this theme tend to be more textured, or layered. Hair can be free, or braided. Jewelry can be bright, feathered, brass, beaded or semi precious. The options are limitless.


I think the strength of this look is in its use of colour. Whether you choose to use vibrant, tropical tones, or  favour subtle earthy musings, eclectic flowers do not shy away from colour, nor texture.

bright boho

neutral boho

Textured elements:

Proteas, celosia, flannel flower, feathers, paper daisies, leucadendrons, love in the mist pods, blackberries, brunei, berzillea, privett, thistles,

Foliage elements:

Foliage features more heavily in this style of bridal bouquets/arrangements as much for the colour as for the texture it can bring; after dark foliage, cordyline leaves, eucalyptus, peppercorn, ivy berry, trailing jasmine, ruscus, dusty miller, asparagus, ribbon grass and photinia are all beautiful choices.

Feature flowers:

Whatever flowers you choose, what you will notice throughout this style is that rarely are the bouquets perfectly symetrical or rounded. The quirkier, free form shape of the bouquet further cements this style as bohemian; free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

Proteas, hippiastrums, lotus pods, cordifolia, tulips, sunflowers, roses, dahlias, daisies etc…


This theme of wedding lends itself to feathers, hanging floral garlands, archways, dream-catchers, daisy chains, scattered petals and more. You can truly embrace the concept of “Flower Child” within, and have your day literally dripping in bloom. Floral crowns certainly have a place here too, though individually wired flowers scattered throughout your hair can look feminine and flawless as well.boho acc

boho floral crowns

accs boho

What I love about this theme is that it can cover everything from a relaxed, informal affair to a black tie, glamourous event by tweaking the details. By introducing small details early in the peace, like feather detailing on invitations, you can potentially string the whole theme together by carrying these details that through on menus, name cards and within your bouquet or jewelry etc…

boho cakes

Personalised elements like a ‘chill out’ area set up with tee pees or random chairs or stylised picture frames can make your event really unique. Mixed glassware and crockery, or coloured glass goblets can further capitalise on the colour tones you have used throughout the affair. Recycled sheet music or newspaper can be used to roll petal cones…. Put your thinking caps on and get creative! This theme is perfect for infusing your own flavour 😉

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