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Tips on How to Pick Wedding Flowers in Sydney

Floral literacy is something that all of us should learn about. The knowledge derived from knowing which type of flower matches perfectly for different occasion makes it a whole lot easier for us to purchase flower bouquets and arrangements from a reputable florist in Sydney.

Flowers are an integral element of any wedding. Whether you are planning to celebrate one of the most important days of your life at a church, garden, or at the beach, the natural beauty and fragrance of flowers are an absolute necessity. If you are a bride-to-be or if you are tasked to purchase, organise, and design wedding flowers, here are things that you must know:


  • Know your budget


The budget allocation for flowers will depend on how much you value the overall aesthetics on your wedding day. There are some couples who wish to keep flower arrangements to a minimum, whilst some will opt for grand and elaborate Sydney wedding flower packages to be installed along church isles, reception tables, and the bride’s bouquet. The budget for bouquets and flower arrangements will depend on your budget. Inquire about wedding flower prices in Sydney and make a reservation as soon as you are able.


  • Look for a local florist to benefit from affordable flower packages


If you have a limited budget for wedding flowers, one great way to save more money is by opting to buy from local florists. An affordable wedding florist in Sydney with extensive experience and specialisation for weddings is your best option. A wedding florist will help you realise your vision for wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. They can recommend beautiful flowers that are in season or cheaper around your wedding dates.


  • Learn the fundamentals of wedding flower arrangements


If you want to make your wedding look beautiful without spending too much of your budget on flowers, some floral literacy is a must. It is important to familiarise yourself with the most popular flowers for weddings. Are you leaning towards colourful blooms or do you also want to showcase fragrant flowers at your wedding? Some of the most popular wedding blooms are roses, hydrangeas, lilacs, freeasias, jasmine, and peonies just to name a few.


  • Do not forget to match flowers with your wedding colour motif


The flowers for tables, bouquets, venue, and entourage should complement your wedding’s colour motif. The hues of the flowers don’t have to match the motif, but should blend well with the overall colour scheme.
Now that you have learned all the basics for choosing wedding flower packages, it’s time for you to check out the vibrant and lovely flower selection here! For enquiries, you may also reach us on 02 8971 1666.

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