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New Arrivals- Gift giving for New Mums and Bubs

Is it just me, or does every second person seem to be pregnant at the moment. A few Sundays ago, I remember every customer I had had between 9 and 11 had been in the family way at varying stages. One customer had come in to choose a gorgeous arrangement for her friend from mothers group who had just had her third bub, and she was standing there, mere weeks away from bringing her fourth into the world herself!

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People love to give flowers to new families, but there are a few things that can be overlooked when ordering, that you may wish to consider.

Babies have SUPER sensitive senses and whilst strong perfumes are hard on anyone’s system, this is especially so for the newly born, elderly and those with allergies. A newborns respiratory system is immature; it requires a lot of effort to breathe not to mention drink/eat and just get those little peepers open! When you throw perfume into the equation, it makes it that more difficult to breathe.

So our advice? It is best for bubs (and mummy) particularly if they are still in hospital in a confined space to avoid strongly perfumed flowers.

On the upside, there are SO many flowers that haven’t got any perfume anyway, but some seasonal favourites, certainly do! It would be best to avoid oriental lilies, hyacinth, freesias, tuberose, stock, johnquils, and even lavender.

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Sometimes these flowers are barely noticeable in a large open space, but when put into a small hospital room with little or no natural air, it can be incredibly over powering.

If you are organising fresh flowers, make sure your designer knows they are for a new baby and request there is no perfume.

Many people tend to choose either pink tones or blue tones depending on whether it was a little girl or boy who entered the world. Imagine a hospital room full of just one colour tone! Try to think about mum, does she have a favourite colour or flower that you could design your arrangement around? Mum has just been through what can only be describes as a massive marathon, so perhaps bringing her a gift as a huge pat on the back will earn you some extra brownie points. Dads take note! Ever heard of the concept of a push present? Whether mum gave birth normally or via c section, I think it fair to say she has just endured a long 9 months, an has now just been through one of the most physically and emotionally demanding and draining days of her life. And you know what, she would probably do it all over again, with no hesitation after seeing that little bubs face! Have you thought of a special piece of jewelry, or voucher for a massage?

Alternatively, you could consider one of our other great gift ideas for new arrivals; nappy cakes, a unique tiered cake-like gift made entirely from baby essentials such as nappies, washers, singlets socks and a teddy! Or a baby essentials gift pack perhaps with everything in them from gentle shampoo and conditioner, body wash and oil to blankets, bibs and soft toys.

Know anyone about to pop? Check out our gift range here :-) or our fresh flower range here.

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