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Happy Home Spaces

Home decorating is something we all take on to varying degrees. Women are more inclined to ‘nest’- something men probably define as adding WAY TOO MANY cushions to the bed, the couch and anywhere else! But creating a home space that feels comfortable, relaxed and happy is important for your mental health. Chaotic and messy spaces breed feelings of unrest. Neat and organised, clean spaces encourage calm and order.

Now I am not suggesting that everyone can (or would want to) decorate their home in a style that would attract the likes of Home Beautiful, everyone has their own style. Your home is your sanctuary; a place where you can retreat, rest and refresh. Here are some simple tricks to create a harmonious home space.

Florist with Flowers loves to display plants in different containers and vessels to make unique gifts via Instagram

1. Add indoor plants

Sounds fairly obvious coming from a florist but indoor plants are not only good for your health as they increase oxygen levels. but they make you happier! Plants make people happier in general. Flowering houseplants decrease our stress levels, increase creativity and increase concentration levels. Add to that, research shows that people who spend time with plants show more empathy and are kinder to others. No wonder everyone thinks florists must be nice people! 😜 We always have a great range of house plants in-store for you to check out.

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2. Add fragrance to your home

Whether you favour hippie patchouli, citrus or floral fragrances, or sweet vanilla, adding a pleasant aroma to your home makes it more inviting. It goes without saying (surely) that smelly garbage is not what we are going for, so do you best to remove unpleasant odours before adding your chosen fragrance. In some regions, it may be necessary to absorb excess moisture, as damp areas can have a distinct smell, and be aware of the smell your furry friends are adding to your space. Neutralisers, or deodourisers should be used first.

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Oriental lilies have a fairly pungent fragrance, easily wafting through even larger spaces. Other fresh flowers with strong fragrances include; Tuberose, Gardenia, Lavender, Hyacinth, Garden roses, Freesias, Bouvardia, Daphne, Lily of the Valley and Peonies. Keeping your flowers fresher for longer means regularly changing the water, re-cutting the stems and keeping the vase out of direct sunlight or draughts.

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3. Open the windows

Natural light brings a room to life. Closed spaces tend to feel claustrophobic and stuffy, dreary and depressing, so bring some of the outside in by opening window coverings and opening up the window! Bright airy places are inviting. Fresh air uplifts your mood, cleans the lungs and brings greater clarity to the brain.

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Image via Architecture Art Designs

4. Use soft lighting

Apart from being generally more energy efficient, lamps are easily able to create softer mood lighting. Using lamps can make a space feel more cosy, inviting and intimate. You can also use candlelight for a similar effect.

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The Grey Butcher bird sings a beautiful song. Image via Australian Bush Birds

5. Use sound subtlely

In our busy, modern world, it sometimes feels like we are constantly surrounded by white noise. We have learnt how to turn off our senses as a measure of self preservation, but with that, have also switched ourselves off to the pleasures that surround us. I am lucky enough to live on a property that backs on to a small rainforest, so I am blessed with the sounds of the birds, and wind blowing through the trees. Funnily enough though, when family or friends have arrived for a stay, they have asked me whether the birds annoy me? Hearing the world around me, brings me back to earth and keeps me grounded. Hearing the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore has a similar effect on me, or the rain falling on the roof. What sounds bring a feeling of calm and contentment for you? Surround yourself with these sounds or when impractical reminders of these sounds; a large seashell, or bamboo wind chimes that softly echo in the breeze.

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