The Best Flower Delivery Carlingford- Ideas for a Newborn Flower Arrangement

image of a Young woman holding beautiful bouquet

One of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life is childbirth. The lives of a man and woman are forever changed with the arrival of a newborn into the world. And what better way to recognise the birth of a baby than to present the happy couple and their newborn with fresh, beautiful flowers?

Flower delivery for a new baby is a brilliant gift idea if a relative or close friend has recently undergone childbirth. The same-day flower delivery idea is the perfect present that you can send out to your future godchild, too! If this is your first time ordering from a Cherrybrook flower delivery florist, here are some important pointers that you need to remember.


What are the best selling flowers for mothers and their newborn babies?

It is important to pick the right type of flowers for bouquets, especially when you are planning to give them to a mother who has just delivered her child.  Before you buy a bouquet online, there are certain rules to follow. Here are some of them:



  • Avoid delicate and aromatic flowers


You will be tempted to choose colourful and fragrant flower arrangements. Although attractive, flowers that are delicate and aromatic wilt and die faster than other flower varieties. Your goal is to present flowers that can last longer so that the mother can put them on display at the hospital, and eventually at home.

Carnations are the perfect blooms for new babies and their mothers. They feature beautiful ruffled petals and an aroma that may be irritating to the recipients.

If you want a more unique flower selection, why not pick same-day flower delivery of Gerber daisies? This flower variety comes in a wide range of colours and is cheaper than other flower selections.



  • Flower arrangement colour schemes


The colour scheme when choosing flower arrangements for newborn babies is predictable; pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. You can spice things up by choosing non-traditional colours that are still related to the gender of the baby. Purple and white are also good flower colours for baby girls, while green and red flowers may also be presented to mothers of newborn boys. You may also opt for non-gender specific flower arrangements if you want to go elegant and colourful with your gift.



  • Add a little extra 


Besides flowers, you may ask the florist near you to add extra gift items to you order. A stuffed toy or other baby toys are ideal extras that you can include in the gift basket. Chocolates and other comfort food items are also excellent additions that mothers will surely appreciate.

You can never go wrong with a thoughtful flower arrangement and a gift basket. For enquiries, you may call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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A Brief Guide on Flower Delivery Parramatta for Men

image of a young blonde girl holding roses bouquet in hat box

It has been customary for men to send flowers to women. But did you know that you can also give men flowers on special occasions. The act of sending men flowers is a romantic gesture that women can give to the special men in their lives.

Surprise your man by ordering flowers delivery in Sydney during special moments and events.



  • Succulents


If you want to send a flower arrangement that will appeal to men, consider succulents. They are not necessarily flowers, but they function the same way if your intention is to transmit well wishes to the recipient. They come in various shapes and sizes and can survive for many months when provided with adequate care and attention.



  • Anthurium 


Anthurium is an excellent flower option for men due to its gender-neutral quality. The bold red shade of the flower in combination with the glossy green leaves is perfect for men with vibrant personality.



  • Sunflowers


A thoughtful form of showing your affection to your husband or partner is by sending him a bouquet of brightly-coloured sunflowers. These are wonderful flowers for decoration as they are low maintenance and last a long time when given proper care and adequate exposure to sunlight.



  • Orchids


Another bold and unique flower variety that you can send the special man in your life is the orchid. You can include them as part of a bouquet or send them as a potted plant. Orchids come in a wide range of colours. Their exquisite beauty makes them the perfect décor to a bachelor’s pad.


If you wish to learn more about flower arrangements for men, give us a call today! You can reach us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Florist in Sydney

image of Bride and bridesmaids throwing wedding bouquets

A wedding is not complete without flowers. From the flower arrangements at the altar to the bouquet and the flower centerpieces at the reception tables, flowers play an integral part in making a wedding special and unforgettable.


If you are planning your wedding, picking a florist will be one of your main concerns. It may be tempting to simply pick the first affordable wedding florist in Sydney but bear in mind that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You need to be more discerning when choosing the florist that will assist you in putting up uniquely beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements for your dream wedding.


When looking for a Sydney wedding florist, here are some guidelines to follow:


•    Ask for their portfolio

When choosing from the long list of the best wedding florists in Sydney, it is important that you truly appreciate their aesthetics and signature style. Finding a florist with an aesthetic that you already love will make it easier to come up with a wedding bouquet and arrangement that will match your tastes as well as the overall theme of your wedding.


