Love is when someones happiness is more important than your own- Make someone happy this February 14.

Crazy Little thing called Luv, Lurve, LOVE!

Valentine’s Day is of course the one day in the year where even the most unromantic character can have their beloved(s) swoon and gush over an entirely over the top romantic gesture. After 15 years in retail floristry, it still never ceases to amaze me the wide cross section of customers who walk through our door looking for something special and it got me thinking…..

I remember seeing this beautiful little quote one day asking: ‘Do you believe in love at first sight?’  And their answer?  “Yes. Because I’ve been loving my mother since I opened my eyes”. How beautiful is that? And I guess that is where my thought process started…. There are so many different types of love, and whilst we celebrate romantic love most often for Valentine’s Day, perhaps we should take more time to think about and appreciate all the other forms love can take and how we can celebrate that.

Love at first sight

Image: Styling Baby

No, the idea of Love at First Sight isn’t only a Kylie Minogue song and it isn’t limited to the kind of love portrayed in Romeo and Juliet either. The idea that parents and children alike, love their children, or parents respectively, immediately, is quite unique.  And whilst their are special occasions throughout the year where we do celebrate our parents, who could blame a gorgeous husband or a doting wife from choosing a beautiful gift on behalf of your tiny little bundle of boy (or girl!)

Appropriate choices in this instance may be: a gorgeous gift selection for mum of sweet smelling beauties and tasty delights. For dad, perhaps a gift hamper that includes tasty sauces and marinades for the bbq (and what better way to hint for him to cook too)!

Young Love

Our gorgeous budding florist (and Cassanova?) Joshua romancing his little girlfriend Jessie. Seriously, how can she resist?

The Cambridge dictionary simply defines Young love as love between people who are young. No Kidding. But the question remains, does it even exist? The term “puppy love” is often used to refer to young love. Adults will be quick to tell children/teenagers/adolescents that they are too young, and not to rush in, and many question young peoples ability to fall in love, or even know what being in love is. Either way, it is true at least to say that it is easy enough to fall “in love” young, but it is much harder to stay committed and grow together, so sometimes these liaisons are short lived.

For Young love,  a gerbera bouquet perhaps would be the most appreciated choice- young, fun, bright and cheery or perhaps a selection of pink roses. You could even add a gorgeous cuddly teddy bear to make the package extra special.

Platonic love

Image: The Prospect

I love the definition of platonic love: an intimate companionship or relationship, that is characterised by the absence of sexual involvement; a spiritual affection. In other words: a friend. A truly amazing friend perhaps, one who is there for you when your world is turned upside down.

So whilst red roses would be SOOO inappropriate in this situation, a yellow rose would be ideal, or alternatively a mixed bouquets in a favourite colour or including a favourite flower.

Romantic, Passionate Love

Image: Passion Pictures

So this is probably the most obvious situation in which to shower someone with deep red roses….maybe dozens of them! A classic dozen boxed or in a bouquet will certainly do the trick, but two dozen would create a certainly more showstopping display.  Team them with chocolates and champagne to make the night enjoyable for all! (Age restrictions obviously apply!)

True, Long Lasting love

Image: Handling Relationship Issues

So you’ve been together forever and want to do something extra special? Other than an extravagant display of dozens of roses in an arrangement with the whole kit and caboodle, have you ever thought about recreating your wedding bouquet perhaps? With a lifetime of memories shared the possibilities really are limitless. And the most beautiful thing about it, after all this time, you still know what makes each other tick, and still know how to make each other smile…..You’ve. Got. This.

Self love

Image: Spreadshirt

In this modern age of the selfie, this year, if you are lonely in the love department, don’t go letting that hold you back. You know what you want… know what you need……so if anyone knows how to get you the prefect gift, it has to be you, right?

Well that’s it. Have we missed a special kind of love that deserves mention? Drop us a line, post, or  leave a comment and we’ll be sure to update the list.

Do you have someone special to buy for this year or are you hoping someone will buy for you? Or perhaps you’re planning on treating yourself this Valentine’s Day? Whatever the case, Florist With Flowers has something unique and special for you. Check out our Valentines day range, or browse the rest of our gorgeous work to find some inspiration…..

Til next time remember:

‘Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own’

Make someone happy 😉

Fwf x


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