Gold as a Neutral

Coming up with a colour scheme is a huge part of creation. Working out what colours you want to use, and in what intensity, can sometimes take longer than making the arrangement itself. This is as important as ever of course, when you are creating flowers for a wedding or an event. There are many theories on colour: including what colours should be used together according to where they sit on the colour wheel. Certainly in our training we are guided on how many colours and how many flower varieties should be in one arrangement….but in many ways, in your training, you also learn all the ways that you can break the rules.

Sprayed leaves
Source: WildFlora Designs Instagram

Some colours are particularly tricky to work with, (in floristry anyway!) like when a company wants the event themed to match their corporate colours of turquoise, navy and black 😳

At times, you are stumped because the colour a client may want just don’t exist. There are ways to get around that such as dying flowers, or applying floral safe surface sprays.

Just as black or denim is a bit of a staple when it comes to clothing, glitter/silver/gold/metallic is a bit of a neutral when it comes to decorating.

What on earth do I mean by that? Well, adding metallics elements, is sometimes just what you need. It doesn’t add another colour to the mix, but it does add just the right amount of pizzazz. Metallics and glitters are able to make things look a little bit more special, without it all getting a bit too much although you still need to show restraint.

Gold sprayed leaves
Source: Sir Botanical

Gold works soooo well with so many colour schemes. If you’d like to incorporate gold, consider some of these colour schemes:

  • blush pink and guava tones
  • apricot, peach and cream
  • rich burgundy and deep purple
  • fresh greens and whites
  • autumnal tones like burnt oranges and coffee/latte tones
sprayed flowers and foliage’s- make things unique by changing their expected appearance
Source: Hooray Mag. Flowers by Natural Art Flowers

Metallic Grey or Silver is easy to use too, try teaming it with these colour schemes:

  • cool, icy blues
  • soft mauve and pale pink
  • lemon and yellow

Bronze/Copper looks fabulous with warm colour tones like reds, corals, warm pinks, latte, chocolates, apricot, orange and salmon.

Sometimes touches of sparkle or glitter is all you need to take your arrangement to the next level. Rather than choosing a glitter outside of the existing colour scheme, choose a colour you are already using. Repeating a colour (either in a different intensity, or perhaps with a slight shimmer/sparkle 😝) is a great way to make an arrangement appear more cohesive and harmonious.

Source: Of the Flowers Instagram

There are plenty of ways to add touches of metallics throughout your fresh or dried floral arrangements or in other decor. You can spray leaves, sticks, seed pods or pine cones. You can use coloured wires or add brass/gold/silver embellishments. Berries look beautiful when they are sprayed in metallics as they are more delicate, and therefore will not overwhelm an arrangement.

When you want to experiment and think outside the box, the best person to brainstorm with is your florist. They know what is in season and available, and what can be utilised in your custom made arrangement to fulfil your brief. Come in store, or call us today!

Fwf x

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When Winter is on Its Way

While it may be hard to believe, now that we are past the half way mark of the month of May, it is now drawing closer to winter. For some, this marks the starts of a downturn in activity and outdoor activities. For our industry, this means that things will start to quieten down as the more moderate temperatures will come to an end, and this usually coincides with a drop in wedding and event bookings.

In the cooler months, there is LOTS to enjoy in the floral world. Garden roses come to an end now, so the roses you will see in store will either be glasshouse grown or imported. The glasshouse grown roses lack the fragrance of garden roses. While their heads tend to hold the shape well,  they will never truly open….unless of course you choose to reflex your roses. 😉 Winter is also a wonderful time to enjoy many of the wonderfully fragrant bulbs that are available such as hyacinth, and johnquills. Other bulb flowers you can begin to enjoy soon are daffodils, and tulips.

You will also see cymbidium stems start to be available in store frequently from now. The entire stem of flower is cut from the plant to give us these incredibly big, eye catching, beautiful and long lasting blooms. For that reason, they are priced dependant on how many individual flowers are on the spike.

Cymbidium orchid spikes are beautiful, striking and long lasting
Source: Flower Farm Shop

Some spikes of cymbidiums also have a fragrance, which is quite interesting. They are available in a vast array of colours including white, pink, mauve, yellow, lime, burgundy, red, cream, orange, chocolate and many more variations in between.

