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Who is Your Love Guru?

Valentine’s Day is a day that is about celebrating love; the love you have, the love you had, or perhaps the love you hope for. There is no perfect love, but every love is perfect in it’s own way, and as such, each love should be celebrated.

There is no recipe for success when selecting Valentine’s Day gifts. Making the right choice will depend on your listening skills and how attentive you are to your partner. As there is no ‘one size fit’s all’ solution, I suggest you choose your own love spirit to help guide your way.

Classic Valentino

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For traditional romantics, Valentine’s Day requires a few key elements;

  1. A Red Rose delivery- probably a dozen, generally long stemmed and preferably delivered to work! Perhaps this box of roses will fit the bill?
  2. Jewelry gift
  3. Dinner reservation; perhaps French, Italian or Seafood.

Nothing says romance than a dinner date that starts Champagne and ends with Souffle right? Valentine’s Day dining for hardcore fanatics should be fancy and fine. This means you will need to be organised so you don’t miss out on the venue of choice, or the table with the view!

Precious Parvati

spirit 2

If your lover favours vibrant and/or tropical colourings, then a Bollywood inspired blend of blooms is probably more suitable like Beaming Beauty. Suitable flower choices could be; Orchids, Heliconias, Lotus, Water lilies,  Gingers, Anthuriums and Siam Tulips. Tropical blooms tend to weather the heat and humidity of a Sydney Summer better than softer, garden style blooms, as it is similar to their natural environment. This means that a bouquet with these ingredients will have a longer vase life- keeping you in the good books for longer!

Team your beautiful bouquet with a fun night eating with your hands at your favourite Indian or Sri Lankan restaurant. And finish the evening getting matching tattoos (Henna of course)!

Quirkier gift ideas for this love spirit could include; essential oils,  incense sticks or semi precious stones for attracting love and healing.

Mighty Aphrodite

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Sensual personalities may enjoy a mixture of tradition and creativity. They are open to new experiences, but like some classic elements also. Why not create a mixed bouquet of blooms that includes a cluster of romantic roses, but uses a rich blend of complementary colours. Something like Bold Charm from our menu would be perfect

Take your Aphrodite to a dinner date with a difference sampling Mexican street food, sipping Sangria and dancing the night away.

Massage oil could make an interesting gift, or maybe a one on one dance lesson.

Pure Cupid

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Some personalities are naturally attracted to neutral aesthetics; pure whites, creams, browns and greens. Whether you choose pure white roses, or a selection of natives is up to you.   Neutral colour tones go with every decor, which takes the stress out if you don’t know what kind of decorating style the recipient has. White roses would be a great choice if you are an engaged couple, or newly married. Check out White Rose Love Affair.  Alternatively, for more rustic charm choose a selection of wildflowers.

Stuck for date ideas? Maybe brunch at an Organic Cafe, or a picnic in the national park would suit this Valentine.

Knowing who you are buying for means you will know what kind of gift they will appreciate. If none of the above love spirits sound quite right, feel free to ring our team to discuss your ideas

Happy loving,

Fwf x


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Rise of the Ginger

With summer’s high temperatures and humidity comes an array of beautiful tropical blooms.  Tropical blooms tend to be bright in colour and quite differently textured to many traditional garden blooms so they provide great contrast in your plantings or vase work.

The Zingiberaceae family is incredibly diverse, including approximately 1300 species. Ginger falls into one of two categories; cooking ginger, or ornamental ginger. The common ginger, Zingiber Officinale, as well as Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), Tumeric (Curcuma longa) and Galangal all form part of this family of plants; ingredients often featured in exotic Asian style cooking.

Gingers are some of the most stunning flowers we have in our garden, and each species is entirely unique and special. Like some other tropical plants such as Heliconias, the Ginger is a rhizome. Flowering gingers are closely related to the common ginger however belong to a different genera including but not limited to Alpinia, Globba, Zingiber and Curcuma. Gingers are the perfect plant choice if you are trying to create a lush, tropical garden space with Asian influences. Many gingers are evergreen, although some varieties lose their leaves in winter.

The Beehive ginger, Zingiber spectabile is often found in florists. They have stunning rounded heads with a waxy surface, and are covered with a series of pockets which form a hive-like texture. They are available in yellow, peach and chocolate tones. Beehive gingers are a great focal flower, and are incredibly long lasting.

Dancing Lady Gingers, Globba winitii, are one of my absolute favourites. Dancing Lady Gingers favour a sheltered position in a garden, so are suited to positions where they can sit under the canopy of other plants. There flower cascades naturally, so are ideal for using in bridal bouquets. They are long lasting and available in an array of colours.

