Our 5 Tips For Getting Flowers Delivered on Valentine’s Day

I can hardly believe that we have already finished the first month of the new year already. And every florist in the world knows that means one thing….Valentine’s day is less than a fortnight away. Yikes!

Classic presentation box of a dozen long stemmed roses by Florist with Flowers
A presentation box of a dozen long stemmed roses is a classic Valentine’s Day gift by Florist with Flowers

If you don’t live under a rock, you would know that February = Valentine’s Day. And whether you celebrate or commiserate on February 14th, one question remains, who doesn’t love the feeling of being loved?

Now, there are certainly some hurdles in the quest to find love….BUT we want to ensure that ordering flowers for your beloved isn’t one of them.

Here are our 5 tips to get you on the right track for lurve 😍

  1. Provide the correct address.

Sounds simple right, but believe it or not, this is where most problems occur. Provide your florist with the correct company name, and full street address, including the unit or suite number, and even the floor that the recipient works on. While the courier may not be able to hand deliver in some buildings for security reasons, this will ensure the flower delivery is made in a timely fashion internally.

Similarly, home address deliveries will require street names, numbers and apartment numbers if applicable. Do not provide descriptions of how to get there in lieu of this information.

Courier delivering fresh flowers
Florist with Flowers will be making deliveries all day on Valentine’s Day. Please ensure you provide the recipients full name and address to ensure the arrangement ends up in the right hands.

2. Provide the recipients full name

Again, this probably sounds obvious but on many occasions, secret admirers do not have the correct details for their delivery. This results in deliveries being left unclaimed or returned. First names alone are usually not adequate either if you are delivering to a business. If you want to make someone feel special make sure you have all their details so we can make sure our gorgeous arrangement ends up in the right hands. Alternatively, have you thought about hand delivering something yourself? Sure, it requires some bravery, but what a great way to start a conversation with the object of your affection.

Single red roses are the perfect gift for a secret admirer
Single red roses are an incredibly romantic gesture, especially if you are admiring someone from afar.

3. Be realistic with your expectations on delivery times

We understand that your delivery is the most important delivery to you, but please understand that every single customer feels this way…on everyday of the year. The difference with Valentine’s Day is that we have such a high volume of orders that our delivery runs have to be organised in a logical fashion. For this reason we are unable to promise specific time frames. What we can do is ensure all business deliveries are made within business hours (9am-5pm) and home deliveries will be made throughout the whole day according to area/region. As your local Carlingford Florist we will be organising several delivery runs in the area, but will also deliver flowers throughout Greater Sydney. We can also assist with interstate and international flower deliveries.

4. Be guided by your professional florist

There is nothing like fresh roses on Valentine’s Day, however if you are concerned about the longevity of your blooms, or want something a bit different, talk to your florist. Tropical blooms are a unique choice but will last well in hot and humid conditions as will native blooms.

Don’t want to send red roses as you feel like that may make too big of a statement? Did you know that different colours of roses symbolises different feelings? Your florist will be able to guide you in the best way to express yourself using the language of flowers.

Try ordering something unique and long lasting for Valentine's Day
Try ordering something unique and long lasting this Valentine’s Day like our Arrangement of Pink Charming flowers

5. Order online or in store ahead of time.

Ordering two weeks in advance will not guarantee you a 7am delivery with bonus singing telegram, however it will ensure you will avoid disappointment by missing our delivery cut offs. We have extra drivers on for the large volume of deliveries however they still have their limitations. For this reason we do have to restrict the amount of deliveries we take on to ensure we can complete our service.

Why not check out our Valentine’s Day menu now, and tick flowers ✅ off your list straight away? You can check it out here.

Fwf x

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