Tulips are an incredibly elegant cut flower. Throughout winter you can enjoy beautiful single standard tulips, feathery tulips, double tulips, and parrot tulips. One thing that many people do not understand about tulips is that they grow towards sunlight. As you can probably imagine, it is incredibly frustrating for a florist who has arranged them in a mixed bouquet as you will find them standing tall above their flower neighbours overnight. This is even more frustrating for a wedding florist!  Not only  do they grow in length,  but their stems will become all wiggly and wavy in an attempt to be the tallest and the closest to the sun. For this reason alone, it is so important to choose a reputable florist when ordering flowers for a wedding, otherwise you are at risk of receiving a bunch of rather wayward blooms.


But probably what most consumers look forward to most when thinking about fresh cut flowers and winter is the longevity of the blooms. It is certainly true that in the cooler months your flowers will last longer. When ordering a flower delivery or buying fresh cut blooms for home you can be confident that  they will look fresh and fabulous for days or even weeks depending on what you choose, and how well you care for them. You will notice that the water does not become as smelly as quickly however it is just as important to change the water and recut the stems regularly to get the best vase life. Talk to our wonderful staff about long lasting choices. The cymbidium stems for example can be pricey per stem, but when you think you can enjoy them for weeks, they are actually very good value. Sometimes you will find some of the blooms may be covered when sitting in a vase with foliage or other flowers. Instead of having them essentially wasted, snip them off the stem and use them in a float bowl.

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A Day of Appreciation for Mums and Motherly Figures

With April quickly coming to an end, May, and Mother’s Day are just around the corner. That means that you have just over two weeks to choose how you want to show your appreciation for those special women in your life.

Mother’s Day has more recently become a day of celebration not only for mothers, but significant women who have influenced, mentored, cared for you, inspired you and loved you. There are many influential women surrounding us in addition to our mothers who may also deserve celebration, and appreciation. Have a little think about who you would be lost without….Special aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers, family friends who were always around, and there for you when you needed them….perhaps even an older sister who always took you under her wing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Mother’s Day, like many other special days, is just an annual reminder to appreciate those motherly figures in your life.  Appreciation can be shown any day of the year, but like so many things on our ‘to-do’ lists,  it tends to become something we will do ‘someday’ …which we all know, never quite comes around.

Image of a little girl giving flowers to her mum
Give mum fresh cut flowers or a plant for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day flowers can be as different as the person you are buying for. It’s not an occasion where there is only one kind of bloom on offer. Having said that, there are some traditional choices, that are particularly significant for the older generations.

Traditional ‘mums’, Chrysanthemum flowers, are no longer those daggy bunches of non-descript flowers you could pick up just about anywhere. These days, the colour ranges available are phenomenal, and there are lots of variations in the shape and density of the bloom dependant on the variety of choose. We’ll have plenty of bunches of fresh cut flowers on offer over the Mother’s Day period that you can choose instore.

Annnnnnd, what about gorgeous Disbud Chrysanthemums? If you don’t know them by name, I’m sure you’d know them by description….. Disbuds have enormous, fluffy, rounded blooms, that look somewhere between a dahlia and a peony in my opinion. You will see them in pinks, yellow, white, lime green and mauve naturally, but they are also available in a wide range of dyed colours also which are incredibly popular. Wait, whaaaat? Yep, seriously, somehow, dyed disbuds seem to be popular with florists and customers alike. Not quite sure how they managed it, but they have found their place in the market, and are here to stay.

Mother Day traditional flowers 'mums' or chrysanthemums are a fantastic gift idea. Check out these gorgeous soft mauve ones, that are 100% natural in colour
Mother’s Day traditional flowers ‘mums’ or chrysanthemums are a fantastic gift idea. Check out these gorgeous soft mauve ones, that are 100% natural in colour
Chocolate dyed disbuds- all sorts of deliciousness
Chocolate dyed disbuds- all sorts of deliciousness

Recently, I saw these chocolate dyed disbuds, and I seriously thought I was in love. The great thing about buying fresh cut chrysanthemums is they are long lasting. So even after Mother’s Day has been and gone, mum can glance over at the vaseful of flowers and feel all warm inside again 😍😍😍

If you haven’t yet got yourself organised for Mother’s Day, check out our full range here. Local flower delivery throughout Carlingford and surrounding areas will be offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but get in quick- delivery runs will be closed off when they are at capacity.