•    Choose a wedding florist who understands your needs, budget, and vision

It is a difficult task to pick the best wedding florist as Sydney has a long list of talented floral designers. However this being the case, it is best to work with one who understands your vision, preferences, and budget. Choose a florist who can translate your vision into reality with their signature style. Work with a florist who is willing to mix your creative vision for flower arrangements with their existing design style. A florist who listens and adapts well to limitations in terms of budget is also ideal so you don’t end up compromising the quality of the design due to limited funds.


•    Book your florist as early as you can

The best wedding florist in Sydney is typically booked by clients a few months before their scheduled wedding date. If you don’t want to end up with an empty and dull venue and reception, it is best to schedule your appointment with a florist 4 to 6 months before the big day.
For affordable wedding flower packages from the most reliable Sydney-based florist, do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Comparison in the Thief of Joy

In business, hell, in life in general, it is all to easy to start comparing yourself to someone you think is doing it better. In appreciating that someone is doing something well, it is all to easy to start thinking you are somehow failing.

Recently I have read some pieces about what is dubbed “the scarcity mindset or mentality”. In a nutshell it is the belief that there will never be enough for everyone, whether we are talking about money, food, business…. This way of thinking keeps you operating competitively, and being reactive rather than proactive, and sometimes resentful of others success as you believe that it takes opportunity from you.

The opposite of this is the abundance mindset: the ability to look at things optimisticly, be genuinely happy for others successes as the central belief is there is enough for everyone. How can we keep ourselves thinking abundantly in business?

What sparked the idea of this blog was a conversation I heard recently about a business doing some market research on some local competitors. The business that had been unknowingly “researched” was angry, outraged and questioning the other business’ integrity.


The assumption was that the business who was doing the research was being lazy; trying to see how the other business quoted rather than do the hard yards themselves….Perhaps because they didn’t have the skill level to do it themselves….

Many years ago, I had something similar happen to me. A ‘customer’ came in for a wedding quote. We spent time going through her theme, making suggestions as to what would be in season, what would be beautiful and how we could create the aesthetic that she was after.

Needless to say, this quote never became a booking…although we never really knew why. Some time later I then went on to run the company that had ‘researched’ us. I went through a series of files from the research they had conducted. It was not an attempt to ‘steal’ our quoting formula, or our consultation technique,  it instead looked at all the things we did well, and the things they felt were lacking in our meetings. It did the same for each of the businesses that had been observed. It felt thorough, and impartial.


Truthfully, I think this is smart business. While many businesses would be up in arms that they had their time wasted on a job that would never come to fruition, perhaps it is those businesses that would most benefit from conducting some research of their own.

You need to know what your competition does well….not so you can emulate it,  but so you can better understand your target customer. You can also take a moment to appreciate the things that you are doing well, and congratulate your team on what they are excelling at. Let’s face it, each business has its own strengths and weaknesses, and someone will choose to book with you based on what you offer to them that appeals. By the same token, they will choose not to book with you should someone’s style, business approach and pricing etc appeal to them more. This is where it is hard not to feel criticised, but really, you cannot please everyone. Find your niche, and do you, well.

They say that ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. Businesses are as different as a Rose is to a tulip. Comparing the two, and expecting the same from both, is pointless.

I know that we appreciate our customers, and the loyalty they show to our family business. We don’t do everything, we can’t….but we try to do what we do, well.

Thanks for your support as always 😉

Fwf x

Featured Image: Colorado ManREACH

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When Size Matters

Have you watched the “Tiny House” shows? You know the ones, where people are downsizing, or shifting the focus in their lives to the things that make them happy. What this usually entails is reducing the clutter in the home, shrinking the size of your living spaces so there is less time necessary to clean, and with that comes more time to spend refocusing your attentions. More time to spend chasing your passions, spending more time outdoors (coz there isn’t any room to sit down inside anyway 😂😂😂) and more time with family.

Well, this week, something positively tiny popped up in my feed; Tiny Bouquets. The #tinybouquetchallenge has finally made it to Australia. Some suggest that the trend was started in Dublin by florist, Reka Kurtos. Below shows an image on her entry into Fusion Flower magazine’s ‘Just Chrys’ competition.

Source: Reka Kurtos Facebook

These bouquets, as you can see, are not just a couple of stems of flowers tied together, oh no, these bouquets are incredibly intricate and delicate, and finished meticulously whether than be with rustic string, or luxurious ribbons.

To be honest, when you see them with no point of reference to gauge the size you could quite easily be fooled into thinking they are a full sized bouquet.

