A Concise Guide for New Baby Flowers Delivery

Image of a Baby Boy box with Soft Toy Gift and Balloon

Flowers are akin to language as each type induces different emotions among recipients. Special occasions and events also dictate the meaning of flowers for both the sender and the recipient. If you are a first-time sender of flowers to a friend who just delivered a baby, who   is about to be your godson or goddaughter, here are some tips on what to present to him or her on her first few days of life.



  • Find out if the newborn and family members suffer from allergies


Picking out baby flower bouquet is an undeniably exciting activity, especially for first timers. But before you scan through baby boy and baby girl flower arrangements, check if the parents and newborn suffer from allergies. Despite the beauty of new baby flower arrangements, they may start developing allergic symptoms that lead to them feeling unwell altogether.



  • Find out the gender and decide on a colour scheme


Traditional flowers for a new baby will depend on the gender. For baby boys, blue is a common colour motif and pink for a newborn baby girl.


The most common flowers for baby flowers are iris, hyacinth, freesia, and statice.


On the other hand, pink flowers include tulips, bouvardia, and carnations for baby girl flower arrangements.



  • Choose baby flower bouquets with mild scents


Choose flowers with mild scents if you are going to have it delivered to a newborn. Mothers and babies may be too sensitive to some aromas, especially those with strong scents. Ideally, pick flowers that feature soft but fragrant smells such as irises, daffodils, and sunflowers.
Always consult a florist if you have no idea on what to send for newborns and their mothers. They have experience in picking out the perfect flowers based on your preferences as well as budget. To purchase flowers for same-day delivery, you may call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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vanda orchids

Flowers That Hate Winter

Winter is certainly upon us. While it is only the first week of winter officially, she has certainly made sure that we feel her presence, by chilling us to our cores.

I know that I have shared some of the lovely fresh cut winter flowers that will be available over the coming months such as the cymbidium orchids, tulips, hellebores, johnquills, daffodils and hyacinths. I have also shared some of the benefits that winter brings:

  • Less heat means that the bacteria growth is slower, and therefore you don’t need to change the water as frequently
  • The water doesn’t smell as quickly and flowers tend to last that little bit longer….but that is a bit of a generalisation.

The truth is, that SOME flowers will last longer in the cooler months, but others will suffer.

Any guesses what kind of flowers DON’T like the cold?


When you think about it, it is understandable that tropical and sub tropical blooms don’t enjoy the cold environment that the winter months brings.

Heliconias, orchids, anthuriums and ginger flowers, all grow in more humid environments. Much of their water is consumed through absorption of the air as well as through the stem, so when that humidity goes, so does part of their sustenance.


You will notice that tropical blooms wither in the cold, just a Hydrangea does on a super hot day.  They go limp, the edges brown quickly, they shrivel, and dehydrate. Instead of looking their luscious, plump, succulent and glossy selves….they look sad ☹️

This kind of brings us back to the whole ‘shop seasonally’ mindset right?

Just like with fruit and vegetables, when you buy out of season, the flavour and texture isn’t as good, it’s the same with flowers. Sure, you may be able to get something out of season, but at what cost and at what quality and condition?

Beehive ginger flower

When you are buying flowers that are out of season, they don’t last as well. Anyone see a vaseful of tulips in summer? Trust me it’s not a happy sight. They have been in transportation for some time to get to you, so they have been without food and water. Then WHACK they are hit with with an explosion of (heat or) cold, the direct opposite of the environment they have been grown in.

So what about heaters?

It may seem like a logical solution to pop the heater on to keep your tropical blooms nice and toasty….but this will not help. Tropical blooms love warm, HUMID conditions. Heaters provide a warm, but dry environment, so you will still have problems with the blooms dehydrating prematurely, and all the physical signs that come with that (pronounced veins on the petals, brown edges etc)

There are plenty of wonderful choices available throughout winter, so your best bet is to talk to our friendly staff about what your local, seasonal choices are. Talk to them about how long you want/ need them to last, what the occasion is, if there is something special on. This will help us guide you on your best choices, and also manage your expectations by providing honest, professional advice.

