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Pocket Money Gifts for Mummy

It’s the thought that counts when giving a gift….that’s what I was taught growing up, and I try to instill the same idea with my own children. Teaching kids that they have their own great ideas is an important lesson, and equally important is teaching them the value of money. We have recently started giving our older two children pocket money for doing some specific jobs around the house on top of tasks they normally complete just to contribute to the family. It’s only a small amount of money, but each of them is free to divide their pocket money into their three jars for spending, saving and giving. Thanks to the Barefoot Investor for such a simple system 😉

Morrisons pocket money friendly range, image by Florist with Flowers

It has been such a valuable tool for our family as they have been able to learn about the different denominations of money,  we can have conversations about money, the day to day costs of things and the considerations we make when buying something. These conversations can be woven into everyday life and we can really see the penny beginning to drop, so to speak.

Like many other modern families, we tend to carry very little cash around with us, and whilst we do not live on credit, we are paying for things day to day with what the kids must see as a magical a plastic card. As far as our kids could see we weren’t spending money, and let’s be honest, the transactions look no different whether you were spending $1 or $1000.

Morrison’s, a U.K. based supermarket has just launched a range of ‘pocket money bouquets’ for Mothers Day. The bunches will cost no more than the equivalent of $6.50 (Australian dollars) as research showed that the average child in the U.K. was getting approximately $9.30 per week.

A kid carrying flowers for Mother's Day, image by Florist with Flowers
Morrison’s has launched a range of pocket money friendly bouquets for kids this Mother’s Day

Now speaking as a florist, making small bunches is incredibly time consuming and fiddly, and in many ways could make an already hectic weekend of work positively insane, but as a mum of young kids I think it is a gorgeous idea! Morrison’s has chosen 4 flower varieties to use in the budget gift range, with several other options available at other price points.

As a small business, it is important to remember that kids are our future customers as well!

I think it a fantastic opportunity to teach kids a lesson in living within their means. Teach them to think carefully about who they are buying for and what that person likes. Teach them that they can make good choices.

And then watch their little faces beam with pride. Watch the way they study your expression when they hand you the gift they have chosen and paid for all by themselves. Listen to the language they use when describe the process.

Pocket Money Friendly Gifts, image by Florist with Flowers
The U.K supermarket Morrison’s has launched a range of pocket money friendly gifts from as little as $6.50 (Australian dollars)

There are many ways you can personalise your gifts this Mother’s Day. We will as always have a Mother’s Day range available. Alternatively you could choose a variety of market bunches and get the kids to ‘arrange’ them themselves in variety of teacups/vases/jam jars that you pick up from a local op shop.

What do you guys think about Morrison’s idea of kid friendly/pocket money accessible arrangements?

Fwf x

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Some of the Best Mother’s Day Castle Hill Flower Delivery Ideas for 2019

Mother’s Day in Australia is just a few weeks away. Do you already have a gift for one of the most important women in your life? If not, then this article will help you pick out the most beautiful flowers that your mother will surely appreciate.


The Origin of Mother’s Day in Australia

Mother’s Day 2019 this year will be on the 12th of May and will fall on a Sunday. As it is a weekend, it is appropriate for a full celebration to be planned. Besides letting your mum take a break from all the household chores, you may also want to take a look at picking out a beautiful bouquet for her. Here are some of the top same-day flower delivery Castle Hill ideas you should look into.



  • Send custom-made Mother’s Day flowers online


Remember that your biological mum is not the only mother in your life. Your grandmother, wife and perhaps sister are also mothers. Show your genuine love and appreciation for them by sending unique flower arrangements on Mother’s Day.


It is an excellent idea to send Mother’s Day flowers, purchased online that your loved ones can use or display at home. A flower arrangement made from various flower species and greens will be an excellent centerpiece for the living room, dining room, or in their favourite spot at home.



  • Same-day flower delivery in Castle Hill will be your best bet


The best form of surprise on Mother’s Day is acting naïve and sending your mum a flower arrangement through a reputable florist in your area. If you have a busy schedule and almost forgot to order a bouquet for your mum, don’t worry. There are florists that offer same day flower delivery in Castle Hill. For an affordable price range, you are guaranteed that all these mothers will get a fresh flower arrangement on this special occasion.



