That’s a Wrap

For us creative types, Christmas wrapping can become just another avenue in which we can express ourselves. Rather than be limited by the variety of papers available at your local department store, with a little extra effort, your presents can look too good to unwrap! And lets be honest, there is nothing more enticing than a beautifully wrapped and decorated present taunting you from underneath the tree…..

It is important that you decide on a style or a theme, and stick with it. This will cut down on costs as you will not need to purchase too many variables. Now that is not to say that there cannot be variations within this,  so this allows you to make each present look individual and unique, BUT when they all sit together, they look like they belong together. This way the presents will look more finished and cohesive.

I personally am a little behind schedule with my Christmas shopping. Stupidly, I thought I may be able to squeeze in some shopping on my half hour break each day I worked in the shop, but I tried that once, last Sunday, and will not attempt it again! The last Mr Potatohead was sitting there on the shelf, and feeling accomplished, I grabbed it, thrilled that third time was the charm, and I finally had what I was looking for, but unfortunately, my excitement was short lived. As I made my way to the counter I could see that the remainder of my break (all 25 mins of it) would be used waiting in the horrendous lines….that is, if it didn’t take even longer.

This obviously puts a bit of a delay on my wrapping as well, because lets face it, you have to have your presents first, but, in the meantime, I have got my wrapping ingredients and materials ready and waiting.

Today the kids also got involved and have created their own ‘range’ of wrapping paper. We do this every year and use it for the presents for their little friends. It is a nice way for them to get involved, and keep them occupied whilst I am being creative too.

Here I’ll show you some of my favourite wrapping ideas this year,  that will take your presents from ordinary, to extraordinary.

Image: Etsy

I love using both brown craft paper and brown card as it just seems to fit with a simpler, more handmade and organic feel. By simply gluing paper lace doilies onto cards, tags or paper, you can add a delicate, decorative, vintage feel in seconds.


Image: Design Rulz

Again featuring brown craft or brown butchers paper, with simple twine, these presents are understated and elegant. I love adding spruce, holly, or pine to the gifts for an extra bit of festivity. Why not experiment with pinecones, or cinnamon sticks for a more earthy look. Or what about seashells if you are going for a beach feel?

Simple ink stamps can add personal touches, like Christmas greetings, or the gift recipients name. You can change the colour of the twine to suit your theme. These days coloured twines are available as well as natural jute.

Image thanks to Going Home to Roost via PInterest

Want something different to the brown paper? Why not try black? Choose white textas or pencils to personalise each gift with a series of greetings and drawings. For something different choose silver or gold ink pens, or add splashes of colour!

Image: 33 Shades of Green
Image thanks to Our Fifth House via C.R.A.F.T

Try using a basic brown wrap  for all your gifts and then accessorise and personalise by adding a strip of a colourful paper, or fabric around the centre. This can then be personalised further by adding monogrammed gift tags and coordinating ribbons. I love the layered effect as it makes it look more intricate. It is a simple way of making it look like you have made a really special effort.

Why not try using hessian strips with frayed edges, and gingham ribbon- SUPER CUTE!

Image: Mommo Design

Got some time on you hands or some handy craft assistants? You’ll need brown butchers paper, chocolate card, white dot stickers, a red marker and a black marker. With these tools and your time and patience, you can turn ordinary brown covered boxes into crazy reindeer companions.

With only 2 weeks to go til Christmas and with so much still left to do, we best get busy!

If you are time poor and need some last minute pressies ordered and delivered, check out our Christmas range.

Fwf x

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Creating a Christmas Theme- “Seas and Greetings”

Each and every year, those powers that be create irresistible colour schemes that differ enough from the previous year, that you almost have to throw everything away and start afresh.

Thankfully things have been made at affordable prices as well, and are not made in the same quality that they used to be, so you don’t feel quite so bad….

Still every year, my husband is flabbergasted that again,  I have decorations, and bits and bobs in the trolley- things I can only assume he thinks are unnecessary.

Given that Australia is just one huge island, it seems fitting to many that their Christmas has a decidedly ‘beachy’ feel. And why not? We do after all have a hot and balmy Christmas, void of snowflakes, and snowmen, and many more images so often associated with a great (Northern) white Christmas.

Whilst away recently, I found a gorgeous starfish in a home wares store and I guess that is where my inspiration for this themed piece began. Initially, I had hoped to find enough driftwood to create the display, but unfortunately, had no luck.

