Koke wha tha? Kokedama.

Kokedama, in English, literally means “moss ball”. Essentially the plant root base is removed from the pot and kept intact, surrounded in a mud cake of wet Akadama soil and Keto (peat), then wrapped in moss and all held together with wire or nylon, string or twine. This is how the ornamental plant continues to grow. Sometimes known as the poor man’s bonsai, Kokedama orginated in Japan, where the balls were displayed on alter-like platforms, before they gained popularity in the Netherlands, then the US and worldwide.

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DIY instructions via Clemmo’s

Want to give it a try? Watch a brief video in DIY kokedama via Better Homes and Gardens here.

A variety of Images featuring the ‘Hangman’ and a gorgeous assortment of kokedama in different settings: Zowieso

Like most houseplants, kokedama are not in a huge quantity of soil, and therefore need regular water. A kokedama is a style of presenting and keeping a plant, but does not change the way the plant should be cared for. This means that if the plant normally requires a lot of light, it still does, and similarly if it requires filtered light or a shaded position, this is no different when it has been made into a Kokedama. Thirsty plants will require more frequent watering, and plants that prefer a more arid environment can do with less fluid.

Check out the pictures we have here to help inspire you! You can try to create one of these yourselves, (with the help of Clemmo’s or BHG DIY instructions above) or ask Emmra, our resident Botanical Creations Director! He loves getting his hands dirty and making special pieces that set Florist with Flowers apart from the rest! Our team continually aims to raise the bar, stocking a range of houseplants in unique containers, perfect for home or special gifts.

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Mister Moss is renowned for his kokedama. This one was found on Design Milk and is a fine example of his work. Love the coloured twine


Pretty Poppies fashioned into a stunning string garden via My Desy


Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Kokedama via Indoor Gardening Tips


Succulents are popular plants as they are low maintenance, and therefore are ideal for Kokedama. Image via Pinterest
What beautiful way to display an orchid! Divine! More a traditional style of kokedama (placed, not hung) Image: Flickr


Gorgeous display of kokedama found on A Cultivated Nest


String Gardens via Turbulences Deco


But why stop there? Suspend several moss balls at varying heights to create an eye catching display that is unique. Or like, Fedor Van der Valk of the Netherlands, take it one step further by suspending his bound botanicals from pulleys. Generally acknowledged as the king of contemporary kokedama, Van der Valk calls his creations “string gardens”, and they have caught everyone’s quirkier side.

The Hangman: Fedor Van der Valk in his studio via The Telegraph (UK)

So what do you think? Love them? Hate them? Want to make one for every person in the world that you know for Christmas????

Regardless of whether you are a fan or not, you have to admit that these days it seems a glorious plant alone is just not enough.  They want plants miniature, enclosed or  hanging….or manipulated and altered in some way. They like special and unique presentations whether it be a pretty pot, uniquely shaped terrarium or wrapped in neon string!

Well, you know what they say……you have to give the punters what they want…..

Fwf x

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