Hoppy Easter from ours to yours
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Having a Hoppy Easter

January. Fresh starts, new beginnings. The start of a brand new year. The door has barely closed on the year before and Easter eggs start filling the shelves, along with dozens of delicious hot cross buns. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE hot cross buns and Chocolate for that matter, but I KNOW I am not alone when I say, are you kidding me?

Christmas decorations are barely away, and night shift store men are dragging out pallets of eggs, carrot shaped chocolates, appropriately printed drinking mugs, egg cups etc…And lets face it, everyone is in on it, everyone wants a piece of the pie don’t they? Kids clothing with catching little phrases like “Hoppy Easter” are printed, and we place the item in our trolley fully aware of the fact that the kid will wear it once, if we are lucky. Or maybe that’s just me. Sigh.

I can’t be the only one who gets carried away with it all: all the things I don’t need, but that I want, or want to give my kids…..and somewhere in the fuss do we forget that Easter is another time we can actually take time out and spend it with our loved ones. Religious or not, the public holidays give us all the opportunity to get together and celebrate, and for that reason, we thought we would look at a few D.I.Y craft and decorating ideas that you may find interesting this Easter. Whether you are simply making your house look for festive or want to do some craft with the kiddies, hopefully there is something here for you.

Jelly Blossoms

You could use apple blossom, cherry blossom, or naked magnolia branches in this arrangement, which is easily created by hot gluing jelly beans to the branches.

Hot glue jelly beans to tree branches for an adorable "Easter Tree". Love this colourful idea, even for when it's not Easter!
I love this idea for a s subtle Easter addition to your home. Check out full instructions on how to create this at : Crafty Sisters


Chocolate Bunny Centrepiece

OMG- could it get any better? A glorious centrepiece that you can devour at the meals end…if it survives. Select different sized bunnies and use a selection of white, milk and dark chocolate to add interest to this centrepiece. For a more authentic Australian arrangement you could choose to use a Bilby instead.

Chocolate Bunnies Centerpiece - 40 Beautiful DIY Easter Centerpieces to Dress Up Your Dinner Table
What a gorgeous way to create a eye catching (and edible) display for your guests to admire, and devour! Image: D.I.Y’n’Crafts

Floral centrepieces

Make your usual floral centrepiece uniquely Easter themed by first filling the vase with coloured eggs. By placing a smaller vase within a larger vase, you can keep the water seperate and therefore avoid contamination. No sense in sacrificing something perfectly delicious….. The image here shows plain dyed eggs, but you could just as easily use chocolate eggs or sugar coasted almonds which come in soft pastel tones.

Sweet 15 Decorations | 26 Creative Easter Egg Decorations and Ideas for Spring Table Decor
Creating your own table centrepiece is easy and effective with two vases. Image: Lus Home


Birdcage Design:

Incorporate eggs within a nest in a birdcage for a unique table setting with vintage flair.  It is a different spin on traditional Easter eggs and bunnies by tying in the birdcage and bird decor and using a pastel colour palette.

Birdcage Centerpiece - 40 Beautiful DIY Easter Centerpieces to Dress Up Your Dinner Table
Birdcages and Eggs make a gorgeous display with a Vintage flair Image: Better Homes and Gardens


Easter Egg tree

This is a simply yet eye catching display using paper covered eggs available at most dollar stores. I have picked up a pack similar to this for just $2.50 at The Reject Shop. This display uses straight pussy willow branches however don’t limit yourself: you could just as easily use quirky pieces of drift wood and create a mobile version of this or magnolia branches would work just aswell.

Easter Tree Centerpiece - 40 Beautiful DIY Easter Centerpieces to Dress Up Your Dinner Table
Image: Martha Stewart

If you are anything like me, time is quickly getting away from you. To me, it is unbelievable that we are fast approaching the fourth month of the year, so, hop to it, before you know it, the eggs will be half price, and the wreaths, angels, and puddings will be out again.

Happy Easter to you all, here’s hopping we all have a quiet, restful and enjoyable time with our family and friends

Fwf x

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