I created a beach inspired Christmas tree, with space-poor families with small children in mind. Like us, many young families live in apartments, so giving up floor space is hard when it is such a valuable commodity. And, anyone with young children knows that a traditional Christmas tree with all those sparkly things at toddler height spells disaster.

Creating something like this is fun, and relatively quick and easy, and it can easily be tailored to match any colour scheme.

What you will need:




3 x 1.2m lenths of raw pine (I chose varying widths to give a greater visual weight at the base)

A hand saw


Ruler, pencil and rubber

Tape measure

String/jute/nylon twine

Selection of decorations


What to do:

1. Start by measuring out the lengths of each of the pieces along the wood. I chose to increase the lengths of each layer by 5cm so I measured out 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm.


2. Use the hand saw to cut the lengths required.

3. Lightly sand the edges of the wood to remove any rough surfaces and rub out any pencil marks you made.

4. Lay the pieces out on a flat surface to get an idea of how it will look, spacing the pieces out to see how large you should make the intervals.


5. Begin by lying the largest piece of wood over your string on one end, with equal amounts of the lose string either side. Tie a double knot on one end of the largest piece. Do the same on the other side of the same piece of wood.

6. Measure the distance you wish to have between each piece and knot both pieces of string together at each end so that the next piece isn’t able to drop down out of place.WP_20151117_12_47_08_Pro

7. Repeat step 5 and 6 until you have secured all pieces of wood. If your string runs out, simply tie another piece of sting on and continue.



8. Add a large loop to the top to be able to attach to a hook. Add your star or centrepiece to the top.


9. Decorate!

WP_20151117_14_40_41_Pro WP_20151117_14_35_48_Pro

Christmas theming can be a whole lot of fun when you get to personalise it, so for an extra special touch, I added wooden initials for each of our names to finish it off :-)


Choose other items for your home that coordinate with your chosen colours and further strengthen you theme. I have found this fantastic table setting that matches this weeks theme, as well as some awesome accessories.

There is no limit to the possibilities!

Image Coastal Vintage via Pinterest
Image Glamour Drops via Pinterest


Stay tuned for more decorating ideas and Christmas themes in the coming weeks.

Fwf x


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Wedding Inspirations; Exotic Tropics

Maybe you have decided to have a destination wedding on some beach in Thailand, or in a Balinese hut on the waterfront, or maybe you are excaping to Hamiliton Island for a intimate family affair….whatever the case may be, your wedding flowers should match the scene.
It would hardly make sense to be standing barefoot on a beach in cheesecloth and loose wavy hair holding an English Garden inspired bouquet. For one, those sorts of flowers just wouldn’t hold up in the balmy weather, and two, it would stunt the overall cohesion of your day. It just wouldn’t fit.
The Tropics are bright, fun, relaxed and exciting, and the flowers we find there are much the same. The colours just seem brighter; vivid purples, reds, hot pinks, citrusy yellow and limes and tangerines. The foliages are intricately patterned with colour, and have varying textures; stripey Song of India and other Dracenas, crazily colourful Crotons, burgundy to hot pink Cordyline, lush palms, Anthuriums, Monsterias, Devils Ivy…the list goes on. The shape and form of the blooms is varied; anything form softly curved Anthuriums to the pointy Heliconias or scalloped Honeycomb Gingers.
Get the Look;

What ever direction you choose to take will depend on the colours you have chosen for yourself and your bridesmaids. You could choose anything from Warm Sunset Tones to simple lush greens, citrus tones or vibrant pinks and purples.

Feature Flowers:
Heliconias, Birds Of Paradise, Singapore Orchids, Vandaceous Orchids, Siam Tulips (Curcuma), Globbers, Anthuriums, Oriental Lilies, Lotus Pods, Honeycomb Ginger, Lipstick Ginger, Louts flowers, Waterlilies, Frangipanis.

Textured Elements;
Vibernum berry, berzillea, doddavine, brunei, succulents, bromeliads, moss, palm husks, palm seed pods/threads.

Caladium, dracena, Cordyline, Crotons, Anthurium leaves, Hosta leaves, ribbon grass, leather fern, golden cane palm.

Palm husks, candles, water (in bowls) bamboo, lanterns, leis.

Tropical themed weddings are not for everyone, but if you have a sense of fun and adventure and a love of colour, this may be the one for you!

