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The Height of Fashion- Hanging Florals

Weddings are beautiful. The whole idea of marriage is inspiring, and idealistic, and often, even the simplest of affairs can hold it’s ‘audience’ captive, simply as a result of the genuine love on display and the conviction in which the vows are spoken.

But all that aside, weddings can be visually beautiful affairs as a result of talented and creative wedding professionals and open minded, inspired couples who want to make there day one of a kind in more ways than one.

These days the sky is the limit- quite literally. Venues are designed taller, bigger, better. Hiring companies offer a variety of structures that can be utilised to create intimate ‘capsules’ in which the whole scene can take place. Really the only limitations to the visual effect you create is the capabilities of your suppliers…..and your budget.

The floral fantasy wedding of just a few years ago is becoming more commonplace, with many couples choosing full floral garlands cascading along the length of their bridal table (and above!) rather than a series of smaller arrangements along the edge. Similarly, outdoor ceremonies are being favoured with gorgeous floral archways, gazebos or chuppahs becoming centrestage.

Generally speaking, if you are on a tighter budget, but would like to incorporate this concept throughout your wedding somewhere, I would suggest the ceremony is the best place to start. Firstly, it will feature in many of your photographs (the ones you actually frame and put around your house) and secondly, it will usually require a smaller area to be decorated, and thus will keep the cost down. Hanging florals can be attached to chuppah like structures, archways or gazebos, or even more unique choices like doors, and ladders. Check out some of the gorgeous examples we have trawled the net to find you below;

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Image: Wedluxe


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Image via Refinery 29
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Image via Style Me Pretty

One benefit of this style of decoration is that it creates a grand appearance that can fill what would ordinarily be an empty space.  It provides a more modern option to the twin pillars and alter style arrangements that have been favoured in the past to create parameters for the ceremony.  This may or may not appeal depending  on the location you choose; iconic destinations that you have chosen to show off to international guests may not require this sort of decoration, however in some ways, even a simple ‘framework’ can be utilised onsite to create an intimate focal, especially for photos.

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Image via Style Me Pretty
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Image via Mod Wedding
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Image via Deep Pearl Flowers

At the reception venue in particular, this style creates a feeling of decadence and opulence. With this style of decoration, you can expect a big price tag. Structures may need to be created, rigging experts may need to be consulted or on site for installation depending on the size, and the team required for ‘bump in’ and ‘bump out’ may need to be two, or three times the size normally required on site to get the job done in what are usually very tight time frames.

It is important to be realistic about the cost and not attempt to grind your supplier down on price as in the end, it will be you who loses out. These big and impressive concepts require a lot of work, man hours and a lot of talented people. If cost is your first priority, I would suggest this is perhaps not the best option for you.

However, if your heart is set on having flowers that are the height of fashion, and give you the feeling that the heavens are opening up for you, check out some of the hanging florals we have found to get you inspired.

Fwf x

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Image via Wed Me Good
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Image via Lucas and Co Photography
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Image via The Style Co
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Image via Style Me Pretty
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Image via The Bridal Detective
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Image via The Knot
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Image via Elegant Wedding Invites
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Image via Don’t Pay Full
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