Welcome to 2017’s Colour of the Year

As the year draws to a close, those from the design world eagerly await the announcement from Pantone on the colour deemed to be ‘Colour of the Year’.

PANTONE’s Color of the Year is defined as;
‘a symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.’

Last year was the first year that had seen them announcing dual colours to share the title, a soft pale pink quartz tone, and a soft powdery blue tone. This year though, they have once again reverted to naming just a single colour, and for me, they have certainly picked a winner!

Image; Due Home

Greenery, Pantone colour 15-0343, is what they describe as a ‘refreshing and revitalizing shade’ and a colour they say is symbolic of new beginnings. So as we put the final touches on 2016 and start preparing for a bright New Year ahead, what could be more perfect?

As a florist, I think greenery is generally undervalued by the public. So often consumers resent paying ‘extra’ to add leaves, reeds and foliage to their arrangements, not understanding how nature’s neutral both lifts and invigorates colour schemes.
Greenery represents the lushness of gorgeous foliage, that burst into life with new growth in Spring. Pantone tells us that Greenery will allow consumers “to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate”.

Greenery is a fabulously versatile colour that will be easily enjoyed throughout all the seasons. For us enjoying Summer in Australia, Greenery will feature throughout outdoor-ware; from beach umbrellas and towel to bbqs and deck chairs. Just as easily Greenery will lift a dreary winter wardrobe in the Northern Hemisphere by introducing pops of vibrant colour. It will work well with anything from navy, to chocolate, crimson through to burnt oranges, and will look stunning with simple black.

Image; Fine Art America


lime & pink may fav <3:
Image; 4 Inspired Design
Image; Front Gate
Image; Lime Tree Alfresco

Pantone attributes a shift in the way we are living and planning to live in the immediate future to their choice this year. They have noted our changes in preferences in architecture and building design featuring green walls and green spaces on a global scale. They believe that the deeper we become entrenched in the modern world, the stronger our desire to surround ourselves with elements of the natural world will be. And that certainly rings true for me. The landscape of our world becomes less and less appealing with every new building that goes up in the place of one solitary house.Our natural environment dwindles and we find we are surrounded by less lush green, and more flat grey.

For a florist like me, I truly hope that this year we see a surge in people appreciating the textures and different colours available in many leaves and foliage. A vase filled with leaves can fill a space with a neutral colour palette. What’s more is  greenery is long lasting most of the time! Green is also an awesome colour to incorporate into your wedding or party themes. Used alone for a simple, neutral look, or in combination with your favourite colours. Who would have thought an entirely green bouquet could be so beautiful or interesting? Check out some of the beautiful ideas we have found below;

Left; Middle; Right;
Image; Aisle Perfect
Image; Plan Your Perfect Wedding
Image via Ruffled Blog. Picture by Feather and Stone

That’s the final blog for 2016, a HUGE thank you to all our loyal customers for another fantastic year here at Florist with Flowers- you guys help make our dreams come true each and everyday! See you next year!

Stay safe

Fwf x

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Be Inspired by Marsala; Colour of the Year 2015

Each year Pantone announce a series of trending colours, but only one hue gets the top spot. This year, an earthy, rich and spicy, dark and moody tone known as “Marsala” has won the top honours.

Marsala: a rich, sticky and sweet fortified wine often used in cooking, is a perfect name for a colour which is equally as rich and intoxicating in its appeal. Because of the richness of the hue, you could be forgiven for thinking that a colour like this would only work well in a Winter wedding, however if teamed with the right complement, it could be as successfully used in summer soirees as well.

So why did they choose it? Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute says “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth”

Whilst the earthy tone lends itself to being layered with other tones, and for this reason, will work well with day to day fashion, expect to see this colour feature heavily as feature wall paint too, particularly in dining rooms, as it is said that it stimulates the appetite: think wine, rich decadent chocolates, heady spice blends etc…

Generally the ideal contrast to this colour would be a teal/blue-green tone (a tone which sits directly opposite Marsala on the colour wheel), which will give you eye catching, amazing results, however, equally as seductive, would be teaming this tone with oranges for impact.

Image: Decor Dreams and Schemes


Getting married this year? What better way to date stamp your wedding than featuring the colour of the year.  Sure you can simply use it as a lipstick or a polish to tie in the tone,  or use it to dress your bridesmaids, however, if you would like to use Marsala as a feature throughout your florals, Florist with flowers can make inspired suggestions.

Here are some inspirations:

Image: You Mean the World to Me


Image via Destination 42:(left to right) Martha Stewart, Knotsvilla, Elizabeth Anne Designs

Bridesmaids gowns, bow ties/ties, table runners and cake accessories can be toned in as well to create a gorgeous wedding colour theme.

Image: Fifty flowers

Like a more natural look taking inspiration from wild flowers and native blooms? Rosella pods, Pink Ice Proteas, Red Astible, Berzillea and silver dollar gum provide a wonderful base to incorporate this years on trend colour. Silvan Red Leucadendrons or Jester Leucadendrons, as well as Smoke bush (Cotinus) are also a fantastic way to add rich Marsala tones to a wild flower bouquet.

Image: Via Fifty flowers (Elisabeth Blumen)

Need more inspiration? The infographic below is a great visual resource that will help determine if the blooms you long for are available in the colour of the year. Remember, that there is no substitute for years of experience. Our team at Florist with Flowers can guide you in the confusing world of wedding flower themes and help seamlessly tie all the elements of your wedding together. Whether you fancy just a splash of Marsala, or plan on drowning your day (or night) in the stuff, we are here to help!

2015 Color of The Year Marsala Flower Inspiration - on Flower Muse Blog:
Image: Flower Muse

So what are your thoughts? Are you a fan of Pantone’s choice for 2015?

To be honest, I was so glad to see the back of 2014’s “Radiant Orchid” a bright pop of purple which I felt would date very quickly. I see rich Marsala as far more diverse and versatile in its applications from make up to fashion (think luxurious Marsala leather jacket for winter), to furnishings and home decor. And I guess we have to remember that Pantone’s colours are not simply intended to feature in wedding themes, but to be incorporated into daily life at every turn. For this reason, I vote FOR Marsala, for its seductive and somewhat mysterious undertones, for the possibilities in luxury leather goods, for its timelessness and for the subtle reminders of rich dark chocolates, coffee, spices and Merlot. Yum,

Image: Pantines colour of 2014

Have another colour in mind for your wedding that you would like to see us feature? Please let us know! In the meantime, check out our wedding gallery for inspiration

Til next time,

Fwf x



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