Fwf x

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Shunning Wedding Traditions

When it comes to weddings there are a few traditions that the majority of people still adhere to. One of the most common ones of course is the colour the bride wears. These days it does vary somewhat, with brides choosing one of 1000s of shades between a stark white and a buttery cream or a soft pink etc.

Guests of a wedding can really wear whatever they fancy whether they choose bright colours, pastels or patterns. The older generations wouldn’t dream of wearing black to a wedding, or on the flip side, risk overshadowing the bride by wearing white.

Oh, how things have changed. These days the rule book certainly has been thrown out, and people are making choices based on their own tastes, irrespective of tradition.

Black wedding dresses can cause quite the stir, but how stunning does Sophie Cahcia look!
Black wedding dresses can cause quite the stir, but how stunning does Sophie Cahcia look! Source: via Lost Misfits

25 year old, Melbourne based mummy blogger Sophie Cahcia made headlines for wearing black to her own wedding. Cahcia wore a stunning long sleeved gown with fishtail, lace sleeves and a choker. Her bridesmaids also wore black, and her hubby-to-be chose to wear a red blazer teamed with leather pants. They had chosen to dress for themselves, rather than follow tradition. And why not?

Her bouquet was a wild blend of greenery and berries featuring a rich and dramatic blend of reds and magenta. Her bridesmaids carried bouquets made entirely from greenery, and berries. In that way, it was a little reminiscent of Mortisha Adams, almost as it the rose blooms had been snipped off the bouquet one by one.

The bridesmaids carried bouquets made entirely of greenery.
The bridesmaids carried bouquets made entirely of greenery. Source: via Lost Misfits

Bouquets of greenery can be so interesting because there are so many different foliages out there. We are not talking about a bunch of Camellia leaves tied with a bow, oh no! Gorgeous flat tropical leaves such as philodendrons, and monsteras, heads of cordylines, or dracenas, tendrils of peppercorn berries, or asparagus fern… Add to that the array of bromeliads, or succulents that can add both colour and texture to your bouquet.

And remember, by choosing to have a bouquet of greenery, you are not limited to the colour GREEN!

Bouquet of greenery
Source: Studio Mondine via
How interesting is this green bouquet filled with texture?
How interesting is this green bouquet filled with texture?Source: Inessa Nichols design via Knotsvilla
A foliage bouquet that steers clear of green
This foliage bouquet steers clear of traditional green leaves and packs a punch with rich Burgundy. Source: Happy Wedd
Foliage bouquet made with succulents, air plants and thistles in silver and blue tones
Source his bouquet uses succulents, thistles and air plants to add heaps of interest and texture to this bouquet. Notice that although it is a greenery bouquet, it isn’t green. Silver and blue tones shine through. Source: Knotsvilla

So, what do you think about a bouquet that uses no ‘traditional’ flowers? Is that something that you would consider for your big day, or do you think it’s too risky to turn up with something that isn’t traditionally ‘pretty’? If you are currently planning a wedding, or know someone who is, get in touch with our friendly staff on 02) 98711666 or browse our wedding gallery.

Love to hear your thoughts on any traditions you would consider compromising, or traditions that are non negotiable for you.

Fwf x

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What is an Order Gatherer and How Do They Affect the Floral Industry

What do YOU do when you want to send flowers to an unfamiliar area? Like most people you probably type something into google and pick the first (relevant) option, right?

Beware! The first few results are paid ads that sit at the top of the page by order gatherers. The problem with that is that these third party businesses are set up with the sole purpose of aggressively promoting the hire/sale of the goods/services you are seeking, with the intention to broker your business to local companies for fulfilment. This all happens for a fixed processing fee and commission….but this is not adequately explained when you make your purchase with them.

This isn’t something confined to our industry, this kind of thing is present in every industry on some level I’m sure- I’ve experienced it myself when hiring a car. The issue for florists however is that when you accept and fulfil orders from these so called ‘order gatherers’ you are never able to present your work in the best light. This is because the customer has paid a commission to the order gatherer, on top of the delivery and handling fee. What is left, (a fraction of the customers total spend) is all the executing florist can create the arrangement with. Can they do a $100 arrangement with $60 worth of flowers? As a customer do you think you would be satisfied with that arrangement considering what you have spent?