That also helps this small, local, family business help support other small, local family businesses.

Fwf x

Feature image source : Orchid Republic


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Tips to Remember when Choosing Birthday Flowers Delivery

Image of Graceful Lily Bouquet by Florist with Flowers

It is true that sending flowers to a loved one on his or her birthday is not the most unique gift, but it is a traditional gesture to show them your love and care. The vibrant hues of petals and the elegant arrangement will surely make them smile on their special day. But if the idea of sending flowers to a loved one, family members or friends just dawned on you recently, you are most likely clueless as to which flowers to send a birthday celebrant.


This article will serve as a guide on how to pick the perfect flower arrangements for special people in your life during their birthdays!



  •  Birth month corresponds to specific flower varieties



Different types of flowers are associated with the 12 months of the year. Find out which flowers apply under the birth month of the recipient. You may ask the florist for this information or you may check out the short guide below:


January – Carnation

February- Primrose and Violet

March- Jonquil and Daffodil

April- Sweet Pea and Daisy

May- Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley

June- Honeysuckle and Rose

July- Water Lily and Larkspur

August- Poppy and Gladiolas

September- Morning Glory and Aster

October- Cosmos and Calendula

November- Chrysanthemum

December- Holly and Narcissus



  • Find out their favourite flowers



Knowing what flowers your recipients like will take the guesswork out of ordering a flower arrangement. By taking the preferences of your recipient into account, you are guaranteed to further brighten the day of your loved one.


How can I send flowers for birthdays?


You can get in touch with a reputable florist in your community. An experienced florist may also assist you in coming up with a unique flower arrangement based on your budget, preference or that of the birthday celebrant.


Call us now for unique and memorable flower arrangements today! You may reach us on            02 9871 1666 today.


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When you are creative, your mind works differently. I’m not sure exactly how, because let’s face it, I’m a florist not a neurologist, but it is plain for everyone to see that creative people seem to operate on another level.

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said “ Creativity is intelligence having fun” and I agree with this statement 100%. For me, being a creative does not mean that every time you try your hand at something new, you just get it right first go and it looks amazing. BUT what creativity is, is having a vision, using problem solving skills to execute that vision and having the motivation to give it a go despite what may result. It is not letting the self doubt stop you. Let’s be clear, it certainly is NOT the absence of self doubt, in fact I know MANY creatives who battle with self doubt and suffer from anxiety surrounding their creativity.

When you get hung up on every single thing you make being pretty and perfect, you will never experiment. And if you want to know something is 100% going to work before you even begin, the likelihood is you won’t be creating anything original, you’ll be replicating known formulas to ensure success.

One of the hardest things to do as a creative, is to find your voice as an artist. Allowing yourself to be so raw that you lay it all out on the table, and see if anyone likes it…. That is a pretty daunting thing to do. But finding your own style and being authentic to that style is key to feeling happy in your creativity. Every time someone buys something that you have created, they buy a little piece of you, and your heart. For that reason alone, when your designs are replicated, it really, really hurts. Aside from that it is unethical.

Over the years, I have lost count of the amount of times I have had someone else’s work brought in, to be replicated.  More often than not it’s for a wedding, and the simple fact is that people are shopping around. And when I say shopping around, I don’t mean that they are sitting down with different florists to brainstorm and see who’s style aligns with their own and can help create their dream wedding. They are simply price shopping. They have an image that they want replicated, but at the best price. The problem with this is that it really undervalues the original artists voice. It shows little regard for their artistry, and for all the experimentation they have done to get to that point, to create that beautiful piece.

