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The Ultimate Compilation

Floristry is not something that comes naturally to everyone, as is often the case with many creative professions.  And sure, I guess there are elements of floristry that you do see everyday people giving a go, much like we might try and put a home colour through our hair. I’m sure that they are under no illusion that it looks ok, but certainly not professional, but sometimes this is all that is required, and we are all guilty of cutting corners (and costs) at times.

But there are some areas of floristry that should be left to the professionals. They are tedious and technically challenging and unforgiving, showing every fault when they are not created correctly.

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Image: Svenska Blomster Bloggar

The compilation bouquet is certainly one of these.

What is a compilation bouquet? The compilation bouquet, is also known as a composite bouquet, a Duchesse Rose (if made with roses), Malmaison or even a Glamellia.

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Image: Best Destination Wedding

Essentially it is a bouquet where individual blooms (of the one variety) are disassembled, and then the petals are wired and placed together again piece by piece until a giant single super bloom is created. These days many people bypass the wiring somewhat and glue the composition together. Regardless of what technique you favour, it is fiddly, detail orientated work and you should certainly ensure that you set up your work station with everything ready to go. If you are using the glue, it can get messy, and the individual rose petals can wither quickly.

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Image: Save On Crafts

The original term, “Glamellia” started back in the 1940-50’s, when during the war, Camellia blooms were considered particularly expensive. The solution? Take the petals of the more common, and less costly Gladioli, and create a single bloom that looks like the more expensive flower, the Camellia.  Glamellia= Gladioli + Camellia.

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Image: Wedding Bee

The term “composite” simply refers to any handmade flower which is accomplished by placing pieces of several flowers together to make it appear to be one large bloom.

Initially, this bouquet was designed with Gladioli, but most commonly it is created with roses. These days, the sky is the limit, and I have found some beautiful examples using Cymbidium Orchids, Ranunculas, Roselilies, Lilies and I’m sure there is much, much more out there.

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Image: Wedding Wire
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Image: Svetlana Lunin
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Image: Brad Austin
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Image: Wedd Book
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Image: Hot House Design Studio

The composite bouquet is an ‘Old School’ Floristry technique, and many florists would shy away from creating this style of bouquet simply because they are not ordered often, so you tend to feel out of practice. Undoubtedly this style of bouquet is a show stopper, primarily because it is not the kind of thing you see everyday.

One of the benefits of this style of bouquet is that it is lightweight and fairly easy to handle. As all the stems have been removed it tends to be far less bulky than any hand-tied or wired bouquet. It makes a fantastic choice for wedding bouquets, especially if you want to stand apart from what is out there generally.

What do you think, are you a fan of the “Glamellia”?

Til next time,

Fwf x

Featured Image: Inside Weddings



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Jofia- A floral extravaganza by Jeff Leatham

A stunning bride and dashing groom were married last weekend in true luxury. Flowers literally dripping throughout the ceremony and reception with no expense spared. A detail orientated bridezilla (by her own admission) emerged as the wedding date drew near.

Following their engagement last Christmas after just 6 months of dating, with a 7 carat rock perched upon her finger, the loved up pair set upon creating the day of their dreams. They enlisted the elite in the wedding industry to help them bring it all together including floral designer extraordinaire, and rockstar in the floral world, Jeff Leatham. These are the kinds of jobs as a florist that test your ability, your creativity, your ingenuity and your ability to truly understand the vision inside your clients head and bring it to fruition but Leatham seems to be able to do it with his eyes shut. And we can only assume from the couples shout outs to Jeff online, that they were thrilled with the results.

Sophia Vergara married Joe Manganiello in a lavish ceremony At the Breakers Palm Beach Hotel, Florida, surrounded by some 400 guests, many of whom were celebrities of course.

Sophia was a vision in a gorgeous custom Zuhair Murad Couture design gown, reportedly adorned with 6 pounds of pearls and 11 pounds of sequins! Sheesh!  It was only one of three white gowns the beautiful bride-to-be wore over the weekend of wedding fun; including performances by Pitbull, pre-wedding cocktail parties, post wedding hangover brunches, Magic Mike striptease and more!

Floral designer Jeff Leatham and his team created a gorgeous orchid bouquet for the bride, and adorned the inside ceremony in The Mediterranean Ballroom, with white roses, hydrangea and orchid blooms, literally dripping from the ceilings. Sophia’s son Manolo, walked his mother down the flower lined aisle, to her waiting hunk of a spunk  to begin the ceremony which was performed in both English and Spanish.

