Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Any Budget

It goes without saying that everyone’s situation is different, and what one can afford, another cannot. But that doesn’t limit you in terms of showing your love, so we’ve come up with three simple ideas to suit any budget.

Cash to Splash:

If money were no object, what would you buy for your special someone?

A car?

Exquisite jewelry?

What about a single rose…..but not just any ordinary rose…..a rose dipped in your choice of silver, gold, rose gold, or platinum? Any why stop at one?




For around the cost of a dozen long stemmed roses, you can buy a single stem of rose preserved forever in your choice or precious metal.

These roses are handcrafted from real roses. The roses are grown in glasshouses, and picked at the perfect stage of bloom, at the peak of their beauty, and then coated in a durable lacquer shell to preserve the detail of the rose. Next, they are dipped and plated in your choice of precious metal creating a unique masterpiece. Creating each rose is a time consuming process with some 40 steps and up to five days of work by skilled artisans and technicians.  Each rose is designed to last forever so I would suggest that this is not the kind of gift you give for your first Valentine’s Day. And, what’s more, they guarantee their work. No exceptions.

Precious Pennies:

If budget is a concern, but you do have some money to spend, I would suggest spending it wisely. Avoid the obvious restaurant crazy, and cook outdoors or pack a picnic for the National Park or a favourite lookout. You can spend your money on your favourite things to eat and drink, AND give yourself a tad more privacy.

Think outside the box. Sure, buy her flowers, but what if you make them a jar of hibiscus flowers that you can drop in her champagne and watch open as you sit down and enjoy a quiet drink together. This is the perfect compromise to pack in the picnic basket without forgetting to bring her flowers.6d756498db902e2992f517b481e9a934

Plan a romantic midweek getaway. Money goes further midweek, so instead of just one night, perhaps you can stay two in a secluded resort. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, many will spread the celebrations across the weekend from Friday to Sunday, so why not avoid the madness and start the new week off with some R’n’R.




Small Change:

Things a tad on the tight side right now, but still want to show your loved one they are cherished? Some of the best things in life are free, it’s true!

Home cooked meals, or rather, a meal you haven’t had to cook yourself, always tastes better. ALWAYS. It’s as simple as that. And whether it is breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch for two, or a romantic candlelit dinner, choose something you know he/she loves, and you will be winning.

Simple touches, like a vase of handpicked flowers on the breakfast tray, or heart/love themed meals will win extra points, and don’t cost a thing!


We are now on the countdown!  There is only 3 days to go til Valentine’s Day is upon us, so don’t delay. If Florist with Flowers can help you with a delivery of fresh flowers in Sydney, check out our gorgeous range of gift ideas here. It’s simple! You can order online via the link, or alternatively call one of our team to discuss your particular requirements.

Hope you all get a good dose of loving 😉

Fwf x

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