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Loving Valentine’s Day

Although the concept of Valentine’s Day is to ensure people feel loved, it is sometimes impossible to get caught up in comparing how much you are loved when you look at what others are sending or receiving.

Like much of our lives these days, our Valentine’s Day gifts are yet another opportunity to show others how well we are doing, or how much we are admired…As a result, sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a downer for some. Valentine’s Day can be both a day of celebration and a day of commiseration, a day full of hope, and a day full of disappointment.  BUT Valentine’s Day does provide the perfect opportunity to let those around you know that you love them, romantically, or otherwise.

An image of Florist with Flowers creating bouquets of 50 or 100 fresh red roses for delivery for Valentine’s Day
Florist with Flowers is creating and delivering bouquets of 50 or 100 fresh red roses

Whether you are able to send a single rose, or 100 roses to the object of your affection, remember that the mere fact that you have taken the time to organise your flower delivery will win you points. Write a heartfelt card message to accompany your fresh flowers, BONUS POINTS to you!!! If you have booked a favourite restaurant, a special place for you as a couple, or created a menu that you will execute in the kitchen yourself…well, you are going to have a hard time topping this next year  🤣 Pace yourself!

Image of a single red rose on top of a box for Valentine’s Day
A single rose- a classic Valentine’s Day delivery

We’ve created a Valentine’s Day menu that has something for everyone. All the Floral arrangements are available for delivery throughout our local Carlingford area as well as Greater Sydney. We offer a range of gifts from simple boxed single roses, to elaborate floral arrangements of long stemmed red roses, or mixed flowers too.

High School aged children often like to organise single flowers for their circle of friends, and in this case, we would recommend something bright and fun rather than a rose- perhaps a gerbera?

Image of an Arrangement of long stemmed red roses in a ceramic pot delivered by local Sydney florist
Arrangement of long stemmed red roses in a ceramic pot delivered by local Sydney florist

In my experience, people don’t struggle too much with choosing flowers on Valentine’s Day. There is a level of expectation that they will get red roses in some form or another. IF their partner has let it be known that red roses are not going to cut it, then they are also pretty sure on what will. The area most people have difficulty with is those all important heartfelt messages written inside the card. You are not alone if you are struggling to find the words you need to express yourself. For this reason, we have previously written a blog post with some inspiration for your card messages – click here to check it out 

Remember, if you have something special in mind, do not hesitate to speak to one of our floral designers on the phone on 02 9871 1666 or come in store and put something together with us.

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