Source: The Enchanted Florist, Lismore
Source: The Enchanted Florist, Lismore

These bouquets would not be something that your average customer would order….unless of course your average customer is arranging a wedding for Barbie and Ken 😂😂😂

For the industry, it is an interesting trend too. Although these bouquets contain very little, believe it or not, they take just as long (if not longer) to put together. As the work is incredibly delicate, the blooms need to be carefully selected and prepared before the arrangement can be put together. Small sprays may need to be separated from the main stem, or single piece cut and conditioned. Ok, so that is the HOW? taken care of…

tiny bouquet challenge

And then we come back to the all important WHY? Why would you want to order one of these impossibly small bouquets? Firstly, let’s face it, the challenge is just a bit of good old fashioned fun….from creating the piece, to taking some creative photography. Let’s face it, they aren’t going to fill a vase and spruce up your house for guests. Well, perhaps you want something teeny tiny for your pint sized Prima ballerina after her dance recital. Perhaps you want to leave a beautiful tribute on the headstone of one of your loved ones. Perhaps you want a miniature version of a bridal bouquet made for a thoughtful anniversary gift. In fact, one clever florist finished her tiny bouquet off with her engagement and wedding rings…in place of a bow. That probably gives you some idea how truly miniature they are!

Tiny bouquet challenge
Source: Insta Saver

These bouquets are not something that you would want to order everyday, but for specific occasions they could be just about perfect. I don’t anticipate that you will see them ready made out the front of our store anytime soon, but like any other arrangements, we are happy to help create something  unique for you. Come in store to chat, or call 02 9871-1666.

Fwf x

Feature Image via The House That Lara Built


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When you are a florist, more often than not, people come in store to admire the flowers. People are enamoured with the beauty of all the ruffly petals, the colours and the fragrances. We are too, of course, why else would we choose to spend our lives creating with Mother Nature’s bounty.

I have lost count of the amount of times that customers have asked me not to use any foliage whatsoever. They want the bouquet to look bountiful and flowery, and don’t want the leaves taking away from that. In many ways I understand what they mean. Flowers are often the stars of the show, and when you are paying top dollar for them, of course you want to make them shine. The reality is though, that without foliage they simply won’t shine.

Think about how these flowers grow, how their colours pop against the dark lush greens, and the lime green leaves in the garden or the rainforest. Think about the amazingly rich colour tones that you can find in foliage outside of just green. Using the right foliage for the job is key.

This blog, is a bit of a celebration of the unbe-leaf-able leaves we have available to us. You will pay a bit more for some of these stunners, but let’s face it, they are showstoppers.

Bismarkia- oh my goodness, I am obsessed with these stunning, silver palm leaves. The fronds of this palm are giant so they are best suited for large installations or corporate displays.

Image may contain: plant
Source: Beautiflora Instagram
Image may contain: plant, table, tree and outdoor
Source: London Flower School Instagram

Another beautiful leaf is the Calathea. The plants come in so many varieties with intricately patterned leaves,  with the most exquisite colours. These are not the sort of leaves you want stuck in the middle of a bouquet hidden! You can use them in a cluster in a forward facing bouquet, clearly displayed. Alternatively, you can cut them off their stems and use them to line your clear glass vase so you can really show off the pattern.

Source: Gardeners Advice

There are so many varieties of Palm leaves that are beautiful and unique. Common varieties like the golden cane or fan palm are regularly used in floristry. They are not particularly spectacular, but they are a great inexpensive material that is easily accessible. Spectacular varieties like the Licuana Cordata are not as easily accessible,  but they are amazing, and can really make your displays. These plants are slow growing so you will usually see them as a plant rather than cut foliage, but every so often, special things like this find their way into the market or to wholesalers. They have a very interesting circular shape, that appears solid, which is quite different from many other palms with the separation between the fronds.

Source: Houseplant Club

A foliage that is easily accessible, and comes in many variations is the Cordyline plant. These stunning leaves can be bought on a stem, which is essentially the whole top of a plant. They are incredibly good value to buy this way as you should be able to enjoy them for weeks in a vase. They come in green, verigated varieties with lime, burgundy and pink stripes. They also come in strong burgundy and chocolate tones….and so many different sized and shaped leaves too….

With all these beauties on offer, plus more, the only thing left now ….how to choose? 🤔

Source: Smartplant App Instagram
Source: Houseplants Gardenites

Fwf x

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Gold as a Neutral

Coming up with a colour scheme is a huge part of creation. Working out what colours you want to use, and in what intensity, can sometimes take longer than making the arrangement itself. This is as important as ever of course, when you are creating flowers for a wedding or an event. There are many theories on colour: including what colours should be used together according to where they sit on the colour wheel. Certainly in our training we are guided on how many colours and how many flower varieties should be in one arrangement….but in many ways, in your training, you also learn all the ways that you can break the rules.

