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Wedding Inspirations- Winter Wedding Flowers

Whilst Spring is undoubtedly the most popular time to get married, each season has unique qualities on offer that may appeal to different couples for a variety of reasons.

Aside from the temperature differences between months, the colder climate usually offers a larger choice between venues due to less bookings, as well as more flexible access, or even longer hire times. For us as creative professionals, it also means we get the opportunity to use a variety of products that are only available at this time of year.

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Image via Bridal musings, Photo by Sarah Kathleen Photography


Using flowers that are specific to a season, rather than available throughout the entire year, means that each year, when those flowwers begin to appear again, you will be reminded of your special day.

The Australian winter has an array of wonderful blooms available that can certainly make your wedding stunning. As an added bonus, many of the winter bulbs are also highly fragrant. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, fragrance has the amazing ability to instantly transport you to another time and place- and what a way to remember your wedding day!

Some of our favourite winter blooms include:





Blushing Bride

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Image via Mayesh

Dusty Miller

Arum Lilies

Green Goddess Lilies



wint wed 8
Image via Mayesh

Sweet William

Snow Drops


Forget Me Nots

wint wed 10
Image via Craft Hubs


Geraldton Wax


Pussy Willow

wint wed 9
Image via Aliexpress

Budded Magnolia Branches




Cymbidium Orchids

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Image via Married to Plants

Winter weddings also lend themselves to warmth, fire, and candlelight, so you may choose to bring candles into your centrepiece design. You could choose to do this in many ways; tealight votives have been around for years now and are certainly not specifically on trend, however you will notice that the details on them is evolving and many shapes, colours and styles are now at your disposal. Tealights will illuminate your room beautifully, adding a soft glow to the room, and added intimacy.

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Image via Wedding Chicks


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Image via Le Jardin De Claire

Certainly the colour tones you choose should also reflect the atmosphere you wish to create; warmer, richer hues will make the wedding feel more intimate and cosy. Think copper and rose gold highlights for a change from the standard silver details.

Alternatively you could utilise hanging tealight globes. They elevate the lighting and add a feeling of intrigue and magic to your room, especially if the overall lighting of the room is kept low.

wint wed 2

wint wed 1

Winter weddings concentrate on texture; from the contrast in fabrics of the gowns and the fur/woolen shawls, perhaps you introduce vintage velvet blazers or earthy wooden elements like tree stumps.

wint wed 3

Colour schemes should be warm and rich; Try using pink with charcoal, rose gold and copper or Chocolate teamed with dusty blues, vanilla and navy blue. I think the key is teaming richer, darker elements with lighter tones to lift the mood and create contrast.

There is no reason why a mid Winter wedding need be cold and miserable. Choosing key elements like the venue, and the wardrobe are crucial in making sure everyone feels comfortable and warm, so be sure to keep that paramount in your planning.

Above all, enjoy the planning, and chill out 😛

Fwf x


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WEDDINGS: Winter Wonderland inspirations

As I sit on the couch wrapped in my snuggie and wearing ugg boots and a tracksuit, I feel inspired to write a rather glamourous post on creating an awesome winter wonderland themed affair; the winter wedding.

Whilst I make it no secret that I prefer the warmth, and the sticky humidity that the summer months, and exotic tropical island life can bring, there are a few styling elements that I do love, and that only have a place in the colder frost bitten months of the year. So whilst I sip my hot coffee and daydream about piping hot cinnamon donuts, I have been busy collating three colour schemes and styles within the winter wonderland concept.

Wooded Wonderland:

Using a earthy combination of chocolate, warm creams, lattes, green and gold, this colour scheme potentially can look more quaint and DIY, so if that is the look that you are after, this could be perfect for you. Utilise wooden tree stumps, embossed balsa wood emblems and decorations, pinecones, wooden crates, burlap and hessian, this theme can be warm, textured and homely. What about a gorgeous (faux) fur coat to cover up in the cold? Brrrr. Why not? Gorgeous glamour that can only be embraced throughout the chillier June, July or August. Bridesmaids gowns could be burgundy, sage, chocolate or antique gold, with a fur shrug or pashmina to cover up.

I love the idea of having a semi naked cake, as it fits the more relaxed, DIY feel, but is softly sophisticated.

Picture credits: Bouquet, burlap chair trim, table arrangement, cake, garland

winter woodland


Image found on Salvage Life
Image: Via Wedding Chicks. Cake by Sky’s The Limit.


Image: Via Modern Wedding Magazine Facebook


Frozen Dreams:

This colour scheme is ice hot! Using white, sky blue, navy with hints of silver, you could be forgiven for thinking it is straight out of Disney’s movie “Frozen”. I love the fact that that babies breath is making a huge comeback, but not as an accompaniment, more as a stand alone feature flower. It makes gorgeous bouquets, stunning in their simplicity but works magically on tables as with the right lighting, it can almost look like vases full of fairy lights. It is dainty and delicate, and mimics the soft powder like appearance of soft snowflakes.

Picture credits: table arrangement, cake, bridesmaids with bouquets, invitation, crystal tree display.


frozen dreams


Image found on Fab You Bliss. Flowers by The Watering Can

If you are want to try to keep costs down for table arrangements; using simple, low and wide cut glass vases and an assortment of baubles from a dollar store, you can create these simply displays.

Image via E How

Silver Linings:

Neutral colour palettes continue to remain most popular for weddings, so this colour scheme, using just white, silver and grey is sure to be a hit. Bright and crisp clean whites are highlighted with silver suede foliage, silver dusted berries, beading on gowns, silver satin shoes, and embellishments with crystals on cakes and in your hair. Use silver tealight holders, or pewter vases on tables to bring more of the metallic tones to the setting.

Photo credits: Bouquet, cake, lighting, buttonhole, nails, dress.


silver dream

Image: Head Rush Salon Inc
Image : Etsy

When deciding on a wedding date, many factors come into play. Maybe you have your heart set on a particular venue, or have special friends and family that are unable to attend until a particular time, or maybe you are desperate to have a seasonal bloom in your bouquet. Whatever the case, sometimes compromises are made, and you end up getting married in a month, in a season even, that you were unprepared for. This blog was intended to showcase beauty in a variety of colour schemes for those of you planning a winter affair.

Maybe you have another colour scheme in mind? Shoot us an email and let us know so we can start brainstorming for you :-)

Til then,

Fwf x



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