Top 3 Corporate Flowers Sydney Buying Tips

image of a corporate flower arrabgement by Florist with Flowers

One of the easiest and sweetest ways to convey your love to significant people in your life is by sending them flower bouquets and arrangements. Whether you are saying thanks to a friend for hosting a successful event, wishing your best friend a happy birthday, or showing your significant other your love, sending flowers is the perfect way to convey your feelings to them.

To make the task of flower giving is less intimidating for the uninitiated, we have enumerated some tips on how to send flowers This will be especially beneficial to corporate staff who are tasked to send out flower bouquets and arrangements to clients, partners, suppliers, and other corporate entities.



  • Go big or go home


If you are sending out corporate flowers to potential clients, choose high-value flowers. Pick a flower variety that lasts for a long time and can travel better than others. An excellent flower option for corporate flowers are roses as petals can travel well without bruising. Delicate flowers such as lilies and daisies should be handled with more care. A seasoned florist will be able to provide you with floral arrangement ideas that will help the flowers last longer after delivery.



  • Less is more


When ordering corporate event flowers, make sure to limit the colour choices to 3 shades at most. This is especially true if you are ordering small flower arrangements or bouquets. If you want to add more colours to an arrangement, consider ordering medium to large flower arrangements.



  • Fill in moderation


Fillers refer to plants or ornaments that complement that flowers in an arrangement or bouquet. They usually come in white or green shades and are perfect accompaniments of brightly-coloured blooms or those with large petals. To ensure that your corporate bouquet will look elegant, do not overcrowd the arrangement with too many fillers.

For more tips on how to create the perfect arrangement for a corporate event or for you office, give us a call now on 02 9871 1666 today.

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