Sprayed leaves
Source: WildFlora Designs Instagram

Some colours are particularly tricky to work with, (in floristry anyway!) like when a company wants the event themed to match their corporate colours of turquoise, navy and black 😳

At times, you are stumped because the colour a client may want just don’t exist. There are ways to get around that such as dying flowers, or applying floral safe surface sprays.

Just as black or denim is a bit of a staple when it comes to clothing, glitter/silver/gold/metallic is a bit of a neutral when it comes to decorating.

What on earth do I mean by that? Well, adding metallics elements, is sometimes just what you need. It doesn’t add another colour to the mix, but it does add just the right amount of pizzazz. Metallics and glitters are able to make things look a little bit more special, without it all getting a bit too much although you still need to show restraint.

Gold sprayed leaves
Source: Sir Botanical

Gold works soooo well with so many colour schemes. If you’d like to incorporate gold, consider some of these colour schemes:

  • blush pink and guava tones
  • apricot, peach and cream
  • rich burgundy and deep purple
  • fresh greens and whites
  • autumnal tones like burnt oranges and coffee/latte tones
sprayed flowers and foliage’s- make things unique by changing their expected appearance
Source: Hooray Mag. Flowers by Natural Art Flowers

Metallic Grey or Silver is easy to use too, try teaming it with these colour schemes:

  • cool, icy blues
  • soft mauve and pale pink
  • lemon and yellow

Bronze/Copper looks fabulous with warm colour tones like reds, corals, warm pinks, latte, chocolates, apricot, orange and salmon.

Sometimes touches of sparkle or glitter is all you need to take your arrangement to the next level. Rather than choosing a glitter outside of the existing colour scheme, choose a colour you are already using. Repeating a colour (either in a different intensity, or perhaps with a slight shimmer/sparkle 😝) is a great way to make an arrangement appear more cohesive and harmonious.

Source: Of the Flowers Instagram

There are plenty of ways to add touches of metallics throughout your fresh or dried floral arrangements or in other decor. You can spray leaves, sticks, seed pods or pine cones. You can use coloured wires or add brass/gold/silver embellishments. Berries look beautiful when they are sprayed in metallics as they are more delicate, and therefore will not overwhelm an arrangement.

When you want to experiment and think outside the box, the best person to brainstorm with is your florist. They know what is in season and available, and what can be utilised in your custom made arrangement to fulfil your brief. Come in store, or call us today!

Fwf x

Feature Image:

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The Basic Etiquette for Sympathy Flowers Delivery for Beginners

image of a White Sympathy Sheaf by Florist with Flowers

What type of flowers do you send to a loved one who recently passed away? This might be the first question that comes into mind when it comes to funeral flowers.


When choosing what kind of flowers to send as a sign of sympathy and unity, it is important to be aware of important funeral flowers etiquette. There is a set of rules that shoppers like you need to comply when sending flowers to a viewing, burial or to the home of bereaved family members.


In this post, we will enumerate some of the rules when selecting flower arrangements for a bereaved friend or family member. Etiquette focuses on utmost consideration with our emotions and that of others. To make your feeling of sympathy feel genuine to recipients here are things you should never forget:



  • Know the difference between sympathy and funeral flowers


Funeral flowers are floral arrangements that you send to a funeral or memorial event.


The destination of sympathy flowers is always the home of bereaved family members.



  • The type of flower arrangement will depend on your association with the deceased


Your relationship with the deceased also dictates the type of flower arrangement that you should have delivered, too.


Casket sprays are usually purchased by the living spouse or an immediate family member. The spray is installed on top of the casket as tribute. Inside casket flower arrangements are also purchased by spouses and family members for the deceased.


If a relative or a close friend passed away, the types of flower arrangements that you can have delivered are funeral flowers with stand, wall spray, centerpiece arrangements, and sympathy flowers.


If the deceased is an acquaintance, the types of flower arrangements that you can have delivered are wall sprays, centerpiece arrangements, flowering plants, a bouquet of cut flowers.



  • Consider the religious affiliation of the deceased 


The style of funeral flowers and sympathy flowers should also be considered based on the religious affiliation of the bereaved. Here are a few guidelines:

  • White is an ideal colour of flowers for funeral arrangements if you are going to have them delivered to the deceased with Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox Christian affiliations.
  • If you are going to send sympathy flowers and standing wreaths for a deceased person and his or her family that are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, avoid sending flower arrangements with crucifixes.
  • For a Buddhist loved one or friend who passed on, you may send any type of flower arrangement, but do avoid sending sympathy flowers or wreaths that are red in colour.


