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Random Floral Acts of Kindness

Have you heard of people doing random acts of kindness or paying it forward? For many, a small, random act spurs them on in a way they had never considered before, and I’ve got to say, it certainly seems like a lovely change from the incredibly selfish and self centred lives we live in the world today. Some have been delighted when they go to pay a restaurant bill only to find another patron has already taken care of it. Perhaps the person in front of you in the coffee line has paid for your order before you have made it. You are really only limited by your imagination….and your wallet 😜

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Lonely Bouquet by Fleuropean

In 2015, Petal It Forward began; an initiative started by the Society of American Florists. The idea was to brighten someone’s day with a random act of kindness, receiving a bouquet of flowers. This year, 2 years on, the event took place on Wednesday 11th October, covering 50 states, and over 300 cities according to the website.

During the event, lucky recipients received two bouquets- one for themselves and one to give away or ‘petal forward’. And anyone could be lucky enough- the bouquets are given randomly to people walking along the street, doing their groceries or playing in the park.

“It lets people know how much flowers can make a difference in someone’s day,” Linda Hursa from Angel’s Trumpet Flowers and Gifts said.

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A lonely bouquet

And these guys aren’t alone; there are others creating positive karma all over the world. The Lonely Bouquet allows flower lovers, and do-gooders alike to create a bouquet that they ‘abandon’ somewhere. This lonely bouquet could be left anywhere; a park bench, a library, even at a bus stop…somewhere it will be found with a simple note explaining it’s intent.

The original concept could be lost amidst a treasure hunt of sorts if you openly advertise where you place them, so the best idea (I think) is to simply abandon the bunch somewhere where it will be found and enjoyed. Add a small note to the bunch with whatever sentiment you like- but basically the idea is that your good deed will be enjoyed so much that it will inspire the recipient to go ahead and do the same.

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Lonely Bouquet Note

Florists have been doing a version of this for years- taking the leftover blooms from events and turning them into lovely box arrangements or posies and delivering them to retirement villages and nursing homes to bring a bit of joy.

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Via Upworthy -Repeat Roses was born when owner Grove decided that there had to be a better use for the arrangements that were simply being thrown away after a wedding. Now, they are rearranged into beautiful displays for the elderly to enjoy.

There have been several recent studies by Rutgers and Harvard that show that flowers have a profoundly positive effect on a person’s sense of well being. Flowers have been shown to improve your mood- ask any florist! 76% of people agree that having flowers around you in your home or office positively affects the mood. The SAF also conducted their own study that showed that 88% of people who were given flowers felt happier, and 80% of people receiving flowers felt happier. So based on figures like that, this whole concept really sounds like a recipe for success doesn’t it!!??

Flowers are often given at sad times, in the face of tragedy, and for this reason alone, the concept of being given flowers for no reason at all is beautiful. 92% of women think that getting flowers ‘just because’ is the best reason EVER, and 75% of men agree! We have gorgeous fresh flower arrangements and bouquets for all occasions, including “just because”. Or if you fancy doing your own random act of kindness we have beautiful bunches of market fresh flowers available everyday. Why not spread a little love today…

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