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Plant Babies For The Time Poor and Cash Poor

Now I think pretty much every person on the planet has heard the term ‘fur baby’; a term defined by ¬†the Oxford dictionary as ‘a person’s dog, cat, or other furry pet animal’. It has come to be understood that these ‘fur babies’ are on a level equal to that of any beloved member of the family, like one of your children even. Our pets have indeed become more pampered, primped and cared for over the years, with a booming business having emerged to keep up with this new level of love and maintenance. Having an animal is certainly hard work but it is also rewarding, after all, a fur baby will show you a level of affection, which makes the commitment worth it.

Image of Low maintenance plants including cacti and succulents
Florist with Flowers stock a wonderful range of low maintenance plants such as cacti and succulents. Photo Credit Mashtal Egypt

But let¬†me ask you this…..have you ever considered having a ‘plant baby’?

According to an article in The Star Advertiser Honolulu, some are choosing to fill their lives with house plants instead of housemates. They suggest that many people lack the time and means to take on the commitment of pets, or having children, so are choosing to embrace house plants. Allegedly, these house plants are being given names and being talked to on a daily basis, or having music played to encouraged ‘growth’ ūü§£ Now, while these methods are not scientifically proven, it can’t hurt right?

Houseplants do require a level of commitment if you want them to survive, however you can choose the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Not home often and tend to forget to water your plants regularly? Try low maintenance plants like succulents, cacti or the lush Zanzibar, a plant accustomed to dry, arid conditions, yet with a lush, supple, tropical appearance.

Image of gorgeous and lush Zanzibar plants
The Zanzibar appears lush, but unbelievably can be left with no worries whilst you go on holidays. It makes the perfect houseplant for those with limited time and experience caring for living things.

Or perhaps you like something elegant and colourful, and can make the time to water it weekly? Orchid plants are such wonderful value as they flower for weeks to months, and when cared for correctly will flower once or twice a year.

Do you like something to have dual purpose? Why not create a gorgeous garden of edible flowers and microherbs in a sunny spot near the kitchen? Not only will it look gorgeous, but you can harvest what you need at each meal.

Image of Edible flowers and herbs create an attractive houseplant
Combine edible flowers with herbs that you like to cook with and create an attractive house plant like this gorgeous planter created by Brolly via Garden Therapy.

I also love good old favourites like Boston ferns or Maiden Hair ferns. They do require a shady spot that gets just gentle sunlight. Ferns are also one of those wonderful plants that actually help clean the air; absorbing pollen, bacterias and moulds, whilst taking in carbon dioxide to process into oxygen. Ferns look great in hanging baskets or pots allowing them to become pendulous. They can also work in tabletop pots or terrariums.

Image of Maiden Hair Ferns plants
Maiden Hair Ferns are a delicate old favourite of mine. They do require regular watering and the perfect position, but when they are happy, they certainly let you know with their full head of glorious ‘hair’. Photo Credit: Botanique Workshop

I guess the most important thing when choosing something to become a part of your life is to consider whether you have the time and room in your life to care for it. So whether you choose your housemate to be human, furry or leafy, consider whether you are ready to commit to caring for it, and giving it all that it requires to thrive.

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