Flower fails from order gatherer

The customer often has selected a picture from a catalogue and therefore has expectations that the order will look like that on the other end. These catalogues tend to be fairly generic, and do not take into account each florists unique style, or what stock is available to them. This varies greatly, particularly in remote and rural areas. Often substitutions have to be made based on what they have in store, or what is in season.

Order gatherers are sneaky. They have domain names that sound like a little family business using a person’s name in the title like ‘Joanne’s Juicy Blooms’. This conjures up images of a cute little bricks and mortar corner store style set up. The reality is NO STORE even exists. They use names that include the suburb or city you are searching for…surely that means you have gone directly to a local business right? Wrong. They are savvy, and they rely on people making assumptions and being complacent or confused…

Order gatherers give you the impression they are a real store, but they are not.

Look, I’m not sure whether we need order gathers…but perhaps the biggest issue is the feeling that these companies seem to be misleading consumers rather than disclosing all relevant information. If the consumer is fully aware of all the costs and commission amounts that will be deducted from their total spend before the arrangement can be made, AND understand that the order will be forwarded to a local business with no guarantee that the order can be fuflfilled as pictured, then I see no issue. At this point though, order gatherers do not make it easy for the consumer to see what value of their order will actually be translated into flowers.

Many businesses have begun distancing themselves from relay services and order gatherers as they feel they are having a detrimental affect of the industry. Instead they are developing their own floral networks throughout the country so that local businesses can execute the work with integrity.

Florist With Flowers is your local Carlingford florist, we deliver locally and to surrounding areas our own, fresh product.

We do offer relay services and can guide you in your choices when sending flowers elsewhere, explaining what costs are involved in that service.

As a local family run business we rely on word of mouth by providing you with quality fresh flowers and great customer service.

Each order that we execute is potentially our first introduction to a new customer. That means of course we want to put our best foot forwards does every small business, so where possible try to order direct. Shop small. Support small.

Fwf x

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Australia Day 2019

Australia Day Reflections

Australia Day… for many it is a sad day. Also known as Foundation Day, Survival Day or Invasion Day, it continues to spark debate each year. And while much of the country may be divided on that subject, one thing is for sure, Australia is an amazing place to call home.

Australia Day is a day to reflect on what it means to be Australian. This includes all Australians, whether you are new to the country, from a family that has called Australia home over several generations now, or if you are one of 65,000 Torres Strait Islander, or Aboriginal people.

Today, I have come up with a list of things I love about Australia’. Feel free to add to the list via our Facebook page.

1. We live on the world’s largest Island.

Now technically speaking, as Australia is a continent, Greenland is considered the largest island of the world, but for all intents and purposes, we do live on mass of land entirely surrounded by water….so that’s an island in my mind. Folks travel to islands for holidays, and we live on a spectacular sub tropical island every day of our lives.

2. Our Beaches are Enviable

Anyone who travels to Oz will remark on the beauty of our waterways and our clean sand. Beaches around the world just cannot compare. And whether you are looking for a beach for surfing, simple paddling or fishing, there are plenty on offer. Tourists will come in search of Bondi or Manly Beaches, but locals know that these are not the best on offer…sssshh….let’s keep the best kept secrets, just that 😉

Whitehaven beach

3.  Natural Wonders

Did you know that Australia has 19 World Heritage listed sites? 😳 Add to that over 500 National Parks to explore too. WOW, just wow.

4. Work/life balance.

With consistently low unemployment, Australia is a good place to get a job….apparently. And with a beautiful environment surrounding us, we are known the world over that we work hard, but we play just as hard. Enjoying our environment, and making the most of our down time are key Aussie qualities.

5. Multicultural

People from more than 100 countries have migrated to Australia, making our nation one of the most culturally diverse. Some areas are more culturally diverse than others of course, but generally speaking, Australians are thought to be open and accepting of other ethnicities.With all this diversity comes many bonuses. Acceptance, tolerance, empathy…and amazing foods as well. Australia has a huge range of culturally diverse food and fusion foods on offer. đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»

Australia is made up from many different ethnicities

6.  We live in a SAFE country

Like any country we have crime, and will hear our fair share of scary stories across our lifetimes. In Mercer’s Quality of Living Index 2018, all Australian cities ranked within the global top 40. Sydney and Melbourne were both in the top 20, at 10 and 16 respectively.

