The Motherload- Gift Ideas for EveryMUM

You know that Valentines Day is a crazy day for florists right? Of course.

But did you know that Mother’s Day is actually busier????

Firstly this is because not everyone has a lover, but everyone does have a mother or mother in law, grandmother or mother figure in their lives. On top of that, because Mother’s day falls on the second Sunday of May, families tend to go out for celebrations as most people have weekends free. This often impacts whether they decide to have their fresh flowers delivered, or whether they order flowers online and collect them in-store. It also impacts whether they order flowers Mothers Day itself, on the Sunday,or whether Saturday or even Friday is more appropriate. So the reality is, that unlike the craziness of one busy day like Valentines Day which is like a sprint, Mother’s Day actually takes place over three days, so can feel more like a marathon!

Florist with flowers is delivering throughout Sydney Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May. We also have trusted affiliates throughout the country (and the world) that we can use to get a special delivery to the lovely lady/ies in your life.

We’ve literally got something for everymum.

But if that is all a bit vast for you, lets break it down….

Delicate Delights for Mum:

Does mum tend to like softer colours, muted palettes, and things that are more feminine and delicate? Using a blend of soft pastel tones, these items are perfect for mums who prefer softer hues.

With colours like lavender, pistachio, lemon, marshmallow and strawberry…..Gosh, it feels like i’m in a gelato store and don’t know which flavour to choose!

Here’s our top picks:


The Gorgeous Pink Bunch “Honouring Mum” includes a soft blend of lisianthus, disbuds, gerberas and roses.

If you are looking at something self contained so mum doesn’t have to worry about finding an appropriate vase, “Mother’s Garden Delight” has you covered with a soft pistachio ceramic pot filled with a garden blend including chrysanthemums and roses.


Mum’s Midas Touch:

Some people are born with the god given gift of keeping things alive, and saving plants from the brink of death! My mum is one of those people….you know the ones….you have cared for your plant and done everything right but for whatever reason, it just isn’t happy. Enter mum. Plant makes complete turn around within days or weeks and flourishes under her loving touch. The Midas Touch.

We have a selection of plants as always, but these are a couple of our favourites:

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Every knows a cyclamen plant is always a winner. These brightly coloured flowering plants are easy to look after and have a beautiful flower and foliage display.

My latest love is this oh-so-gorgeous white ceramic jug with your very own long lasting succulent plant inside. These heavy earthware jugs have been glazed in a glossy off white and will match any decor. They are an eye catching display which will give mum years of enjoyment.


Bright and Bold Mumma:

Does mum like stronger colours and bold statement pieces throughout her home, wardrobe or accessories? Maybe the usual fluffball bouquet isn’t her style, or cup of tea….

Try a grouped arrangement, or strong bright colour tones to gift mum something more in line with her aesthetics.

rme0lhb1y9 y9isutj5cs (1)

Our bright and vivacious bouquet is a uber cheery mix of sunny sunflowers, lisianthus, gerberas and roses. The bright and clashy colours will add that ‘pop’ and pizzazz that the dark corner is crying out for!

Our gorgeous grouped vase is filled with feminine mix of pink disbuds, roses and stunningly scented oriental lilies with lush foliages. It differs from the usual, in that the flowers are strongly clustered in a modern style.

We have so much more on offer, so you can check out our whole range and see if something else takes your fancy. Or why not call our friendly staff and talk about something special?

Whatever you decide on, I know mum will just love that you have chosen something for especially for her.

I’ll just leave you with this thought

They say the first 40 years of parenthood are the hardest….sheesh! I’ve still got 38 years to go!

Fwf x




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Floressence – sweet smelling gifts for Mum

Nothing quite compares to the sweet fragrance of flowers, if anyone in the world knows that, its us.

As well as gifting mum with fresh flowers this Mother’s Day, why not explore the idea of giving her beautifully fragrant luxury products, or products inspired by flowers. Here are some of our personal favourites…..

Flower Filled or fragrant Chocolates:

Lemon MyrtleVioletWattleseedEucalyptusRose

Images: Belle Fleur

Flowers? Check. Chocolate? Check.

You have got all bases covered with deliciously decadent chocolates from Belle Fleur. This Sydney based family chocolatier has had four generations crafting fresh, handmade chocolates every day and are always pushing the creative boundaries. With Lemon Myrtle, Violet, Wattleseed, Eucalyptus and Rose featuring above, like me you can create your own selection online choosing from their boutique range. There is no comparison to the quality of the Belgian couverture, fresh local dairy products and ingredients sourced from around the globe, and the craftmanship that goes into each and every one of these chocolates is simply a work of art.

Got the chocolates, but now need the flowers? Check out our range here.

Scented diffusers

Own Image: Ecoya Sweet Pea and Jasmine diffuser, and candle pictured.


Let mum fill the bathroom, lounge room or sunroom with sweet, subtle floral fragrances from these diffusers. With no flame to speak of and no ash, diffusers are a great alternative to candles or incense. We stock a range in store or you can view some pieces here.

Floral scented Perfumes:

Now I ain’t going to lie, I have a massive crush on all things Marc Jacobs, and his perfumes are no exception. Currently on rotation at my place is Daisy Eau So Fresh, Oh Lola AND Dot, but I can also vouch for the pure divinity that is Daisy Dreams, as well as the original Daisy. If you like floral fragrances, or think Mum does, MJ will definitely have something for you. Many other brands also offer floral fragrances, and even if the name is not a flower itself like the two pictured above, many fragrances feature soft florals in their overall bouquet.