On the flip side, it doesn’t show much regard for the artist you choose to execute it either. Have you considered their work and style? Now there is nothing wrong with taking in a series of images to give your designer an idea of the look and feel that you like. Inspiration boards are a terrific source of information for your designer. We welcome that

At the end of the day, running a florist is like running any small business. It is a balancing act, ensuring that you buy quality stock that your customers like, creating beautiful arrangements that bring people back time and time again. As far as creativity goes, it is realising that while some people buy from you because they love your quality work and your unique style, others shop based on price alone. This is something that every business needs to manage. Some people will love your brand and what you uniquely offer, others won’t even notice the details that set you apart.

Anyone who is a creative person knows things just don’t always work. Sometimes you mix your colours incorrectly or it just doesn’t translate into the design you thought it would be. For florists, seasonal changes make differences in the colour of blooms. Weather events can mean whole crops are destroyed and you need to make a decision on your best alternatives. But you know what? The creatives will think outside of the box. They are the problem solvers, innovators, inventors. Give them a challenge and they will accept. Give them a problem and they will solve it.

But the paint by numbers kind of artist who just finished the last bit of blue paint is going to go into a panic….because, well, they just follow the rules, and haven’t really had to think about how to create something beautiful before. I know who I’d rather buy from 😉

Fwf x

Featured Image : WGSN Insider




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The Underdogs of the Floral World

For something a bit different, I thought I’d take a minute to write a post on underrated flowers because let’s face it, everyone already appreciates the spectacular blooms!

As a florist, working with different blooms is part of the program. We cannot only work with the blooms we love, because at the end of the day, we aren’t the customer and we need to create what our customers want and love. Aside from that, in order to have a successful business you need to ensure your staff are using the material at the correct retail price and costing arrangements properly, rather than giving away your profits by slipping an extra stem in here and there. Equally as important is ensuring your stock is being carefully rotated. We always try to stick to the first in, first out mindset so you are being mindful of your usage and not leaving stock to the side only to throw it out. You can also be sure that you are not selling stock that is too old when you stick to this method.

Underrated flowers have there place certainly. When you begin your studies as a florist, you are taught about the importance of picking a strong focal flower, but in order to create a cohesive arrangement you also need line flowers and transitional flowers.

Source: Mr Fothergills

Transitional flowers lack the ‘punch’ of a focal flower. That is not to say they are not attractive, because they certainly are. Where a focal flower has (usually) a single, eye catching bloom, a transitional flower generally has clusters of individual flowers on the stem. Transitional flowers are used to fill in spaces between the focal and line flowers.

Transitional flowers are like the chorus line in a show. Without them, the show just would not be complete, but in many ways they are not the ones you are there to see. Their job is to support the stars of the show, to make them look their absolute best. Some examples of transitional flowers include asters, chrysanthemums, babies breath, spray roses, stock, Queen Anne’s lace, Geraldton was, lisianthus, Tea Tree, hellebores.

Focal flowers, the show stoppers, are the ones you pay to see. But let’s be honest, a vaseful of peonies or Columbia’s roses would just cost a crazy amount. Aside from that, without transitional flowers or foliage in an arrangement these expensive, special flowers will not sit beautifully in a vase. They will not be spaced out, each with enough room to garner the attention they deserve. Instead they will be sitting in each other’s space, leaning on one another unsupported.

Focal flowers are spectacular flowers like peonies, disbud chrysanthemums, Columbia’s roses, lilies, gerberas, crab claws.

Line flowers creat movement throughout an arrangement. They guide your eye so that you can appreciate the whole design. Examples of line flowers are liatris, amaranthus, heliconias, orchids. Often you use them to direct the movement within the arrangement, and therefore use their natural shape to guide you in that.

Many flowers that were thought of as pretty drab and uninteresting a few years ago, are being reinvented. Babies breath, which people used to turn their noses up at the suggestion of, is now used as the feature flower of some displays. Entire arrangements are made with it in fact.

So whilst in a traditional arrangement the role of these flowers was to support the star of the show, some are now pulling quite an audience of their own. Check out the following images of so-called transitional flowers holding their own.

