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The Etiquette of Sending Sympathy Flowers

Sending sympathy flowers to family members of the recently deceased is one way of showing your support, love, and friendship. Truly, there is no easy way to accept the death of family and friends.  Sympathy flowers are a sincere gesture of support for those left behind.


Here are some shopping tips for those who want to order sympathy flowers online but are clueless about flower-sending etiquette.


How to Choose Sympathy Flowers Sydney


In essence, sympathy flowers are arrangements that are sent directly to the bereaved family after the announcement of an individual’s passing. Traditionally, sympathy flowers come with sympathy cards expressing condolences to the family.


Customarily, a bouquet of sympathy flowers should be neutral in colour. Blooms in vibrant shades should be avoided as they are more appropriate for celebratory occasions.


You may also send a sympathy flower arrangement in place of a bouquet. The bereaved family can use the flower arrangement to decorate the service at the funeral home.


Make sure to send sympathy flowers a few days after a person’s death. If you have the time, you can request same day delivery sent to your home, so you can personally hand them when you have the chance to visit the funeral home or the funeral service.


If you want to send the bereaved family something more lasting than flowers, you may also send them sympathy plants instead. Plants can be displayed for months and can serve as a remembrance of a lost beloved.


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