In a stark contrast to the ceremony, the reception in the Venetian Ballroom was a rich and romantic mix of reds and pinks; a wild jungle of roses and orchids, stunning and opulent, a style that has become synonymous with Jeff Leatham. He has been awarded the prestigious  “Chevalier de L’Order des Arts et Letters”, in 2014 – The French Governments Highest Honor for Artists whom have made a significant contribution to French culture, and often his floral installations are compared to contemporary art. His style is a unique combination of his love for flowers as well as his passion for overall design. His pieces are bold statements, not merely backdrops, that focus on shape, colour and simplicity to produce a dramatic effect.

Formerly a successful male model on TV and on the runway, after leaving the world of fashion, Leatham turned to the floral world. Beginning at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverley Hills in 1994 as an assistant to the floral designer, Jeff made it clear he was extraordinary and was then made artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris in 1999 when the hotel was still under construction. Every 3 weeks Leatham creates a entirely new concept to “knock people over” when they enter the hotel, not simply adorning the concierge desk with a vase but rather creating masterpieces that carry right through the hotels public areas and into 80% of the guest rooms. The hotel very quickly became known as the ‘flower hotel’ and is on the to-do list for many visitors to Paris.

Leatham also presents seminars to us mere motals, where we can gain insight and inspiration from his work with celebrities and for luxury brnads. Leatham has written 3 books: “FLOWERS BY JEFF LEATHAM”, “FLOWERS BY DESIGN” and  “Jeff Leatham – Visionary Floral art and Design”.

Now, I’m sure it goes without saying that this wasn’t Leatham’s first rodeo. He has a regular list of celebrity clients, and had the honour of creating the florals for the Wedding of Marc Mezvinsky to Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as Eva Longoria, Avril Lavigne and Tina Turner. He has also serviced the floral needs of Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, The Kardashians and Celine Dion and His Holiness the Dalai Lama and has appeared on Martha Stewart, Queen Latifah and Oprah’s show. Talk about an impressive resume!

Despite his success, Leatham hasn’t forgotten his roots and is loyal to the Four Seasons:  “Whether at the George V or outside the Hotel, everything I do is on a Four Seasons level,” he says, adding, “I’ve had an amazing career and I own it all to Four Seasons. I’ll be here until the end.”

I certainly am inspired by the sheer volume, quality and intricacies of his works. Check out the gallery below, all posted by the beautiful bride herself on her Instagram page @sophiavergara.

You have a look for yourself and see what you think,

Fwf x

12298855_187522608262606_1070796080_n12269742_205372166462926_785339707_n12224227_789866984456773_78493038_n12276783_753095138155774_281411341_ntumblr_inline_nya6leBvqs1rpqds5_1280.png.cf12224272_713531938746249_1035701638_n12231074_1489838178013159_1424068978_n 12237487_547161958783486_1723399043_n 12256592_893248034093836_467121026_n 12256692_172756743074811_930228623_n12277351_1667123420199502_1947618382_n 12277634_918769118219179_936211845_n12224620_482906715223983_2137881388_n12237448_777536099024787_1259732018_n12277659_993978857331127_863482762_n


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Wedding Inspirations: Eclectic and Eccentric

Your wedding day should be an expression of you both as individuals, as well as who you are as a couple. For that reason, no two weddings need EVER be the same. Crush on somebody’s styling, envy the dress, fantasise about that dream venue, but ultimately, the two of you together will make decisions for your day that are as unique as you are as a couple.

For those who like things that are more eclectic, textured, different, or quirkier, this style of flowers may indeed be the way to go. This style of wedding can also be referred to Boho (Bohemian), Ethereal or Hippie Luxe depending on the color palette and accessories you choose to combine.

boho bouquets

Get the look:

The key to pulling this look off is to work with your existing colour scheme. This is generally dictated by your gown (whether it is white, ivory, cream or another colour) and by your bridesmaids gowns. These key elements tend to dictate what other ideas you can bring into the theme to tie it together, rather than rip it apart. Have vibrant bridesmaids gowns? Match the intensity of colour with bright bouquets. Chosen textured neutral toned gowns for your maids? Maybe earthy natives and berries will be a better fit.

Dress fabrics within this theme tend to be more textured, or layered. Hair can be free, or braided. Jewelry can be bright, feathered, brass, beaded or semi precious. The options are limitless.