Fwf x

exotic bird
Birds Of Paradise

Photo Sources (L-R); Hanging pieces, bridal bouquet, table centres, chair decoration, bouquet.

exotic pink ginger
Pink Ginger flowers

Photo credits:Bamboo feature piece, bright bouquet, ginger bouquet, candle display, hanging piece.

exotic bqts
Exotically tropical bridal Bouquets

Photo Credits: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.

exotic foliages
Exotic foliages

Photo Credits (L-R): Bright vase of foliage, husk, Cordyline, Vase of Palm.

Image: Flowers Forever Hawaii via Pinterest
Image: Colin Cowie Weddings via Pinterest
exotic tables
Table Arrangements inspired by the tropics

Photo Credits;  Tall vase, Reed arrangement, 3 Cylindrical vases.



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Wedding Inspirations: Eclectic and Eccentric

Your wedding day should be an expression of you both as individuals, as well as who you are as a couple. For that reason, no two weddings need EVER be the same. Crush on somebody’s styling, envy the dress, fantasise about that dream venue, but ultimately, the two of you together will make decisions for your day that are as unique as you are as a couple.

For those who like things that are more eclectic, textured, different, or quirkier, this style of flowers may indeed be the way to go. This style of wedding can also be referred to Boho (Bohemian), Ethereal or Hippie Luxe depending on the color palette and accessories you choose to combine.

boho bouquets

Get the look:

The key to pulling this look off is to work with your existing colour scheme. This is generally dictated by your gown (whether it is white, ivory, cream or another colour) and by your bridesmaids gowns. These key elements tend to dictate what other ideas you can bring into the theme to tie it together, rather than rip it apart. Have vibrant bridesmaids gowns? Match the intensity of colour with bright bouquets. Chosen textured neutral toned gowns for your maids? Maybe earthy natives and berries will be a better fit.

Dress fabrics within this theme tend to be more textured, or layered. Hair can be free, or braided. Jewelry can be bright, feathered, brass, beaded or semi precious. The options are limitless.


I think the strength of this look is in its use of colour. Whether you choose to use vibrant, tropical tones, or  favour subtle earthy musings, eclectic flowers do not shy away from colour, nor texture.

bright boho

neutral boho

Textured elements:

Proteas, celosia, flannel flower, feathers, paper daisies, leucadendrons, love in the mist pods, blackberries, brunei, berzillea, privett, thistles,

Foliage elements:

Foliage features more heavily in this style of bridal bouquets/arrangements as much for the colour as for the texture it can bring; after dark foliage, cordyline leaves, eucalyptus, peppercorn, ivy berry, trailing jasmine, ruscus, dusty miller, asparagus, ribbon grass and photinia are all beautiful choices.

Feature flowers:

Whatever flowers you choose, what you will notice throughout this style is that rarely are the bouquets perfectly symetrical or rounded. The quirkier, free form shape of the bouquet further cements this style as bohemian; free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

Proteas, hippiastrums, lotus pods, cordifolia, tulips, sunflowers, roses, dahlias, daisies etc…


This theme of wedding lends itself to feathers, hanging floral garlands, archways, dream-catchers, daisy chains, scattered petals and more. You can truly embrace the concept of “Flower Child” within, and have your day literally dripping in bloom. Floral crowns certainly have a place here too, though individually wired flowers scattered throughout your hair can look feminine and flawless as well.boho acc

boho floral crowns

accs boho

What I love about this theme is that it can cover everything from a relaxed, informal affair to a black tie, glamourous event by tweaking the details. By introducing small details early in the peace, like feather detailing on invitations, you can potentially string the whole theme together by carrying these details that through on menus, name cards and within your bouquet or jewelry etc…

boho cakes

Personalised elements like a ‘chill out’ area set up with tee pees or random chairs or stylised picture frames can make your event really unique. Mixed glassware and crockery, or coloured glass goblets can further capitalise on the colour tones you have used throughout the affair. Recycled sheet music or newspaper can be used to roll petal cones…. Put your thinking caps on and get creative! This theme is perfect for infusing your own flavour 😉

Fwf x

Picture Sources:


tenderness and tiaras
























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Wedding Inspirations: Vintage Garden Party

Every bride has a vision of her perfect day. For some, it is a day they have dreamed of since they were a little girl, and some elements they choose for their big day will be as much about nostalgia as anything else.

Regardless of whether you have had a Pinterest board from when you got engaged, or a look book you have been working on since the day you were born, every bride will undoubtedly gravitate to a certain aesthetic which will influence each choice you make when bringing it all together.

