The 3 Most Popular Christmas Flowers to Display in Sydney

Image of stunningfower arrangement on a fish bowl for Christmas

Flowers and greenery are must-haves around the holidays. They add colour, vibrancy, and cheer to your home during the most wonderful time of the year! The importance of having Christmas flowers and plants on display is most often underestimated, but these natural beauties add splendid holiday decor to any Sydney home.

In this post, we have summarised the five best flowers that will keep your home look and feel warm and cosy during the holidays and beyond.



  • Poinsettias


Poinsettias are synonymous with the Christmas season. When ordering flower arrangements with poinsettias, make sure to choose those with little yellow flowers at the centre. The little flowers indicate freshness. Do not buy poinsettias with shedding pollen. If the yellow flowers have dropped off at the centre, it connotes that the flowers are past their prime and will not last for a very long time.



  • Amaryllis


Amaryllis look stunning as Christmas flower arrangements. You can give them height for a more brilliant aesthetic finish. Your Christmas bouquet or floral arrangement doesn’t have to be all about flowers. You can add popular Christmas decor, such as striped candy canes to add that holiday feel. Combining red and burgundy amaryllis are excellent due to their vibrant hues and playful textures.



  • Christmas Cactus


Christmas cacti are excellent and unique Christmas flowers that you can send to friends and family. If you want to veer away from the traditional poinsettias, this is the best way to go. Christmas cacti are resilient plants that can certainly last beyond Christmas. With utmost care, they can be a staple at the recipient’s home for many years to come.
Placing an advance order for Christmas flowers and plants as well as floral arrangements is a must during this busy season. To make sure that your fresh and vibrant gifts arrive on time, it’s best to call in your order as early as today! You may reach us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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