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How Much Do You Love Me?

With Valentines Day less than two weeks away I suppose it is time we all get our thinking caps on and start planning our romantic gesture for the year! For many, Valentine’s Day is the one and only time they will consider sending flowers, so I guess it only makes sense that they say what they mean, and mean what they say!

Traditionally red roses are sent at Valentine’s Day, and they are certainly a favourite choice for expressing your undying love all year round too but have you ever stopped to consider what you may be saying unknowingly by the number of roses you choose to send?

Most Valentine’s Day catalogues generally contain the choice of a single rose, half a dozen, a dozen and 2 dozen. They remain the firm favourites. Most popular without a doubt is to send one dozen roses at Valentine’s Day, a simple statement of “Be Mine”but is there is something else you would like to say?

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The meaning of how many roses are in a bouquet;

Single rose- Love at first sight

2 Roses- Reciprocated love, a love shared by both parties

3 roses- Three little words; I Love you

6 roses- I’m devoted to you, and I want to be yours

7 Roses- Infatuation

9 Roses- Eternal love; Be mine forever

10 Roses- Admiration; You are perfect

11 Roses- You are the most important person to me

12 Roses- Be Mine

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Florist with Flowers product: Wild About Roses

Want to send more than one dozen roses? Tread carefully now as sometimes bigger is not better; 15 Roses is an apology, so avoid sending this message to your loved one as you may arouse suspicion unnecessarily.

13 Roses- A message perfect for a secret admirer

15 Roses- I’m sorry, please forgive me

20 Roses- I’m intrigued by you

21 Roses- I’m dedicated to you

Once you hit 2 dozen roses the bouquet is sure to be a show stopper. How much of a statement you wish to make is up to you. Do you have something special to say? Choosing a larger bouquet can certainly convey some very sweet sentiments, and there are occasions that call for something truly stupendous, but remember if you wallet doesn’t allow you to send 999 Roses, you can express yourself in a carefully constructed card message. We  have some inspiration for card messages here if you are struggling to put the words together.

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Florist With Flowers: Cluster of Red Roses

24 Roses- I’m yours, I just can’t stop thinking about you. (The significance of the number of roses is representative of the 24 hours of the day)

25 Roses- Congratulations 

36 Roses- I cherish the romantic times we have shared together

40 Roses- I love you truly

50 Roses- My love for you is unconditional and has no limits

99 Roses- I will love you forever

100 Roses- I want to grow old with you

101 Roses- You are my one and only

108 Roses- Marry me!

365 Roses- You are always on my mind

999 Roses- Eternal Love

Florist with Flowers will be delivering expressions of love throughout Sydney this Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14th. Check out this years catalogue, or call 02 9871 1666 to speak to one of our gorgeous staff about your ideas to make something extra special.

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