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Gorgeous Summer Flowers – Add Pineapple Lilies to Your Floral Arrangements NOW!

If you want to create an instantly eye catching, dramatic and long lasting arrangement throughout summer, here’s a hot tip…

Pineapple Lilies.

Never heard of them? You are probably not alone…these striking bulb plants have not always been a popular cut flower, although I do not know why. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, they prove to be amazing value as they are reasonably priced AND long lasting. Pineapple lilies can give you WEEKS of viewing pleasure!

Pineapple Lilies (which are not at all related to Pineapple fruit plants) are a seriously interesting addition to your flower arrangements. Pineapple Lilies (Eucomis) are like a floral representation of the tropical fruit, a long central stem with miniature flowers closely clustered together beneath a leafy top. They are a bulb plant, native to South Africa, and as they are endemic to a similar climate to Australia’s growing conditions, they grow well here and make a fantastic cut flower.

pine lily 3
Image; Gorgeous close up picture of the Pineapple lilies flowers via Top Tropicals
pine lily 5
Image; Pineapple lilies are available in a variety of colour tones like this gorgeous specimen via Easy to Grow Bulbs

Pineapple lilies come in a variety of colours including a white and green variety that works well within neutral colour schemes as well as bright colour schemes. They also come in a gorgeous burgundy variety which looks absolutely divine with rich and romantic colour tones (think pinks, reds, chocolate, plums, purples etc…) While some varieties are harder to come by commercially as a cut flower, the varieties that are available are very versatile.

pine lily 1
Image; Pineapple lilies come in stunning rich tones too, like this plum bloom via Longfield Gardens
pine lily 2
Image; Pineapple lilies make fantastic pot plant too like this example via  Longfield Gardens

These flowers can also be allowed to ‘go to seed’ before being cut which means that the centre of the bloom is allowed to become enlarged and firm. It gives the bloom a unique look, and the cut flower still last extremely well. This is one way that growers get creative, essentially creating a new line that may allow them to build on their business by extending the plant season (cutting the crop later than usual) or attracting new customers (by offering something totally unique). It also gives florists different textures to work with, allowing us to be more inspired when we create floral arrangements.

pine lily 4
Image; This pineapple lily has gone to seed, resulting in a plump berry like centre to each bloom via Top Tropicals

Pineapple lilies are grown locally which is beneficial because the cut flowers have not spent extended periods of time out of water or in unfavorable transit conditions. Buying local ensures you know the age of the produce, the conditions that they have been grown in and also provides jobs in the community.

Our staff are very knowledgeable, so ask us what flowers are grown locally if you want to continue supporting small business. By choosing this Carlingford Florist for flowers for home or deliveries throughout Sydney you are supporting a family business that actually care about it’s customers, and cares about it’s community.

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Gorgeous Disbud Chrysanthemum, perfect for Mothers day flower deliveries. Image: Tesselaars flowers.

Disbudding for the perfect bloom

Did you know?

Disbud Chrysanthemums are called so as the flowers are ‘dis-budded’ to achieve just one single bloom per stem. All side buds are removed whilst the plant is young, resulting in a large focal flower. The result is one premium bloom measuring appromiately 7-9 cm in diameter.

Disbudding the stem is when all other side buds are removed, leaving just one central bud to bloom. Image: Longwood Gardens


How amazing is that? And, if you think about it, it also makes the single stemmed blooms seem quite reasonable in cost too after forfeiting so many of its brothers and sisters along the way! Imagine feeding just one child so they flourish and letting the others fall by the wayside! Hardly something a parent would do, but funnily enough, Chrysanthemums are a traditional flower for Mother’s Day. Weird. Some believe that the significance of the humble chrysanthemum is simply due to the inclusion of the colloquial term for our mothers within the flowers name: ‘mum’.

Pretty disbuds all lined up in a row. Image: Waldon’s Flower Farm
image (1)
Own Image: Chrissy farms that we visit
image (2)
Own image: Chrissy farms we visit


Disbuds have started becoming increasingly popular again with the influx of imported varieties that are being creatively dyed, giving us florists unique and varied colour schemes to explore. Fresh chrysanthemum flowers are a long lasting bloom, with many customers reporting they easily get up to two weeks from these impressive flowers.

These days people favour bright and bold colours, despite the fact they have been dyed. Image:


These Cremon disbuds have also been tinted. Image: Sierra Flower Finder


There are two types of disbuds: Spiders and Cremons. Spiders are defined by their tubular petals. Any disbud without this feature is considered a Cremon. Besides the spectacular disbud blooms, we also have fresh bunches of spray ‘chryssies’, button chrysanthemums and more!

Though I am not a fan of the standard chrysanthemum, the disbud is a different thing altogether. For me, it sits somewhere between the dahlia and the extraordinary peony, and I am a massive fan of both of these beauties! And, as an added bonus, they last so much longer! What do you think of disbuds? Kind of cool, or kind of daggy?

Mother’s Day is a day we can all take time to honour the wonderful mothers we know: the mother we have/had, our special mother-in-laws, or the grandmothers we are lucky enough to still have around and learn from. Sending fresh flowers to all the special ladies in your life is the perfect way to show them you care! Whether you choose to go with the traditional ‘mums’ or something different, our fresh flowers can be delivered throughout Sydney, or organised to be delivered with one of our affiliates anywhere in the world either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Whether you order online or come into the store to choose something special, Florist with Flowers can create Mother’s Day flowers to suit any-mum!

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