7. Space

While there are many beautiful destinations throughout the world, few can compare with Australia’s great open spaces. While the USA and Australia are not too different in physical size (Australia is 7,5000,000km2), our populations differ greatly. Our current population (as at 9pm January 22, 2018) is 25,230,635.

Native kangaroo paw

8. Amazing Fauna and Flora

Koalas, echidnas, kangaroos, and platypus- they really are animals that have to be seen to be believed. With nothing like them anywhere else in the world, they make a trip to Australia all the more memorable.

Australia has phenomenally beautiful native flowers. Native cut flowers are long lasting, and they also are aesthetically unique. They make a great gift deal for travellers, and amazing displays for Australia Day. Contact the store to see what fresh cut flowers and what fresh native flowers are available this weekend.

Enjoy the festivities everyone, and the long weekend. See you on the flip side âœŒđŸ»âœŒđŸŒâœŒđŸœâœŒđŸŸâœŒđŸż

Fwf x

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Craig Scott from Eastcoast Wildflowers

Drive You Wild Flowers

A familiar face from the Sydney Flower Markets, Craig Scott of East Coast Wildflowers was featured on last week’s episode of Gardening Australia. A fourth generation flower grower, Scott’s passion is evident in the way he talks about his work and his love of Australian Flora.


If you missed it, and are interested in watching the segment, you’ll find it here.

Craig’s great grandfather, William “Robbo” Robinson, the first in the family to start in the flower trade, sold flowers via a mixed business between the train station and Woronora cemetery.

His grandfather grew a range of traditional flowers on his farm in the Southern Sydney suburb of Menai, and sold a selection of ‘bush-picked’ native blooms long before the restrictions on picking natives were in place.

Craig’s father Col was instrumental in developing Scott’s love of Australian native flowers. As well as growing some traditional blooms, Col began selling native flowers in the market and in 1968 he bought a 50 acre farm at Mangrove Mountain where the business still exists today. Craig and his father shared a love of the outdoors. Col was a rock climber and Craig, an interested hiker. They would often spot interesting flora on their adventures and this fuelled their inspiration.

Approximately half of the farm is native bushland, while the other half is cleared with several glasshouses set up. They grow a range of native flowers including waratah, billy buttons, mulla mulla, grevillea, wattle, eucalyptus, paper daisies and a large kangaroo paw range which is a key line in their business.

Eastcoast Wildflowers Farm. Source: Try booking

Craig is one of those growers that has built a great business based on a combination passion and hard work. For years he has offered florists a wonderful range of Australian flowers; flowers that get florists excited to create. Australian Native Flora is stunningly unique in appearance; they have gorgeous colour variations and a particularly interesting texture.

When people talk about natives, often an image of a dull coloured arrangement comes to mind, but that simply is not the case. Native flowers can be incredibly bright. Telopea, for example is derived from the Greek word ‘telopos’, meaning ‘seen from afar’  and refers to the robust, brightly coloured head of the red Waratah which can be spotted at a great distance.

Craig also shared a glimpse into the glorious colour range that they grow on the farm of kangaroo paw. Paw grows for approximately 8 months of the year, making it incredibly important for their business.

Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi)
Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi) Source: National Parks

Flannel flower, which is incredibly popular for wedding bouquets with a more rustic feel, gets its name come the texture of the blooms. The elegant flowers are soft and furry, with delicate petals. According to Scott they have a reputation for being quite difficult to grow commercially,  but he has found that growing the plants in pots has been very successful.

What I enjoyed most was hearing and feeling his energy when he spoke about working with flowers and being out in nature. It is obvious that Craig has achieved what most of us only hope for, to turn a passion and a hunger for spreading that inspiration, into a thriving business. His gentle demeanour and overall feeling of calm beautifully illustrated the effects of working with nature and in nature.

