Etiquette to Be Followed When Sending Flowers as a Gift in Sydney

image of bouquet of flowers

Flowers are undeniably excellent gift ideas for most special occasions. But did you know that there is also a list of rules to remember when it comes to sending flowers? Flower etiquette is unknown to most of us but here are things you need to remember.


  • Different flowers have different meanings


There are certain types of flowers that can only be arranged and sent for one specific occasion. In the case of funerals, it is best to stick with lilies as they are the perfect blooms to send to grieving family and friends. Furthermore, lilies have this unique quality in them that sets off a mood of peace and tranquility inside a room or indoor venue.

Before obtaining the services of the best flower delivery Sydney shop, make sure to check in with the bereaved family’s requests. Traditionally, funeral flower arrangements are displayed during a viewing or memorial service. The flowers accumulated are then transported to the cemetery during the funeral rites. There are families that may prefer receiving donations of money instead of flowers. In this case, it’s best to respect their request and not send flowers altogether.


  • Let your intentions shine through romantic, bespoke flowers


If your intention is to make a woman blush, it’s best to deliver a bouquet of flowers comprising red roses. You might be thinking that having flowers delivered to her workplace is a sweet gesture, but it’s actually not. Instead, request your flower delivery company in Sydney to send the bouquet of roses to your loved one’s home.


  • Sending flowers to the hospital


If you plan on sending a Get Well Soon flower arrangement to a family or friend, you need to check the hospital’s policy on receiving flowers within their premises. Whilst there are hospitals that allow the entry of flowers, there are also those that restrict them. To avoid wasting your money on affordable flowers in Sydney, make sure to call in and ask about their policies on blooms. There are some flowers that are not allowed within the premises due to possible allergic reactions or the risk of infection for patients.

Flowers are one of the best, unspoken expressions of love, care, and concern towards friends and family members. Surprise your spouse or loved one by sending a dozen roses or just a simple flower vase arrangement to people who matter the most to you.

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