I think the strength of this look is in its use of colour. Whether you choose to use vibrant, tropical tones, or  favour subtle earthy musings, eclectic flowers do not shy away from colour, nor texture.

bright boho

neutral boho

Textured elements:

Proteas, celosia, flannel flower, feathers, paper daisies, leucadendrons, love in the mist pods, blackberries, brunei, berzillea, privett, thistles,

Foliage elements:

Foliage features more heavily in this style of bridal bouquets/arrangements as much for the colour as for the texture it can bring; after dark foliage, cordyline leaves, eucalyptus, peppercorn, ivy berry, trailing jasmine, ruscus, dusty miller, asparagus, ribbon grass and photinia are all beautiful choices.

Feature flowers:

Whatever flowers you choose, what you will notice throughout this style is that rarely are the bouquets perfectly symetrical or rounded. The quirkier, free form shape of the bouquet further cements this style as bohemian; free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

Proteas, hippiastrums, lotus pods, cordifolia, tulips, sunflowers, roses, dahlias, daisies etc…


This theme of wedding lends itself to feathers, hanging floral garlands, archways, dream-catchers, daisy chains, scattered petals and more. You can truly embrace the concept of “Flower Child” within, and have your day literally dripping in bloom. Floral crowns certainly have a place here too, though individually wired flowers scattered throughout your hair can look feminine and flawless as well.boho acc

boho floral crowns

accs boho

What I love about this theme is that it can cover everything from a relaxed, informal affair to a black tie, glamourous event by tweaking the details. By introducing small details early in the peace, like feather detailing on invitations, you can potentially string the whole theme together by carrying these details that through on menus, name cards and within your bouquet or jewelry etc…

boho cakes

Personalised elements like a ‘chill out’ area set up with tee pees or random chairs or stylised picture frames can make your event really unique. Mixed glassware and crockery, or coloured glass goblets can further capitalise on the colour tones you have used throughout the affair. Recycled sheet music or newspaper can be used to roll petal cones…. Put your thinking caps on and get creative! This theme is perfect for infusing your own flavour 😉

Fwf x

Picture Sources:

tenderness and tiaras

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Wedding Inspirations: Vintage Garden Party

Every bride has a vision of her perfect day. For some, it is a day they have dreamed of since they were a little girl, and some elements they choose for their big day will be as much about nostalgia as anything else.

Regardless of whether you have had a Pinterest board from when you got engaged, or a look book you have been working on since the day you were born, every bride will undoubtedly gravitate to a certain aesthetic which will influence each choice you make when bringing it all together.

From your choice in gown, to your jewelry, make up, hair, and the flowers you hold, each choice will determine whether you bring your desired look together or make it fall apart.

For many years now, brides have favoured a look that is reminiscent of yesteryear. Gowns made entirely of lace, beaded details, capped sleeves, tousled curls, loosely pinned in semi formal styles, garden ceremonies, eclectic vases with textured country-esque floral arrangements. What’s lovely about this look is that it is extremely down to earth, ‘quaint’ even, yet it still manages to be incredibly feminine. Before we were OBSESSED with everything being ‘matchy-matchy’ we used to be able to put together adorable little soirees which oozed a relaxed elegance; effortless and simple.

Get the look;

Obviously what flowers you choose will largely depend on what gown you choose, what time of the year that you tie the knot and the ‘look and feel’ you wish to achieve. Trust your supplier to make appropriate choices when it comes to substituting flowers that may not be available in order to achieve the look and feel that you are after.


I think this look can be achieved by choosing accent colours either in soft muted tones, or alternatively rich, dusty tones. This could include antique mauves, rose pink, nude, peach oyster, sage, duck egg blue OR pewter, gun metal, navy, burgundy, olive, chocolate and even black.

pastel colour palette


rich colour palette

Textured elements:

These flowers are not focal flowers, but certainly help to define this style by blurring the edge of the bouquet, loosening up the look, adding texture and movement, and by breaking up solid colour by adding ‘filler’ flowers.

Eriostemon, polygum berry, Mini gum, Flannel flower, veronica, budleia, Geraldton Wax, berzillea, bruneii, babies breath, dusty miller, andromeda.

Trailing elements:

These flowers will not be utilised in every style of bouquet but are particularly special for adding texture and movement if you wish to have teradrop, trailing, or waterfall bouquets. They can also be used to add a ‘beard’ to a loose posy bouquet.

Stephanotis, jasmine, asparagus, amoranthus,  pieris, clethra

trailing vintage

Floral feature elements:

These blooms should make up the body of your bouquet and are the stars of the show.