Fwf x

Feature Image

Gorgeous babies breath wedding. Source : Strictly Weddings
Babies breath wedding via Strictly Weddings


Bridal bouquets made entirely of babies breath, source: Hi Miss Puff
Amber Gress Photography, via Brides.com

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Flower Delivery Sydney: A Short and Brief Guide

image of a Gorgeous Baby collections - newborn gift ideas

Using a flower delivery service is a convenient way to gift flowers to loved ones and make them feel special. The elegance, love, and beauty of flower bouquets will make her blush and feel loved whatever the occasion is. Whether you are planning to send a gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, a flower bouquet delivered through a flower delivery service will make your loved one feel special.


But where can you order fast and efficient flower delivery in Sydney?


Here are some options to consider:

  • Conduct an online search


A Google search will help you find several florists who offer flower delivery services in Sydney CBD for minimal fee. There are even florists offering same-day delivery free of charge. Pick a flower delivery service that can offer flexible delivery schedules. You may request to have the flowers delivered the same day or ahead of time. Pre-planning flower delivery not only saves you time, but also ensures that the flowers will arrive at the recipient’s doorstep at the perfect time.



  • Choose a local flower delivery company


Support Sydney-based florists as they offer the same quality blooms and artistic arrangements for different occasions. Choosing local suppliers over nationwide flower delivery companies also guarantees that flowers are delivered on time in Sydney.



  • Always order in advance


Although there are florists that accept same-day delivery requests, it’s always best to book the delivery 3 to 4 days in advance. This is especially important to remember during peak seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the graduation season. The florist may have a sufficient stock of flower bouquets and arrangements during high-demand days, but may not be able to organise prompt delivery of flowers because of other deliveries already scheduled during these busy periods.

By ordering in advance, the flower delivery company will have enough time to map out their logistics during peak seasons.
To learn more about flower delivery services in Sydney or if you wish to purchase flowers, give us a call on 02 9871 1666 today.

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When Winter is on Its Way

While it may be hard to believe, now that we are past the half way mark of the month of May, it is now drawing closer to winter. For some, this marks the starts of a downturn in activity and outdoor activities. For our industry, this means that things will start to quieten down as the more moderate temperatures will come to an end, and this usually coincides with a drop in wedding and event bookings.

In the cooler months, there is LOTS to enjoy in the floral world. Garden roses come to an end now, so the roses you will see in store will either be glasshouse grown or imported. The glasshouse grown roses lack the fragrance of garden roses. While their heads tend to hold the shape well,  they will never truly open….unless of course you choose to reflex your roses. 😉 Winter is also a wonderful time to enjoy many of the wonderfully fragrant bulbs that are available such as hyacinth, and johnquills. Other bulb flowers you can begin to enjoy soon are daffodils, and tulips.

You will also see cymbidium stems start to be available in store frequently from now. The entire stem of flower is cut from the plant to give us these incredibly big, eye catching, beautiful and long lasting blooms. For that reason, they are priced dependant on how many individual flowers are on the spike.

Cymbidium orchid spikes are beautiful, striking and long lasting
Source: Flower Farm Shop

Some spikes of cymbidiums also have a fragrance, which is quite interesting. They are available in a vast array of colours including white, pink, mauve, yellow, lime, burgundy, red, cream, orange, chocolate and many more variations in between.

Tulips are an incredibly elegant cut flower. Throughout winter you can enjoy beautiful single standard tulips, feathery tulips, double tulips, and parrot tulips. One thing that many people do not understand about tulips is that they grow towards sunlight. As you can probably imagine, it is incredibly frustrating for a florist who has arranged them in a mixed bouquet as you will find them standing tall above their flower neighbours overnight. This is even more frustrating for a wedding florist!  Not only  do they grow in length,  but their stems will become all wiggly and wavy in an attempt to be the tallest and the closest to the sun. For this reason alone, it is so important to choose a reputable florist when ordering flowers for a wedding, otherwise you are at risk of receiving a bunch of rather wayward blooms.


