Post Wedding Woes and Worries

I remember when I made the decision to focus my floristry career on wedding work alone. It was a big decision, but I felt it was the challenge that I craved, and something I could really throw myself into. I also felt that I had enough experience behind me to put me in a good position to guide clients in their choices for one of the most important days of their lives.



Some of the time, getting on the same page, would come quickly, and at other times, both parties probably left the consultation unsure if we really ‘understood’ each other. In order to mitigate some of the potential issues, as well as including the flower types and names of varieties (which probably means little to someone outside the industry anyway) we would also include an overview of the colour palette, as well as approximate quantities of each colour, and a description of the overall look and feel in colloquial language. But I’m not going to lie….across a career of thousands of weddings, I’ve had my fair share of ‘failures’. And whilst the bouquets may have been aesthetically beautiful, they did not meet the brides expectation.

This week, I have heard a few discussions on similar experiences; the disappointment in that despite their best efforts to be completely transparent, some bits of the creative process still seem to be lost in translation. Then there are other cases, where the colours just were not right, or a major change was made and never discussed with the client…or worse, items were never delivered to the venue.

As a supplier, we must be able to decide whether we are responsible for failing our client. We must be able to look through the brief and honestly answer whether we met it. And when we are in the wrong, we must own it.


Sometimes however, people experience a post wedding low. It has the same intensity as a wedding high, but sits at the other end of the spectrum. The wedding high brings all those exuberant feelings; elation, euphoria, happiness, giddiness, optimism and gives you the ability to overlook details that seem insignificant.

The post wedding low, can be where things go wrong, and it is understandable. After months, or even years of working toward a goal, a momentous,  beautiful day where every whim and every wish is realised, daily life hits you with an almighty thud.

The realisation that that big project is over can leave people wondering what to do next. Does that sound ludicrous? Believe me, this is a REAL thing.

For suppliers, post wedding day lulls, can surface complaints that did not exist on the day. And for creatives, like florists, it really hits us where it hurts….the HEART.


Unlike many other wedding suppliers, florists get no second chances. The flowers are one of the last pieces to the puzzle, and responsible for kind of tying everything together….and no one wants to get it more right than your wedding florist. When we get it wrong, it keeps us up at night…literally.

So, if I can give one piece of advice, I would say that when you choose your wedding florist, choose a company who creates things that you drool over all the time. Choose someone who has a natural style that aligns with your own….then, I believe you will get something that you think it just perfect for your big day.

Fwf x

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