To check our more etiquette and tips when sending flowers at funerals, give us a call now on 02 98711666 today.

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A Concise Guide for New Baby Flowers Delivery

Image of a Baby Boy box with Soft Toy Gift and Balloon

Flowers are akin to language as each type induces different emotions among recipients. Special occasions and events also dictate the meaning of flowers for both the sender and the recipient. If you are a first-time sender of flowers to a friend who just delivered a baby, who   is about to be your godson or goddaughter, here are some tips on what to present to him or her on her first few days of life.



  • Find out if the newborn and family members suffer from allergies


Picking out baby flower bouquet is an undeniably exciting activity, especially for first timers. But before you scan through baby boy and baby girl flower arrangements, check if the parents and newborn suffer from allergies. Despite the beauty of new baby flower arrangements, they may start developing allergic symptoms that lead to them feeling unwell altogether.



  • Find out the gender and decide on a colour scheme


Traditional flowers for a new baby will depend on the gender. For baby boys, blue is a common colour motif and pink for a newborn baby girl.


The most common flowers for baby flowers are iris, hyacinth, freesia, and statice.


On the other hand, pink flowers include tulips, bouvardia, and carnations for baby girl flower arrangements.



  • Choose baby flower bouquets with mild scents


Choose flowers with mild scents if you are going to have it delivered to a newborn. Mothers and babies may be too sensitive to some aromas, especially those with strong scents. Ideally, pick flowers that feature soft but fragrant smells such as irises, daffodils, and sunflowers.
Always consult a florist if you have no idea on what to send for newborns and their mothers. They have experience in picking out the perfect flowers based on your preferences as well as budget. To purchase flowers for same-day delivery, you may call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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vanda orchids

Flowers That Hate Winter

Winter is certainly upon us. While it is only the first week of winter officially, she has certainly made sure that we feel her presence, by chilling us to our cores.

I know that I have shared some of the lovely fresh cut winter flowers that will be available over the coming months such as the cymbidium orchids, tulips, hellebores, johnquills, daffodils and hyacinths. I have also shared some of the benefits that winter brings:

  • Less heat means that the bacteria growth is slower, and therefore you don’t need to change the water as frequently
  • The water doesn’t smell as quickly and flowers tend to last that little bit longer….but that is a bit of a generalisation.

The truth is, that SOME flowers will last longer in the cooler months, but others will suffer.

Any guesses what kind of flowers DON’T like the cold?


When you think about it, it is understandable that tropical and sub tropical blooms don’t enjoy the cold environment that the winter months brings.

Heliconias, orchids, anthuriums and ginger flowers, all grow in more humid environments. Much of their water is consumed through absorption of the air as well as through the stem, so when that humidity goes, so does part of their sustenance.


You will notice that tropical blooms wither in the cold, just a Hydrangea does on a super hot day.  They go limp, the edges brown quickly, they shrivel, and dehydrate. Instead of looking their luscious, plump, succulent and glossy selves….they look sad ☹️

This kind of brings us back to the whole ‘shop seasonally’ mindset right?

Just like with fruit and vegetables, when you buy out of season, the flavour and texture isn’t as good, it’s the same with flowers. Sure, you may be able to get something out of season, but at what cost and at what quality and condition?

Beehive ginger flower

When you are buying flowers that are out of season, they don’t last as well. Anyone see a vaseful of tulips in summer? Trust me it’s not a happy sight. They have been in transportation for some time to get to you, so they have been without food and water. Then WHACK they are hit with with an explosion of (heat or) cold, the direct opposite of the environment they have been grown in.

So what about heaters?

It may seem like a logical solution to pop the heater on to keep your tropical blooms nice and toasty….but this will not help. Tropical blooms love warm, HUMID conditions. Heaters provide a warm, but dry environment, so you will still have problems with the blooms dehydrating prematurely, and all the physical signs that come with that (pronounced veins on the petals, brown edges etc)

There are plenty of wonderful choices available throughout winter, so your best bet is to talk to our friendly staff about what your local, seasonal choices are. Talk to them about how long you want/ need them to last, what the occasion is, if there is something special on. This will help us guide you on your best choices, and also manage your expectations by providing honest, professional advice.

That also helps this small, local, family business help support other small, local family businesses.

Fwf x

Feature image source : Orchid Republic


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