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The Story Behind the Tradition of Gifting Mother’s Day Flowers

Every second Sunday of May, Australians take the time to honour their mums in celebration of one special occasion — Mother’s Day! Florists in Sydney (or wherever in Australia) engage with customers in one of the busiest times of the year. If you are reading this though, you might be curious about how it all began.

In this post, we look at a bit of history behind Mother’s Day as a tradition and how it came to be. Moreover, we take a look at the flower that has become a symbol of the occasion here in Australia — Chrysanthemum! Such information ought to enable people to appreciate the event better than just merely arranging for flower delivery and pickup for Mother’s Day just because it is the norm.

Where did the tradition of giving Mother’s Day flowers in Australia start?

Mother’s Day and the honoured tradition of giving out flowers and other gifts to one’s mum has its roots in the United States where the practice began in the early 19th century. A woman named Anna Jarvis led a campaign to recognise Mother’s Day as an acknowledged holiday in honour of her Mother — Ann Reeves Jarvis. Her intentions were straightforward – to honour her mother and encourage others to do the same and recognise the fact that there is no one else on this earth who has done as much for us as our mums.

Over time, Mother’s Day was eventually recognised by countries around the world many of whom had deep-rooted traditions about motherhood. Australia in particular, follows the observance of the occasion with countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. One notable figure that has advocated the tradition in Australia is a woman named Janet Heyden who launched a campaign in 1924 sending gifts and honouring mothers struggling with loneliness and old age to recognise their plight.

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What is the recognised Mother’s Day flower in Australia?

The honour belongs to the Chrysanthemum — a flower that is in season during the Autumn month of May which perhaps helped cement its place as the Mother’s Day flower of choice for most Australians. Many also believe that having the familiar term “mum” in its name also earned it the distinction. In any case, you can never go wrong sending a bouquet of Chrysanthemum to honour your mum on Mother’s Day. There is a wide variety and colours to choose from thanks to widespread adoption and hybridisation over the years.

Of course, you are not limited only to Chrysanthemum, and you can opt for other kinds of flowers such as roses, tulips and carnations especially when you know that it is your mum’s favourite.


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