Geoffrey Mottart – Inspiring Outdoor Installations

Many florists choose the industry as they have a natural creative ability and long to share that with the world. A lot of the time though like in any creative industry I suppose, working in commercial floristry can remove all sense of artistry and creativity in a bid to be profitable, efficient and also meet expectations. Think about it….when you see a picture of a fresh flower arrangement online and decide to order it….you expect it will look exactly the same. In a world of instant gratification, we have come to rely on seeing what we purchase immediately. Same Day flower delivery is incredibly convenient but will mean that on occasion, the flowers that are pictured will not be available. Trained floral designers are equipped to make suitable substitutions in order to fulfil your order requirements. This may mean changing the flowers yet keeping the same colour scheme, or this may mean the correct flowers can be used, but in different colour tones.

We often discuss the fact that florists work in a weather dependant industry, at the mercy of Mother Nature, and for the most part people do understand that sometimes things are beyond our control…..that is until it is their major event or wedding day…..then, well then, they can be a little less understanding.

So as an artist, what can you do when you want to get back to your creative roots and simply be inspired? Well, you could take a page out of Geoffroy Mottart’s book, and beautify your city.

No design brief, no budget, no particular date….basically just show up and create whatever you want, when you want. Be inspired.

He is not the first artist to bring his projects into the public domain, but I think you will agree, that his designs are both beautiful and eye catching.

Léopold II decorated with a beautiful floral beard, moustache and head piece
Léopold II decorated with a beautiful floral beard, moustache and head piece
A stunning statue of the female l form complete with headpiece and accessories by Geoffroy Mottart
A stunning statue of the female form complete with headpiece and accessories by Geoffroy Mottart
Florist with Flowers can create stunning floral headpieces for any occasion
The back view of the same statue
Brightly colour floral head pieces are available to order
I love Mottart’s use of bright warm colour tones to reinvigorate this drab figure with his matching headpiece and ‘tache.

Geoffroy adorns famous statues and monuments with floral arrangements which transform them from drab to fab. The infusion of colour immediately draws your eye to these monuments which unlikely garner the same level of attention and admiration ordinarily, despite their historical significance.

I love the avante garde floral beards and flower crowns that Mottart often uses to decorate the statues. He uses a variety of materials, both fresh and dried to create the installations.

natural branch arrangements
Mottart decorates spaces as well as faces like this example, using branches that weave in and around the space and encourage curiosity and investigation.
Stunning cap created from fresh flowers
Another beautiful headpiece by Geoffroy Mottart
Fresh floral headpieces available for order
The gorgeous childlike figure is decorated with a floral wig by Mottart

For creative spirits, being inspired is essential to feeling fulfilled. Inspiration can, and does come in many forms….trick is to live in the moment and truly see what is going on around you.

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