Gold as a Neutral

Coming up with a colour scheme is a huge part of creation. Working out what colours you want to use, and in what intensity, can sometimes take longer than making the arrangement itself. This is as important as ever of course, when you are creating flowers for a wedding or an event. There are many theories on colour: including what colours should be used together according to where they sit on the colour wheel. Certainly in our training we are guided on how many colours and how many flower varieties should be in one arrangement….but in many ways, in your training, you also learn all the ways that you can break the rules.

Sprayed leaves
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Some colours are particularly tricky to work with, (in floristry anyway!) like when a company wants the event themed to match their corporate colours of turquoise, navy and black 😳

At times, you are stumped because the colour a client may want just don’t exist. There are ways to get around that such as dying flowers, or applying floral safe surface sprays.

Just as black or denim is a bit of a staple when it comes to clothing, glitter/silver/gold/metallic is a bit of a neutral when it comes to decorating.

What on earth do I mean by that? Well, adding metallics elements, is sometimes just what you need. It doesn’t add another colour to the mix, but it does add just the right amount of pizzazz. Metallics and glitters are able to make things look a little bit more special, without it all getting a bit too much although you still need to show restraint.

Gold sprayed leaves
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Gold works soooo well with so many colour schemes. If you’d like to incorporate gold, consider some of these colour schemes:

  • blush pink and guava tones
  • apricot, peach and cream
  • rich burgundy and deep purple
  • fresh greens and whites
  • autumnal tones like burnt oranges and coffee/latte tones
sprayed flowers and foliage’s- make things unique by changing their expected appearance
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Metallic Grey or Silver is easy to use too, try teaming it with these colour schemes:

  • cool, icy blues
  • soft mauve and pale pink
  • lemon and yellow

Bronze/Copper looks fabulous with warm colour tones like reds, corals, warm pinks, latte, chocolates, apricot, orange and salmon.

Sometimes touches of sparkle or glitter is all you need to take your arrangement to the next level. Rather than choosing a glitter outside of the existing colour scheme, choose a colour you are already using. Repeating a colour (either in a different intensity, or perhaps with a slight shimmer/sparkle 😝) is a great way to make an arrangement appear more cohesive and harmonious.

Source: Of the Flowers Instagram

There are plenty of ways to add touches of metallics throughout your fresh or dried floral arrangements or in other decor. You can spray leaves, sticks, seed pods or pine cones. You can use coloured wires or add brass/gold/silver embellishments. Berries look beautiful when they are sprayed in metallics as they are more delicate, and therefore will not overwhelm an arrangement.

When you want to experiment and think outside the box, the best person to brainstorm with is your florist. They know what is in season and available, and what can be utilised in your custom made arrangement to fulfil your brief. Come in store, or call us today!

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