But probably what most consumers look forward to most when thinking about fresh cut flowers and winter is the longevity of the blooms. It is certainly true that in the cooler months your flowers will last longer. When ordering a flower delivery or buying fresh cut blooms for home you can be confident that  they will look fresh and fabulous for days or even weeks depending on what you choose, and how well you care for them. You will notice that the water does not become as smelly as quickly however it is just as important to change the water and recut the stems regularly to get the best vase life. Talk to our wonderful staff about long lasting choices. The cymbidium stems for example can be pricey per stem, but when you think you can enjoy them for weeks, they are actually very good value. Sometimes you will find some of the blooms may be covered when sitting in a vase with foliage or other flowers. Instead of having them essentially wasted, snip them off the stem and use them in a float bowl.

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How to Pick Flower Bouquets in Sydney for First-Time Senders

image of a Gorgeous native bouquet by florist with flowers

Most men are completely clueless when it comes to buying flowers from a flower bouquet delivery service in Sydney. Choosing the perfect flower bouquet to a woman can be quite a challenging task.

This brief and concise guide will help you simplify the job of picking flowers for first-time senders.



  • Learn something about her


The getting-to-know phase when dating will give you an idea on what type of flowers a woman likes. Some women may tell you that they don’t like flowers, but surprising them with a bouquet is a sweet and thoughtful gesture that will definitely be appreciated. If she is allergic to pollen or to strong scents, you may want to consider sending other gift items instead.

Ask her about her favourite colours. This will make it easier for you to pick flowers when ordering online. Analysing her personality will also help you in picking a flower arrangement that she will most likely appreciate.



  • What message do you want to convey?


Sending flowers is a way to communicate a clear message to the recipient. The message that you want to convey will also help narrow down your flower selection!

Are you sending flowers to a colleague to convey gratefulness on a professional level? Or are you trying to send a signal to a woman you’re dating that you love them? Sending flowers in neutral colours such as white and yellow are more appropriate to convey a message of appreciation. On the other hand, sending a dozen red roses to a lady is a clear message of love and affection.



  • Get professional help for best results


If you really want to impress your loved one, or if you simply want her to have a sweet surprise on her special day, seek the help of the best flower bouquet company in Sydney. There are several florists spread across Sydney, but only a handful can deliver fresh and affordable flower bouquet arrangements. Take your time on researching and choose the company who have positive feedback from customers.
Why not surprise someone with flowers that will make her day and think of you, too! Order a flower bouquet from us today and we will delivery same day or anytime you wish to. You may reach us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Make it Happen for Mother’s Day

May is charging along, just like the proceeding months, and this weekend, we will celebrating Mother’s Day. If you are still to order a fresh cut flower bouquet or floral arrangement, it is not too late!

Our Mothers Day range includes a variety of colour schemes and styles to choose from. You can check out the entire range here. For those of you who want to add chocolates, or wine to your order, there is options to do that online, or you can speak to one of our friendly team members on 02) 9871 1666. We also have gift vouchers available for purchase so that mum can fill her house with fresh cut flowers whenever she pleases, as well as gorgeous Ecoya gift packs that include a scented candle, hand cream all beautifully presented in a cosmetic bag.

I’ve been searching for some interesting quotes about mothers, or motherhood to help inspire you for this weekend. I think that only as we get older, and perhaps become mothers ourselves, do we truly understand what we put our mothers through 😂

So whether you are celebrating with your mother, grandmother, step mother, god mother, or the mother of your children, I think we can all agree that the Motherly figures in our lives more than deserve our appreciation. All these influential woman deserve to be honoured. I can also appreciate that this weekend can be an incredibly emotional time for some perhaps those who have strained relationships, or have lost the significant women in their life.

I hope some of these quotes resonate with you:

” No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.”

– Godfrey Winn

cyclamen make a popular gift for mothers dya
Cyclamen plants are a popular choice for Mother’s Day as they are pretty and long lasting.

“Motherhood is…difficult and….rewarding.”