Red Ginger, Alpinia purpurea is also commonly used in the floristry world. The have a stunning pink –  red bloom, and are a long lasting cut flower. As a plant, they can grow up to 2m with lots of lush foliage.

Lipstick Ginger, Costus barbatus are also known as Spiral Gingers. The bright red bracts are small and pine cone like, with small yellow flowers that ‘pop’ outwardly. The stems corkscrew beneath lush foliage hence the name ‘Spiral Ginger’.

Torch Gingers, Etlingera elatior are available in white, pink and red. They have a similar appearance to a Waratah in the size, shape and colour of their bloom, but they differ in that their overall texture appears to be waxy.

Siam Tulips, Curcuma alismatifolia,  are also known as the Jewel of Thailand or Hidden Gingers as they have large displays of foliage that can cover the blooms. They are available in pink, mauve and white tones. There are approximately 80 species of Curcuma, with some available in yellow, golden and orange tones, as well as varieties with verigated foliage.

Enjoy your choice of Ginger blooms while they are at their best. You will find that choosing tropical blooms for your vases during summer makes sense- they grow in the heat, and therefore last in the heat too, so you get better value for money!

Fwf x


ging 1
BEEHIVE GINGER Image; The Wild Papaya
ging 2
ging 3
RED GINGER Image: Eureca Plants
ging 5
SPIRAL GINGER Image; Gardens Online
ging 6
ging 8
TORCH GINGER Image; The Wild Papaya
ging 7
TORCH GINGER Image: Hortulus
ging 9

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Wedding Inspirations; Exotic Tropics

Maybe you have decided to have a destination wedding on some beach in Thailand, or in a Balinese hut on the waterfront, or maybe you are excaping to Hamiliton Island for a intimate family affair….whatever the case may be, your wedding flowers should match the scene.
It would hardly make sense to be standing barefoot on a beach in cheesecloth and loose wavy hair holding an English Garden inspired bouquet. For one, those sorts of flowers just wouldn’t hold up in the balmy weather, and two, it would stunt the overall cohesion of your day. It just wouldn’t fit.
The Tropics are bright, fun, relaxed and exciting, and the flowers we find there are much the same. The colours just seem brighter; vivid purples, reds, hot pinks, citrusy yellow and limes and tangerines. The foliages are intricately patterned with colour, and have varying textures; stripey Song of India and other Dracenas, crazily colourful Crotons, burgundy to hot pink Cordyline, lush palms, Anthuriums, Monsterias, Devils Ivy…the list goes on. The shape and form of the blooms is varied; anything form softly curved Anthuriums to the pointy Heliconias or scalloped Honeycomb Gingers.
Get the Look;

What ever direction you choose to take will depend on the colours you have chosen for yourself and your bridesmaids. You could choose anything from Warm Sunset Tones to simple lush greens, citrus tones or vibrant pinks and purples.

Feature Flowers:
Heliconias, Birds Of Paradise, Singapore Orchids, Vandaceous Orchids, Siam Tulips (Curcuma), Globbers, Anthuriums, Oriental Lilies, Lotus Pods, Honeycomb Ginger, Lipstick Ginger, Louts flowers, Waterlilies, Frangipanis.

Textured Elements;
Vibernum berry, berzillea, doddavine, brunei, succulents, bromeliads, moss, palm husks, palm seed pods/threads.

Caladium, dracena, Cordyline, Crotons, Anthurium leaves, Hosta leaves, ribbon grass, leather fern, golden cane palm.

Palm husks, candles, water (in bowls) bamboo, lanterns, leis.

Tropical themed weddings are not for everyone, but if you have a sense of fun and adventure and a love of colour, this may be the one for you!

Fwf x

exotic bird
Birds Of Paradise

Photo Sources (L-R); Hanging pieces, bridal bouquet, table centres, chair decoration, bouquet.

exotic pink ginger
Pink Ginger flowers

Photo credits:Bamboo feature piece, bright bouquet, ginger bouquet, candle display, hanging piece.

exotic bqts
Exotically tropical bridal Bouquets

Photo Credits: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.

exotic foliages
Exotic foliages

Photo Credits (L-R): Bright vase of foliage, husk, Cordyline, Vase of Palm.

Image: Flowers Forever Hawaii via Pinterest
Image: Colin Cowie Weddings via Pinterest
exotic tables
Table Arrangements inspired by the tropics

Photo Credits;  Tall vase, Reed arrangement, 3 Cylindrical vases.



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