Lisianthus, Peonies, David Austin roses/garden roses, ranunculas, rhododendron, dahlias, succulents (for a modern twist)

vintage garden party bouquets

Accessories: Burlap, hessian, mason jars, mismatched teacups, teapots,  lace, doilies, birdcages.
accessory vintage

This look can be as unique and varied as you like and each wedding within this theme will have its own personal take on what a ‘Vintage Garden Party’ should be. Think stacks of classic books on tables as platforms for your vases, doilies, brown card name places and mixed jam jar vases. Mason jars are inexpensive so make a great gifts, and they can be painted to match your colour palette when required. Some of these elements can be personalised at home as little D.I.Y projects if you like to get crafty, but leave the rest to the professionals.

We’ll have more wedding inspirations coming up, so drop us a line if there is something in particular you would like to see!

Fwf x

Picture sources:


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And here I was Thinking that ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’

Flooding the local press this week is the incredibly beautiful and oh-so-over the top wedding of Deputy Mayor Salim and his gorgeous bride Aysha, which reportedly cost anywhere between $1.2 million and  $2 million depending on what you believe.

Salim married his long-time love in an outrageously extravagant ceremony that saw his street in Lidcombe shut down for safety reasons, largely due to presence of 50 Harvey Davidsons, 4 helicopters, a luxury $2 million sportscar, 40 drummers and a seaplane fly by PLUS MORE.

Image via Instagram. Source: Iconic Films

When Mehajer was elected in September 2012, the millionaire property developer vowed to put “shine back on my beloved city, the city that made me who I am today”, and said he would “set the highest standards for progress, safety, cleanliness and a truly Australian harmony of cultures for other cities to follow”, the Auburn Review reported. Well, there was certainly a good dose of shine, sparkle and bling.

Ok, so yes, pretty much any woman in the world would be his with this phenomenal ring. Image via Instagram. Source: Iconic Films

The waterfront reception venue, Le Montage, in Lilyfield was booked exclusively for the 500 guest event with formal dining areas as well as ‘chill out’ areas for the bridal party and their guests. A fireworks display, a Swarovski encrusted Ferrari key, a bow tie with bling, a extravagant 10-tier cake dripping in decorations and flower arrangements rumoured to have been worth more then $150k using approximately 800,000 blooms. It was nothing short of a floral fantasy and saw florists working throughout the night.

Stunning roof installation of flowers literally dripping from the ceiling at Le Montage Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films. Flowers: Vesna Grasso Floral Design
Under the canopy of flowers Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films


Stunning Aysha in her World of Nektaria gown Image via Instagram Source Iconic Films
Aysha’s House was decorated in fresh flowers for her special day Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films Flowers Bloomsnmore
Bringing Shine to his City Image Via iconicfilms

Cheekily, he notified neighbours last Tuesday that their entire block at Frances St in Lidcombe would be closed off for the event, and that any vehicles left on the street would be towed at their expense, a claim Salim denies. The Newlywed says he obtained a permit from council to occupy the street, but that he could not be held responsible for the additional vehicles that then joined the wedding procession and caused the disruption to the traffic.

And so the chaos begins Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films

The disturbance also saw a dozen local police officers called in to manage the dangerous traffic conditions and questions have been raised about whether Cr Mehajer broke the law. He denies any wrong doing, and told KISS FM;

“That was the aim — the aim was to make it the best and biggest wedding ever,” he said. “I don’t think we did anything wrong”.

The councillor had been tipping the event as the “wedding of the year” and was certainly satisfied with the result, after all it seems to have got EVERYONE talking! Now his sights are set on State politics, or Hollywood….I guess whatever opportunity presents itself to him first.

Image via Instagram. Source Iconic Films
Flowers at every angle! This certainly was a wedding of a lifetime. Can’t see too many people filling their reception with flowers like this! Image via Instagram Source; Iconic Films
The massive 10 tier cake . Image via instagram/iconicfilms

Look, if you have the money, you can spend it any way you like. But for me, marriage is about every day after the wedding, not the wedding day itself.

I’ll take my simple life any day. I can find joy in the smallest things and the smallest gestures. I don’t need the big public displays of affection, or the lavish events and that is probably a good thing, because my other half isn’t the type to give that or do that anyway. That is the beauty of love…..there is a perfect mate out there for everyone, and we are all looking for, wanting and needing something unique.

As long as they have both found what they are looking for, #Australiasbiggestwedding was a success, if not, it was just a really REALLY expensive party!

If you haven’t yet clapped eyes on the video you can watch it here:

Til next time,

Fwf x

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