From your choice in gown, to your jewelry, make up, hair, and the flowers you hold, each choice will determine whether you bring your desired look together or make it fall apart.

For many years now, brides have favoured a look that is reminiscent of yesteryear. Gowns made entirely of lace, beaded details, capped sleeves, tousled curls, loosely pinned in semi formal styles, garden ceremonies, eclectic vases with textured country-esque floral arrangements. What’s lovely about this look is that it is extremely down to earth, ‘quaint’ even, yet it still manages to be incredibly feminine. Before we were OBSESSED with everything being ‘matchy-matchy’ we used to be able to put together adorable little soirees which oozed a relaxed elegance; effortless and simple.

Get the look;

Obviously what flowers you choose will largely depend on what gown you choose, what time of the year that you tie the knot and the ‘look and feel’ you wish to achieve. Trust your supplier to make appropriate choices when it comes to substituting flowers that may not be available in order to achieve the look and feel that you are after.


I think this look can be achieved by choosing accent colours either in soft muted tones, or alternatively rich, dusty tones. This could include antique mauves, rose pink, nude, peach oyster, sage, duck egg blue OR pewter, gun metal, navy, burgundy, olive, chocolate and even black.

pastel colour palette


rich colour palette

Textured elements:

These flowers are not focal flowers, but certainly help to define this style by blurring the edge of the bouquet, loosening up the look, adding texture and movement, and by breaking up solid colour by adding ‘filler’ flowers.

Eriostemon, polygum berry, Mini gum, Flannel flower, veronica, budleia, Geraldton Wax, berzillea, bruneii, babies breath, dusty miller, andromeda.

Trailing elements:

These flowers will not be utilised in every style of bouquet but are particularly special for adding texture and movement if you wish to have teradrop, trailing, or waterfall bouquets. They can also be used to add a ‘beard’ to a loose posy bouquet.

Stephanotis, jasmine, asparagus, amoranthus,  pieris, clethra

trailing vintage

Floral feature elements:

These blooms should make up the body of your bouquet and are the stars of the show.

Lisianthus, Peonies, David Austin roses/garden roses, ranunculas, rhododendron, dahlias, succulents (for a modern twist)

vintage garden party bouquets

Accessories: Burlap, hessian, mason jars, mismatched teacups, teapots,  lace, doilies, birdcages.
accessory vintage

This look can be as unique and varied as you like and each wedding within this theme will have its own personal take on what a ‘Vintage Garden Party’ should be. Think stacks of classic books on tables as platforms for your vases, doilies, brown card name places and mixed jam jar vases. Mason jars are inexpensive so make a great gifts, and they can be painted to match your colour palette when required. Some of these elements can be personalised at home as little D.I.Y projects if you like to get crafty, but leave the rest to the professionals.

We’ll have more wedding inspirations coming up, so drop us a line if there is something in particular you would like to see!

Fwf x

Picture sources:























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WEDDINGS: Winter Wonderland inspirations

As I sit on the couch wrapped in my snuggie and wearing ugg boots and a tracksuit, I feel inspired to write a rather glamourous post on creating an awesome winter wonderland themed affair; the winter wedding.

Whilst I make it no secret that I prefer the warmth, and the sticky humidity that the summer months, and exotic tropical island life can bring, there are a few styling elements that I do love, and that only have a place in the colder frost bitten months of the year. So whilst I sip my hot coffee and daydream about piping hot cinnamon donuts, I have been busy collating three colour schemes and styles within the winter wonderland concept.

Wooded Wonderland:

Using a earthy combination of chocolate, warm creams, lattes, green and gold, this colour scheme potentially can look more quaint and DIY, so if that is the look that you are after, this could be perfect for you. Utilise wooden tree stumps, embossed balsa wood emblems and decorations, pinecones, wooden crates, burlap and hessian, this theme can be warm, textured and homely. What about a gorgeous (faux) fur coat to cover up in the cold? Brrrr. Why not? Gorgeous glamour that can only be embraced throughout the chillier June, July or August. Bridesmaids gowns could be burgundy, sage, chocolate or antique gold, with a fur shrug or pashmina to cover up.

I love the idea of having a semi naked cake, as it fits the more relaxed, DIY feel, but is softly sophisticated.

Picture credits: Bouquet, burlap chair trim, table arrangement, cake, garland

winter woodland


Image found on Salvage Life
Image: Via Wedding Chicks. Cake by Sky’s The Limit.


