Tools, timber and flowers....fresh flowers? Do these things go together?

Tools, Timber, Hardware…and Flowers

Before I was a florist, before I even knew I could become a florist, my family and I used to buy flowers from this tiny little corner store with buckets and buckets of market fresh flowers. There wasn’t any arrangements or mixed bouquets there, but if you wanted them mixed, you simply chose the bunches you wanted and they would put it together. That was the quintessential old school corner store wasn’t it?  A true mixed business, where each member of the family had an essential role in the function, success and future.

Then, specialty florist shops began popping up: where you would expect to find an assortment of pre made bouquets and arrangements. You would of course be able to design your own mix from their selection of fresh cut flowers. The giftware, balloons, chocolates and other extras was limited in those days.

Balloon bouquets are a great alternative for births, birthdays and other celebrations
Balloon bouquets are a great alternative for births, birthdays and other celebrations

As the industry has changed, new opportunities have continued to appear. Studios have positioned themselves in a way that they attract Wedding and events work as well as workshops. Boutique florists create bespoke florals for product launches and media, as well as handling many celebrity clients. They may source a range of unique homewares, hamper items, giftware, vases, ceramics to offer their clients some beautiful gift items that are unique and gorgeous quality. And your trusty local florist is the one you can rely on for your everyday needs for your home or gifts and special orders.

Where do supermarket flowers fit into the picture?

For many, people will grab a bunch from the supermarket if they need something for a vase at home. And you can understand it in some ways- it’s convenient…and you know what, it also becomes part of the grocery bill in your head, instead of the luxury item you have gone to a specialty store for, right?

Over the last few years supermarket flower pricing has become more and more competitive.  Big supermarkets have even been attracting new customers with focussed, and specially designed menus of fresh cut flower arrangements and bouquets for BIG DAYS such as Valentines Day and Mother’s Day.

How about service station cut flower bouquets?

Maybe all the shops are closed, and you have been unorganised. Perhaps it’s a public holiday. Perhaps your local florist was sold out… Surely, these are the only reasons a person would find themselves browsing the flower stand at a place that your fill your car up with fuel.

Well, let me ask you this….what about hardware store flowers?

When you think about choosing a floral gift, in what universe do you find that in a hardware store?

For a little while now, Bunnings has been stocking flower arrangements and bouquets. I was flabbergasted when I walked in the entrance to be confronted with a stand of arrangements. They were located at the very front of the store so that they were easily accessible  should you need to run in and run out. There was no comparison between what they do, and what we do, so whilst I was certainly surprised by this new addition, there is obviously some market for this style and quality arrangement.

In business they say the most important factor is knowing who your target market is. For many it is tempting to say ‘ everyone’ but unfortunately one of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to appeal to everyone. Your product won’t appeal to everyone, it just won’t. So the sooner you define who your customers are, and how to give them what they want, the stronger your business will be. So rather than worry about all the things everyone else is doing, Florist with Flowers is focussed on what we do best.

Living Portrait planter pots.
Living Portrait planter pots.

Have you seen one of latest additions in store? These ‘Living Portraits’ are a gorgeous gift idea.

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