Day in the Life- Things People Say to Florists

A video has been circulating over the last few days which I know has given alot of my friends and former colleagues a great laugh. It is by Tanya Hennessy, a comedian and breakfast radio host based in Canberra, and is entitled “Things people say to Florists”.

It’s by no means the first video of this style she has done, and whilst some people may be embarrassed to find some phrases they have used before in the compilation, this by no means is intended to offend anyone. It’s all the more funny because we all know it is true. And Tanya Hennessy has certainly done her research, because each and every florist who has been  in the industry some time, has heard these….EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

For anyone who has worked in the industry, or has someone close to them that has, this skit portrays a day in the life so well, you could find yourself peeing your pants…just a little. From the misunderstanding that floristry is a mindless skill less job, to the elaborately woven stories of backyard family BBQ’s created to cover up the fact that the order is for a wedding. I kid you not, this really happens.

Any customer service role requires a level of decorum, as well as a thick skin as not to be offended by people’s opinions of you and your creative style. It also requires the ability to bite your tongue and be as diplomatic as possible in response to somewhat offensive situations.

Take a look at the video here:

“Honestly this looks like the easiest job….like I’m going to do this as my retirement job…just play with flowers….and do nothing….I just can’t WAIT to do that. Like, do you just nap sometimes in the flowers?”

Anyone who has ever worked as a florists knows that it is not an easy road. Granted, many florists may not have a university degree, and by no means would we suggest it was rocket science, or brain surgery, but it is a skill nonetheless. Alarm clocks ringing at 3.30am, knock off times well after dinner, bump in and bump out times that basically take up all the possible sleep time in between, working as a florist could quite possibly be the hardest job you’ve ever had.


The hilarious video got me to thinking of all the ridiculous things that have been said to myself or my colleagues over the years, and just how much laughter has roared out from the back rooms when we have retold the stories.

From “Could you wrap these (supermarket/fruit shop/competitor) flowers for me, so they look a bit nicer….I’m happy to pay for the wrapping.” Nope. Just nope *forced smile*

Or my personal favourite “What do you suggest?” only to systematically decline each and every suggestion. Breathe.

“Will you/Can you make it nice for me please?….Not sure, I’ll try but I’m generally in the business of making it as ugly as possible :-(

“Is this all you have?” never gets old for me. Even when I answer, they tend to ask again, but in a different way “You haven’t got anything else out the back or in the fridge?” It’s as if they think I am hiding the best stuff from them. Do I look untrustworthy???


Wedding flower enquiries are great fodder also. Things I have heard over the years include; “My dress is isn’t really a white, but it’s not a cream either, so I don’t want white or cream flowers. Could you colour match my dress?”

“I was just going to go to the markets and pick up the flowers myself, because I just want that ‘thrown together look’ that is really ‘in’ at the moment”.


“Could you show me how to wire some flowers as I’m going to do my best friend’s wedding bouquets because I’m really creative….”

“I really want penonies (yes, I know), and I’m getting married in February….they are still available right? No? Well, Can you import them from somewhere for me BUT I’m on a really tight budget”

“I just LOVED what (enter appropriate over-the-top celeb name here) did for their recent wedding, and was hoping to do something like that….just on a smaller scale….do you think it will still look as good?”

“Will the flowers still look good the next day? I was hoping to give them to my Mother-in-law (or appropriate family member)….No? Well, I don’t really want to pay this amount of money just for something for one day!” *Thinks* You might want to consider the whole wedding day then….

If you enjoyed this video as much as we did check out some of her others here

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