Image: Via Modern Wedding Magazine Facebook


Frozen Dreams:

This colour scheme is ice hot! Using white, sky blue, navy with hints of silver, you could be forgiven for thinking it is straight out of Disney’s movie “Frozen”. I love the fact that that babies breath is making a huge comeback, but not as an accompaniment, more as a stand alone feature flower. It makes gorgeous bouquets, stunning in their simplicity but works magically on tables as with the right lighting, it can almost look like vases full of fairy lights. It is dainty and delicate, and mimics the soft powder like appearance of soft snowflakes.

Picture credits: table arrangement, cake, bridesmaids with bouquets, invitation, crystal tree display.


frozen dreams


Image found on Fab You Bliss. Flowers by The Watering Can

If you are want to try to keep costs down for table arrangements; using simple, low and wide cut glass vases and an assortment of baubles from a dollar store, you can create these simply displays.

Image via E How

Silver Linings:

Neutral colour palettes continue to remain most popular for weddings, so this colour scheme, using just white, silver and grey is sure to be a hit. Bright and crisp clean whites are highlighted with silver suede foliage, silver dusted berries, beading on gowns, silver satin shoes, and embellishments with crystals on cakes and in your hair. Use silver tealight holders, or pewter vases on tables to bring more of the metallic tones to the setting.

Photo credits: Bouquet, cake, lighting, buttonhole, nails, dress.


silver dream

Image: Head Rush Salon Inc
Image : Etsy

When deciding on a wedding date, many factors come into play. Maybe you have your heart set on a particular venue, or have special friends and family that are unable to attend until a particular time, or maybe you are desperate to have a seasonal bloom in your bouquet. Whatever the case, sometimes compromises are made, and you end up getting married in a month, in a season even, that you were unprepared for. This blog was intended to showcase beauty in a variety of colour schemes for those of you planning a winter affair.

Maybe you have another colour scheme in mind? Shoot us an email and let us know so we can start brainstorming for you :-)

Til then,

Fwf x



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Wiggly Wedding Inspiration

Like any mother of young children, I know most of the Wiggles repetoire off by heart. They certainly know how to write a catchy tune that plays over and over in your head, and the kids just can’t get enough.

As far as what they do behind closed doors, I really don’t care. Private life is private life as far as I am concerned, but still, I’ll admit I was pretty happy to hear that Lachy and Emma (Purple Wiggle and Yellow Wiggle for those of you who don’t know) had announced their engagement On Tuesday 5th May. It is a like we are somehow a part of a special love story.

Having only gone ‘public’ with their relationship mere months ago, this courtship seems to have progressed extraordinarily fast, but in reality these two lovebirds have been singing sweet love songs to each other for a couple of years.

When planning a wedding theme, colour is essential. We always recommend starting with the gowns and tying things together with the accessories and flowers. We fancy the idea of Lachy playing homage to Emma by wearing a yellow BOWtie, and similarly, how beautiful would it be to theme the bridesmaids and flowers around the colour purple to pay respect to Lachy’s purple wiggle character. And let’s not forget the Big Red Car!

Wouldn’t a yellow Bow tie be just perfect like this one we found on Style Me Pretty


Check out these great purple toned dresses- an extract from Broke-Ass Bride


ww14 ww13 ww7

Images found (L-R)  Natalie Bradley, Ruffled, Alisa Burke

Their very own BIG RED car. Image from Remarkably Retro

So just for a bit of fun, we are giving you a glimpse into a Wiggly themed wedding!

I have scoured the web for special pictures and concepts that work within this specific theme. With Yellow and Purple as the feature colours, both mauve and lemon elements would work well to provide colour repetition as well as harmony. Why not consider a neutral grey to tie things together too? It is a great alternative to boring old black tuxes PLUS Grey, yellow and purple has been a trending colour scheme.

BeFunky Collage ww inspiration4

Image references: Word Board, Converse Shoes, Yellow ties, Bridesmaids holding flowers, Ombre cake, Invitation, Ties

wiggly wedding inspiration 3


Image references: Posy Vase, Bridal bouquet, Table setting

wiggly wedding inspiration 2

Image references: Ombre Cake, Invitation, Petal Cones, Ties

wiggly wedding inspiration 1


Image References: Colour board and Chrysanthemum, Bridal bouquet and Bridal party, Decorations, Converse Shoes, Bridal Shoes, Bridal Party.

Have another colour scheme you would like to see mood boards for, or need inspiration? This is what we LOVE to do, let us help!

Til, next time….

Fwf x


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