– Gloria Estefan

“One thing I know for sure – this motherhood thing is not for sissies”

– Jennifer Nettles

Not your average mum? Our "Wild at Heart" arrangement is for those special ones who like something a little bit different, march to the beat of their own drum, and can be tough when they need to be 😉
Not your average mum? Our “Wild at Heart” arrangement is for those special ones who like something a little bit different, march to the beat of their own drum, and can be tough when they need to be 😉

” Motherhood is a great honour and privilege, yet is also synonymous with servethood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers, or preparing meals, mums continuously put others before themselves.”

– Charles Stanley

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother”.

– Theodore Hesburgh


With a name like "So Loved" what better way to show mum she is, than to give her this gorgeous bouquet
With a name like “So Loved” what better way to show mum she is, than to give her this gorgeous bouquet

“For when a child is born the mother also is born again”.

– Gilbert Parker


“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”.

-Rudyard Kipling

We want to wish all the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers, foster mothers, and mummies-to-be a wonderful weekend. Here’s hoping you get tea and toast in bed, taken out for coffee and cake, afforded a solo toilet trip, a day off nappy duty, and that someone cooks for  you AND cleans up…

Fwf x

Feature image: The Hollies Farm Shop

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Mother's Day gifts for awesome mums

A Mother’s Life Work

I’ve got a big question for you today.What is the best thing about your mum? Could you put your finger on it?

They say that a mother is ONE person who does the work of TWENTY. And when you are growing up, I’m sure you can appreciate that that is far from true…surely it is more like the work of 50! 😂😂😂

She literally teaches you to do every single thing….things that as a fully functional adult you probably take for granted. But let’s face it, your mother has taught you how to walk, talk, feed yourself, how to play, how to problem solve, how clean up after yourself, how to bounce back after disappointment. She has been your personal chef, cleaner, chauffeur.

Mums break time

So what could you gift a person who has given so much? Look, if I’m totally honest, there probably isn’t any ONE thing that you could give to your mum that would even come close to repaying her for all she has done. You can however try 😝

Whether she likes small potted plants to plant to her garden, exotic orchids or terrariums for inside, or a vase of fresh cut flowers, I know we have plenty of beauties on offer. Our Mothers Day gift range includes bunches of fresh cut flowers featuring traditional chrysanthemums or “mums” as they are affectionately known. We also have gorgeous arrangements made in decorative ceramic pots, wooden troughs and attractive boxes. We also have a range of wines and chocolates that can be added to your order. As your local florist, we can deliver to Carlingford and surrounding areas. We can also organise your flower delivery to outer areas using other reputable florists through our network. But be quick, as there are only so many hours in each day for us to individually craft your order and organise delivery.

Mauve Mother's Day arrangement
These pretty mauve tones are feminine. They feature the traditional ‘mums’
Mother's Day arrangement in decorative pot
Arrangements in decorative ceramic pots are great as they do not need to be arranged or unwrapped upon delivery. PLUS you can use the pot again
Orchids are a great, long lasting gift for mother's day
Orchids are a great, long lasting gift idea that mum can enjoy for weeks, or onths after the day.

Now I’m a pretty lucky human, I’ve got an amazing mum, and I’ve got to tell you, I appreciate her now more than ever. Mum is like some sort of magical fairy….when I go back to the washing machine to go hang it out, guess what? It’s already done. When one of my kids needs some one on one time with me, she engages the others so that I can give 100% of my attention.  And the magical thing about it is this all happens without a conversation taking place.

Intuitively Mothers know what their offspring need, and they work out how they can facilitate it.

Mothers Day is now just 9 days away. And while the day is to celebrate our Mothers and show our appreciation, much of the time for what they done for us while we were growing up, I for one will also be spending the day celebrating the grandmother she has become for my kids, as well appreciating all the things she still does for me to this day.

Don’t see something that is perfect for mum in our Mother’s Day range? That’s ok, we can make something as special and unique as she is. Give our staff a call on 02 9871 1666.

Fwf x

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