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Flowers and Tributes for ANZAC Day

This year Easter holidays and ANZAC Day are separated by only a few days. It doesn’t always happen this way as Easter is determined by the Pashcal moon. This year however will be a tricky one for the farmers and retailers. The flower markets busiest days of trade tend to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when most of the large growers are in attendance. However, during a week where a public holiday falls on one of these days of trade, things are turned on their heads.

Tuesday is likely to be the busiest market, followed by Friday. What this means for those of your looking to organise fresh flowers for ANZAC Day tributes on Thursday, is the earlier you order, the better. Orders will be completed in a first in, best dressed manner if they have not been special preordered.

Don’t know what to get for an ANZAC Day service?

For ANZAC Day the traditional piece is a teardrop shaped wreath base covered in individual Laurel leaves, meticulously layered one piece at a time, and pinned over the entire surface area, including the sides. At the base of the teardrop, an arrangement of 3 red poppies is secured,  often along with fresh sprigs of rosemary, and a purple ribbbon reading ‘Lest We Forget’.

Anzac Day wreath

Laurel, has been used since ancient Roman times, to crown Victors and the brave. Red poppies, according to forklore, are said to have absorbed the blood of the fallen soldiers, resulting in their vibrant colour. Poppies are also one of the first flowers to bloom in the battlefields of the First World War in Belgium and the North of France. The Lest We Forget purple ribbon is placed high in the left corner, across the wreath, and finishing low in the right hand side to symbolise the sun rising in the East and setting in the west. And, rosemary is another symbol of remembrance. These wreaths generally have to be ordered in advance as each of the sundry items is specific to this design only, and not something usually kept on hand.

Full floral wreath

Alternatives to this traditional style will often be seen at memorial sites and services. Perhaps the wreath is round instead of teardrop. Some will be covered in camellia leaves or flat pine. Some poeople will even choose to design a full floral wreath. At the end of the day, what you choose is entirely personal, and determined by your budget.

Alternatives to a wreath include a flat lay style bouquet known as a sheaf. This bouquet style is often used for funereal ceremonies as it can be easy laid on the floor at ceremonies or propped up against tombstones or memorial monuments. This style of fresh flower arrangement can be made to suit most budgets and can be quickly made while you wait in store, unlike a wreath arrangement.

Flat lay sheaf

There is still time to come in an organise your flowers for ANZAC Day, but come in or call as early as possible if you have something in particular in mind.

In the meantime, we hope you all enjoy the long weekend. Whether you are celebrating Easter or not, we hope you enjoy some down time, family time AND plenty of chocolate! 😉

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