Top tips for Getting the best from your Christmas Flowers

And just like that we have crossed the halfway mark of November…which means one thing. Christmas is just 36 days away. 😲

I often wonder if people as disorganised as I am. I have only just managed to make my first lay by, and haven’t even jotted down a list.

In many ways I do this intentionally. I like to avoid shopping centres at all costs, so the less I think about all the things I need to get, the less anxiety I feel. But, it often works against me, and in the panic of last minute shopping, I tend to grab unnecessarily for things. I’m sure I’m not alone. Shopping centres are designed to be stimulating, enticing, and seemingly never ending.

“A Peaceful Christmas”
“A Peaceful Christmas”

For many small businesses, the last few months have been a struggle, and so this year I implore you to buy local, shop small and support handmade. The more each of us takes this mentality on board, the more money stays in our local economy.

The benefit of choosing businesses within your local community is of course building that community, rather than bringing it down. Talk to your local business owners about what produce you love to see in store, talk to your local florist about your colour scheme. Ordering online through a big company may see easier, and may seem straight forward enough, especially when you see that pretty picture, but often people are disappointed with the end results. REMEMBER, your business is BIG business for small business.

So on that note, I want to share my top tips for Christmas flowers this year:

  • Order early, pick up late

Order with us as early as possible to avoid disappointment, however, choose to pick your order up as late as possible on Christmas Eve, or any day prior depending on when you are celebrating to ensure your flowers last as long as possible over the festive season.

  • Keep colour schemes simple and cohesive.

Whether you choose traditional festive red, green and white, black and gold, or blues and silvers, keep all elements within that colour scheme.

Some colours are difficult to get in fresh flowers, so understand that matching baubles or sprayed pine cones or nuts may need to be utilised to tie everything together.


  • Water floral foam daily.

Where possible, floral foam should be soaked rather than having water poured over it. But above all else, water it daily! Once floral foam dries out, it never retains water again. The foam is there to hold your arrangement in place, but if it is dry, your arrangement will quickly deteriorate.

  • Ensure candles are enclosed

Candles have a great way of adding ambience to a room or table setting for evening functions, but it is really important that candles are enclosed within hurricane lamps or glass holders to avoid the materials catching alight.

You can peruse our Christmas menu now, here, if you would like to start planning table centres or gifts for family and friends. And remember, our staff are here to help, so call, or come in store to discuss any of your requirements.

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