Tips to Remember when Choosing Birthday Flowers Delivery

Image of Graceful Lily Bouquet by Florist with Flowers

It is true that sending flowers to a loved one on his or her birthday is not the most unique gift, but it is a traditional gesture to show them your love and care. The vibrant hues of petals and the elegant arrangement will surely make them smile on their special day. But if the idea of sending flowers to a loved one, family members or friends just dawned on you recently, you are most likely clueless as to which flowers to send a birthday celebrant.


This article will serve as a guide on how to pick the perfect flower arrangements for special people in your life during their birthdays!



  •  Birth month corresponds to specific flower varieties



Different types of flowers are associated with the 12 months of the year. Find out which flowers apply under the birth month of the recipient. You may ask the florist for this information or you may check out the short guide below:


January – Carnation

February- Primrose and Violet

March- Jonquil and Daffodil

April- Sweet Pea and Daisy

May- Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley

June- Honeysuckle and Rose

July- Water Lily and Larkspur

August- Poppy and Gladiolas

September- Morning Glory and Aster

October- Cosmos and Calendula

November- Chrysanthemum

December- Holly and Narcissus



  • Find out their favourite flowers



Knowing what flowers your recipients like will take the guesswork out of ordering a flower arrangement. By taking the preferences of your recipient into account, you are guaranteed to further brighten the day of your loved one.


How can I send flowers for birthdays?


You can get in touch with a reputable florist in your community. An experienced florist may also assist you in coming up with a unique flower arrangement based on your budget, preference or that of the birthday celebrant.


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