When you are creative, your mind works differently. I’m not sure exactly how, because let’s face it, I’m a florist not a neurologist, but it is plain for everyone to see that creative people seem to operate on another level.

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said “ Creativity is intelligence having fun” and I agree with this statement 100%. For me, being a creative does not mean that every time you try your hand at something new, you just get it right first go and it looks amazing. BUT what creativity is, is having a vision, using problem solving skills to execute that vision and having the motivation to give it a go despite what may result. It is not letting the self doubt stop you. Let’s be clear, it certainly is NOT the absence of self doubt, in fact I know MANY creatives who battle with self doubt and suffer from anxiety surrounding their creativity.

When you get hung up on every single thing you make being pretty and perfect, you will never experiment. And if you want to know something is 100% going to work before you even begin, the likelihood is you won’t be creating anything original, you’ll be replicating known formulas to ensure success.

One of the hardest things to do as a creative, is to find your voice as an artist. Allowing yourself to be so raw that you lay it all out on the table, and see if anyone likes it…. That is a pretty daunting thing to do. But finding your own style and being authentic to that style is key to feeling happy in your creativity. Every time someone buys something that you have created, they buy a little piece of you, and your heart. For that reason alone, when your designs are replicated, it really, really hurts. Aside from that it is unethical.

Over the years, I have lost count of the amount of times I have had someone else’s work brought in, to be replicated.  More often than not it’s for a wedding, and the simple fact is that people are shopping around. And when I say shopping around, I don’t mean that they are sitting down with different florists to brainstorm and see who’s style aligns with their own and can help create their dream wedding. They are simply price shopping. They have an image that they want replicated, but at the best price. The problem with this is that it really undervalues the original artists voice. It shows little regard for their artistry, and for all the experimentation they have done to get to that point, to create that beautiful piece.

On the flip side, it doesn’t show much regard for the artist you choose to execute it either. Have you considered their work and style? Now there is nothing wrong with taking in a series of images to give your designer an idea of the look and feel that you like. Inspiration boards are a terrific source of information for your designer. We welcome that

At the end of the day, running a florist is like running any small business. It is a balancing act, ensuring that you buy quality stock that your customers like, creating beautiful arrangements that bring people back time and time again. As far as creativity goes, it is realising that while some people buy from you because they love your quality work and your unique style, others shop based on price alone. This is something that every business needs to manage. Some people will love your brand and what you uniquely offer, others won’t even notice the details that set you apart.

Anyone who is a creative person knows things just don’t always work. Sometimes you mix your colours incorrectly or it just doesn’t translate into the design you thought it would be. For florists, seasonal changes make differences in the colour of blooms. Weather events can mean whole crops are destroyed and you need to make a decision on your best alternatives. But you know what? The creatives will think outside of the box. They are the problem solvers, innovators, inventors. Give them a challenge and they will accept. Give them a problem and they will solve it.

But the paint by numbers kind of artist who just finished the last bit of blue paint is going to go into a panic….because, well, they just follow the rules, and haven’t really had to think about how to create something beautiful before. I know who I’d rather buy from 😉

Fwf x

Featured Image : WGSN Insider




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