Fwf x

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Celebrity Florist Predicts Floral Trends For 2018

Every florist secretly fantasises about achieving a certain level of success. To reach that level where their work so revered, their reputation for artistry is so reknowned, that celebrities are literally beating down their door to work with them. Few florists will reach this pinnacle, and make it to the elite level that commands this degree of attention and admiration. They are the florists that have the freedom and the budget to create those jaw dropping installations that many of us merely dream of, the ones who created the pictures that we so often have brought in as inspiration at our own floral concept consultations. One florist who has made his way to the top is Jeff Leatham.

I tend to find that when you design too far ahead, you lose the inspiration.

-Jeff Leatham

Using one flower en masse is a way to create drama whilst keeping your fresh flowers simple and chic.
Legendary florist Jeff Leatham was originally a model before landing a job in the florist within the Four Seasons Hotel. Photo credit Four Seasons

His story is quite an interesting one, as becoming a florist was really never in his plan. Leatham was enjoying a career in the modelling industry and had returned from jobs in Milan and Paris looking for some work. Coincidentally, a job was going at a flower shop in the Four Seasons Hotel, and voila, Jeff Leatham took his first steps toward becoming a forward thinking, boundary pushing, exciting and  successful florist.

When Leatham began, he entered the industry making garden bouquets and arrangement much like any florist. Sure, they were beautiful he says, but he wanted to create something different. Speaking to Teen Vogue, Leatham says “…we were creating something, this new style that I created 15 years ago, it was innovative and changed the way people think about flowers. I know that sounds strange, but before I started with flowers, flowers were just pretty garden bouquets and different things. I remember the way I did flowers before, just kind of mixing flowers together and doing just mixed bouquets. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t clean and simple. Then [we started] creating things that are very simple and all one flower in a vase. This whole idea of all one flower in the vase and keeping things really simple and clean and chic. Doing flowers in different ways, wrapped around a vase and bent around like this.”

Use the natural line of a bunch of flowers to create movement in your floral arrangements.
Leatham’ signature style is unmistakeable. He creatively anchors groups of flowers in a variety of cases. Phot credit Popsugar

Leatham’s signature style was exactly that. He followed the rule of 3; never using more than three colour tones (where possible keeping it monocramatic), and never using more than three types of flowers. Leatham’ strongly grouped bundles of flowers, the same flower en masse, were uniquely anchored in vases, creating strong lineal movement, and stunning blocks of colour.

Dramatic blocked colours makes arrangements stand out
Jeff Leatham created eye catching and dramatic colour blocked displays. Photo credit Sperr

Jeff predicts that the trends of 2018 will see a decline in the popular flower wall. He says, “It used to be really cool, and sometimes its still pretty, but I think its just been overdone. Everyone wants a flower wall and no one realizes how expensive they really are.” That is certainly something that we find to be true in retail floristry; budget never quite matches the vision and expectation. Instead, he believes 2018 is going to see flowers dripping from ceilings. This look has started gaining popularity recently, and if his Instagram pics are anything to go by, this trend will continue to gather momentum as the year pushes on.

“Most trends — things that are really popular and what people love — usually happen on accident. It’s either something falls over or I change my mind the last minute. I’m like, “No, take that down and move that over there.” That’s usually how our trends start. It’s just very last-minute. That’s really the way I design. I tend to find that when you design too far ahead, you lose the inspiration.”

Fwf x

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Image of a Heart on a cracked background

What if you missed out on Valentine’s Day?

So Valentine’s Day has been and gone for another year, but believe it or not, a florists work is still not done.

Some people will have arrived home to a pretty unimpressed partner, angry or disappointed that they were not remembered on the day of love. What does that say, they think? How does that look, they ask.

So in a quest to right any wrongs, February 15th can quickly turn into another busy day. But on February 15th, things tend to return to normal. The flower shop will be stocked with a wide variety of stock, perhaps just not as full to the brim as in the days preceding.

Many florists have perfected their ordering systems, using a combination of examining previous figures and forecasting their needs based on pre-orders as Valentine’s Day approaches. This is great news for everyone as it means there is less wastage and that the stock is fresh post Valentine’s Day too. What it may mean however is that red roses are not as readily available. After all, if you were a rose grower, would you prefer to sell your roses at premium prices leading up to the day of love, or cut prices once the day has been and gone? Growers plant their roses with the hope that they will be perfectly timed with Valentine’s Day. Stock that blooms perfectly the week after could have devastating consequences for our local growers.

