The 3 Most Popular Ways to Arrange Sympathy Flowers in Sydney

Image of a sympathy flower arrangement

The loss of a loved one is a deeply saddening event for family and friends of the departed. As a relative or friend of those who are grieving, you express your condolences and sympathy to make them feel they aren’t alone during this difficult time. One great way to express sympathy is by sending flowers to grieving friends and family.

An elegant and beautiful flower arrangement or plant carries the power of expressing sympathy when words fail. If this is the first time you’re sending of sympathy or funeral flowers, you may be wondering about the most appropriate flower or plant types to send to a funeral home and his or her family members and friends. In this post, we will discuss the most popular sympathy flower and plant arrangements in Sydney.



  • Floral Baskets


Funeral baskets present lovely flowers in a compact basket or box. They can be delivered to a funeral home, wake viewing, church religious service or to the home of the grieving family.

A classic flower for a funeral basket arrangement is the lily. Lilies are go-to funeral and sympathy flowers as the aromatic fragrance reminds us that the soul of a loved ones has finally returned to a peaceful state of innocence. It also symbolises purity, virginity and radiance of the human soul.



  • Standing Sprays


Standing sprays are typically displayed on an easel and are commonly showcased near the casket. Funeral sprays are sympathy floral arrangements that can be sent to a funeral home but may also be delivered to the church for religious ceremonies and the graveyard for final burial rites.

An impressive flower arrangement can include standing sprays are roses. Roses as sympathy flowers connote many things. White roses symbolise purity and spirituality. Red roses connote love and grief. Finally, yellow roses are given to grieving friends to express friendship during this difficult time.



  • Wreaths


Wreaths are large, prominent flower arrangements that are used to show sympathy, too. The circular shape of the wreath symbolises eternal life. These sympathy flowers are usually placed near the casket allowing viewing from one side only.

An excellent flower to include on a wreath is the orchid. This plant is a special gift that you can give if you are a close family friend or relative of the deceased. They last longer, hence it can be displayed for longer funerals and viewing.
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