House Proud Plants

There are certainly popular house plants. They are the same plants that people have been adorning their homes with for years, and probably will continue to, for years to come. Plants such as Spathyfilium (Peace Lily), Maiden Hair Ferns, Cyclamen and African Violets.  But if you like to do things a little different, here is a list of some other plants you can try which are exquisite to look at, and will provide the gorgeous green foliage that you desire. The benefit of decorating with house plants is that they last longer than cut flowers, whilst still bringing life indoors.

Cyclamen plants have pretty flowers and dainty foliage
Cyclamen plant

A few years ago, Fiddle Leaf figs became extremely popular and continue to decorate homes everywhere. They have a rich dark green glossy leaf in the shape of a fiddle, hence their name. They tolerate low light conditions so are great for indoors, but are equally happy planted outside.

Fiddle leaf figs are popular house plants
Source: Pinterest via City Mouse

Monsteria leaves and Philodendron leaves are both popular choices of green house plants with their luscious leaves. They are also popular cut foliages, lasting for weeks in fresh water. Devils Ivy, is often confused for a Philodendron, but is not the same. It is also sometimes known as the ‘Money Plant’.

Devils ivy
Devil’s Ivy grows well in vases in water as well as in pots in soil.

Devils Ivy is an attractive, leafy plant. And whilst the pot plant has always been popular, given that Devil’s Ivy can grow easily from cuttings, it is becoming extremely popular to display in vases. Simply snip the plants tendrils and place them in fresh water. These cuttings will continue to grow and flourish. Be sure to change the water regularly, however you do not need to recut the stems as you would with fresh flowers as you will notice that roots start to sprout.

Zanzibar Gem plants are low maintenance, ever green plants perfect for indoors
Zanzibar Gem are low maintenance plants

If you like an ever green house plant Zanzibars are a fabulous choice. These plants are extremely low maintenance only requiring monthly watering, and tolerating low light positions too. It isn’t particularly dense, but the leaves always look extremely lush and turgid.

Rhapis palms, also known as the lady finger palm, have been a popular cut foliage for florists for many years,  but they also make a great house plant. If you like a variation in the colours of the leaves, get your hands on the verigated rhaphis which has a beautiful, yet subtle stripe to the leaf with lime highlights.

Dracena Deremensis Compacta are a slow growing ever green plant which is perfect for indoors
Dracena Deremensis Compacta are a slow growing ever green plant which is perfect for indoors. Source: Jardineria On

A personal favourite is the Dracena deremensis Compacta. It is a dense head of short glossy leaves; favouring low light conditions, and extremely slow growing.

Apart from the aesthetic beauty indoor plants bring into your home,  we have known for some time that being surrounded by nature has health benefits too. NASA’s first Clean Air study was published in 1989, and both the Rhapis and Devil’s Ivy are featured on their list of air quality improving plants 🌱 🌱 👍🏻👍🏻  So whether you are looking at buying something for your own home, or for a gift for someone special, think about choosing a unique house plant.

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