Mum’s the Word

Did you know that the saying- “Mum’s the Word” actually has no connection with mums or mothers? For some reason I guess I assumed that it was a reference to your mum being your ultimate confidant, that no matter what you confided in her, she would always remain loyal. After all isn’t that what we have all grown up basically believing- that your mother will love you no matter what?

But no, the mum actually refers to ‘mmm’, suggestive of the noise you make when you keep your lips sealed unable or unwilling to speak; a hum perhaps. ‘Mum’ is a Middle English word meaning silent which is derived from ‘mummer’, an actor in a pantomime, using only actions to tell the story and no speech. We know this as ‘miming’.

Most notably used in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 2 Act 1, Scene 2; “Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.” The origins of the phrase are first found in print in the 14th century in William Langland’s poem ‘Piers Plowman’.

These day ‘mum’s the word’ or ‘keeping mum’ are phrases used colloquially to mean keeping quiet or keeping things secret. Presents and surprises are one thing that you need to keep quiet, so keeping ‘mum’ for Mother’s Day is not such a bad idea. Now, I KNOW I am not alone when I say, I can’t believe it’s going to be Mother’s Day again, soon! The Florist calendar is pretty busy from December to May what with Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Easter and Anzac Day, so it is with mild disbelief that I write this blog post- Mothers Day is just over 2 weeks away! Wait, what?

mum 4
Mothership Orchid presentation pot
mum 5
Balmy Rustic Trough arrangement

Now I know that I could never replace my beautiful mother, and would not intentionally forget her- but life is busy right? Our Mother’s Day menu is already available for you to peruse. So why wait? Before the panic sets in and before you find yourself short, check out the floral offerings we have for you. In addition to lovely fresh cut flowers, remember that we are able to create gift hampers for mum by adding chocolates, wine, balloons or candles. We have a selection of gorgeous fresh flower bouquets and arrangements in bright colours and pastels, soft feminine blooms, tropical flowers and native flora available for delivery throughout Sydney. We have also included a selection of flowering indoor plants beautifully presented wrapped, or in ceramic containers and stunning vase arrangements. And remember we also offer relay services for anyone who has mum living in out of area, interstate, or overseas.

mum 2
Elegance and Grace
mum 3
The Tropics
mum 1
Gift Vouchers are available for purchase

Can’t decide but want to get organised now? Why not let mum choose her own delights by giving her a gift voucher to use instead- you can choose the amount you want to spend, and then mum can choose how to spend it. This allows mum to buy large arrangements or smaller market fresh bunches to fill vases around her home when it suits.

As always, our friendly team is on standby should you need to discuss any special requests in store or on the phone  02 9871 1666

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