If you find this kind of choice just WAY TOO HARD, fear not! Choosing a fragrance for anyone is a BIG task. If you do not know for sure that Mum loves it, maybe err on the side of caution and instead opt for a floral fragranced hand cream or hand wash for the bathroom. If it really isn’t her thing, you’ll see it sitting in the guest bathroom next time you come around, so pick something you like at least!

Not sure you have the confidence to pick out a frangrnce? What about a fragrant bouquet- Check out our gorgeous Mother’s Day range here.

Hand creams:

Crabtree and Everyn has an amaxing range of floral inspirations.: from handcream, perfumes, body wash, moisturisers and more…. Image: Kas loves make up

There is no denying that Crabtree and Evelyn has a handcream range second to none! Lavender, Rosewater, Lily, Iris and the sweet floral scents of Summer Hill are all classic fragrances that any mother, mum-to-be or grandmother is sure to appreciate. You can check out their range online or go in store to smell, touch and immerse yourself the floral fantasy.

Team a supple hand cream with a fresh posy or bouquet from our Mother’s day range and you will have all bases covered.

Floral fragranced Candles:

Image: Luxury Home Living


We LOVE Ecoya and have always supported their products, and with soft floral scents like Lotus Flower,  and crowd pleaser Sweet pea and Jasmine it is easy to appreciate why. The Metro Jar is sleek and understated and would suit any decor with its clean lines and neat packaging. Come in store to see what is on offer!

Another new love of mine is Aquiesse; a unique range that includes candles, handcreams and diffusers inspired by nature. The candles are presented in a super sleek textured tin design, together with its own unique matchbox cleverly hidden within the lid, come saucer.

My personal favourites:

Coastal Hyacinth; Light Citrus, Leafy Greens, Jasmine, Water Hyacinth, Cedar & Sultry Musk

Pink Peony; Pink Peony, Cherry Blossom & Green Ivy

Moonlit Petals; Night Blooming Jasmine, White Gardenia & Warm Musk

Shoreline; Ocean Air, Coastal Flowers & Precious Woods

Image: Aquiesse

Well, I like many other mummies out there, could do with an extra pair of idle hands to help wrangle these kids I’m trying to raise. While I’ve been blogging this evening, my darling husband has been lying on the couch next to me snoring. He has probably missed the memo that Mother’s Day is coming, so do me a favour, use your elbows if you need to make sure you are not overlooked this year….Gentle reminders may just get missed- they do here! 😉

Fwf x


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Gorgeous Disbud Chrysanthemum, perfect for Mothers day flower deliveries. Image: Tesselaars flowers.

Disbudding for the perfect bloom

Did you know?

Disbud Chrysanthemums are called so as the flowers are ‘dis-budded’ to achieve just one single bloom per stem. All side buds are removed whilst the plant is young, resulting in a large focal flower. The result is one premium bloom measuring appromiately 7-9 cm in diameter.

Disbudding the stem is when all other side buds are removed, leaving just one central bud to bloom. Image: Longwood Gardens


How amazing is that? And, if you think about it, it also makes the single stemmed blooms seem quite reasonable in cost too after forfeiting so many of its brothers and sisters along the way! Imagine feeding just one child so they flourish and letting the others fall by the wayside! Hardly something a parent would do, but funnily enough, Chrysanthemums are a traditional flower for Mother’s Day. Weird. Some believe that the significance of the humble chrysanthemum is simply due to the inclusion of the colloquial term for our mothers within the flowers name: ‘mum’.

Pretty disbuds all lined up in a row. Image: Waldon’s Flower Farm
image (1)
Own Image: Chrissy farms that we visit
image (2)
Own image: Chrissy farms we visit


Disbuds have started becoming increasingly popular again with the influx of imported varieties that are being creatively dyed, giving us florists unique and varied colour schemes to explore. Fresh chrysanthemum flowers are a long lasting bloom, with many customers reporting they easily get up to two weeks from these impressive flowers.

These days people favour bright and bold colours, despite the fact they have been dyed. Image:


These Cremon disbuds have also been tinted. Image: Sierra Flower Finder


There are two types of disbuds: Spiders and Cremons. Spiders are defined by their tubular petals. Any disbud without this feature is considered a Cremon. Besides the spectacular disbud blooms, we also have fresh bunches of spray ‘chryssies’, button chrysanthemums and more!

Though I am not a fan of the standard chrysanthemum, the disbud is a different thing altogether. For me, it sits somewhere between the dahlia and the extraordinary peony, and I am a massive fan of both of these beauties! And, as an added bonus, they last so much longer! What do you think of disbuds? Kind of cool, or kind of daggy?

Mother’s Day is a day we can all take time to honour the wonderful mothers we know: the mother we have/had, our special mother-in-laws, or the grandmothers we are lucky enough to still have around and learn from. Sending fresh flowers to all the special ladies in your life is the perfect way to show them you care! Whether you choose to go with the traditional ‘mums’ or something different, our fresh flowers can be delivered throughout Sydney, or organised to be delivered with one of our affiliates anywhere in the world either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Whether you order online or come into the store to choose something special, Florist with Flowers can create Mother’s Day flowers to suit any-mum!

Til next time,

Fwf x



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