If you are one of the people who needs to order flowers for a loved one on February 15, use it as a real opportunity. What do I mean?

Instead of just going ahead and getting the red roses you were supposed to get, choose something totally unique, and something totally beautiful. Given that we are still enjoying the heat of summer and all that comes with it why not consider something that is unique to this time of year?

Image of gorgeous Garden roses
Garden roses are gorgeous

Garden roses are a rose of course, but rather than being grown for their perfect head, or the length of their stem, garden roses are perfectly imperfect and have a scent that is unforgettable.

Garden roses will truly open up, revealing the gorgeous centre of the bloom, with gorgeous prickly foliage running up and down the stem. They will evoke all 5 senses. Believe it or not, the scent is so intense, you can taste it!

Image of Pretty Proteas from South Africa
Pretty Proteas are endemic to South Africa so enjoy our warm climate

If you are looking for an alternative to roses (and perhaps intentionally avoided buying them on Valentine’s Day) you could consider blooms that will handle the heat with ease. Tropical blooms are made for these conditions as are many native flowers.

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Fashionable Flowers

We have all heard the saying “What’s old, is new again” and flower preferences, like fashion change. According to House and Garden, 2017’s most fashionable flowers once again gaining popularity in gardens and as cut blooms are some truly old favourites.

Each of these flower varieties will hold a special place in your nanna’s heart, and for many years were seen as ‘naff’ or unsophisticated. Oh how times have changed.

With time, many of these once drab and boring flower varieties have been reinvented. With many hybridised variations, and available in so many beautiful colours and textures.

So what flowers made House and Garden’s list?

  • Dahlias
  • Gladioli
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Delphinium

Dahlias are a full and fluffy bloom. I have been known to use them in place of peonies at times where a big showy, petal-ly bloom is required.

The dahlia has many forms; some varieties are soft in colour tone, and soft in appearance with rounded petals. Others, like a firecracker of colour, are vibrant, and have pointed petals that appear more sharp and pointy although the texture remains the same.

Dahlias are not a long lasting bloom, they have a vase life of up to about 5 days. BUT for the price tag, Dahlia’s provide real bang for your buck as they have large blooms and easily fill a vase.

Image; Quotes Gram
Florist with Flowers Instagram

Gladioli conjure up images of Dame Edna Everage for me; flamboyant and showy. Rarely was the iconic 1980’s star pictured without the stems, often throwing them out to her audience to wave back at her!

The gladioli was named after the Latin word “gladius,” which means sword, due to it’s sword like appearance. While there are over 260 species within the group with varied appearances, the spectacular giant flower spikes we see today are the result of centuries of hybridisation.

The colour range available make gladioli extremely versatile. Flowers are available in pure whites, lemon, apricot, tangerine, lime green, soft mauve, soft pink, pink, purple, hot pink, red, coral, plum, and more.

Nothing is more stunning than a tall vase filled with just gladioli en masse, and simple leaves around the base of the vase.

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Chrysanthemums, or ‘mums’ as they are fondly known are traditionally reserved for Mother’s Day. Over the years they have gained a bit of a reputation for being uninteresting, and ‘common’ and have therefore lacked appeal. Common varieties flooded the market and filled the supermarket and petrol station flower stands but meanwhile, other varieties were unknowingly and unnecessarily being overlooked. Lime green button chrysanthemums, Polaris, Spider and Disbud chrysanthemums, have all started to gain attention for the right reasons. Offering interesting colours and textures, and varying sized blooms has meant that the humble Chrysanthemum has been able to fill a gap in the market at an affordable price. And what’s more, Chrysanthemums are long lasting blooms.

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Delphiniums were once reserved for traditional herbaceous borders in the garden, and when this style lost popularity, sadly, so did the pretty delphinium blooms. Delphiniums are available in soft pastel blues, mauves, pinks and white, and have delicate blooms along the length of a long thin stem. They are ideal for adding height to an arrangement yet maintaining a soft cottage garden feel. Delphinium are lovely to use in a bridal bouquet; they are a delicate, feminine bloom that are one of the few natural, true blue tones.

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Remember Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy fresh cut flowers as you get a little longer from your blooms with the more moderate temperatures. Check out some of our Season’s Favourites for home or for a gift for someone special.

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