  • Love is in the air


Flowers should not only look beautiful but should smell fragrant, too. Your mother will surely love receiving flowers in full bloom and are putting freshness in the air. A great Mother’s Day flower idea is to send your mother a pot of sweet-smelling flowering plants such as gardenia, ylang-ylang, lilac, rose, and or Lily of the Valley to name a few.
If you wish to place an order early or if you want to discuss fresh and unique Mother’s Day idea with an experienced and talented florist, you may give us a call on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Here are Top 3 Ideas for Mother’s Day Flower in Cheltenham You Shouldn’t Miss

How do you show appreciation to the woman who brought you into this world? Besides waking up early to prepare a breakfast tray with all of her favourite food items, you can brighten up her day a little more by ordering online Mother’s Day flowers from a Cheltenham florist.


Show your genuine love and care to the person who raised you to the strong and successful adult that you are today by sending her exquisite and elegant Mother’s Day flowers from a reputable Cheltenham florist. Here are some sweet and unique flower ideas for your mum on Mother’s Day!



  • Go Custom Made

There are certain occasions that call for gifting flowers to a loved one. Mother’s Day is definitely a special occasion that is not complete without sending your mum a fresh bouquet of beautiful blooms. You can go generic and pick out the first flower arrangement that you see in the supermarket, or you may up the ante by ordering a custom-made Mother’s Day flowers arrangement in Cheltenham.


You can go elegant and classy with a fresh bouquet of a dozen red roses or pick out her favourite blooms and place it on one of her vases at home. She will definitely appreciate seeing fresh flowers around the home during Mother’s Day!


  • Pick Flowers in Season

To score beautiful and yet affordable Mother’s Day flower deals from a Cheltenham florist, make sure to pick a bouquet featuring seasonal flowers. Lily, anemone, gardenia, daisies, and daffodils are common during fall in Australia, thus they are more available and affordable in May. You can never go wrong by combining seasonal blooms with lush greens as fillers.



  • Give her something she can grow

Another unique Mother’s Day flower gift idea is sending your mum an exotic and beautiful orchid plant. She will be more than thrilled to receive a flower arrangement that she can eventually transfer to a pot or simply grow either indoors or outdoors. If your mum loves gardening or grows plants at home, sending her an exotic orchid variety will truly show your genuine love and care for her.
For more Mother’s Day flower ideas, you may visit our store here. To place an order or for other enquiries, you may contact us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Happy Mothers Day Calligraphy

A Few Blooming Mother’s Day Flowers Sydney Suggestions to Remember

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, there is no other sweeter showcase of love than to give one of the most important women in your life fresh flowers to make this event more special and meaningful for her.


If this is your first time to send Mother’s Day flowers online, we are happy to tell you that we have all the best Mother’s Day flowers suggestion online. Here are the best, sweetest, traditional flowers that you can choose to order online during Mother’s Day.



  • Carnations


When you take a closer look at the typical filler blooms, carnation has its own set of beautiful qualities; fragrant, simple, and elegant. Mothers are the light of a home. Sending her a big bunch of white carnations will certainly put a wide smile on your mother’s face.



  • Unique Mother’s Day flower gifts online


If you have siblings, you are most likely going to end up in a competition as to who can send your mum the best gift on Mother’s Day. If you want your gift to stand out whilst at the same time make sure your mum receives a gift that she will truly love and appreciate, why not send her a terrarium kit? Besides flower bouquets, florists in Sydney typically sell ready-made terrariums or DIY terrarium kits that they can build themselves at home. This interactive gift will encourage her to start a new hobby, too!



  • Request a custom-made Mother’s Day bouquet online


A simple and elegant way to build a Mother’s Day flower bouquet for your mother is to know her favourite blooms. Women usually have two, three, or more preferred flowers, so make sure to utilise this information wisely. You can request to build a flower arrangement or bouquet featuring all of her top flower picks. By doing this, you don’t have to worry if she will like your gift or otherwise.
If you would like to view more unique and brilliant Mother’s Day flowers and gift suggestions, visit us here. To place an order for Mother’s Day or for any other special occasion, you may call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Mother's Day message with a white heart in a room, Image by Florist with Flowers

Three Tips When Choosing Mother’s Day Castle Hill Flower Delivery Tips

Mothers and flowers share qualities of beauty and uniqueness. There is no better way to express your unconditional love to the woman who brought you into this world by sending her a lovely bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. But if this is your first time sending your beloved mum flowers, your goal is to discover the best Mother’s Day flowers that money can buy.

In this article, we are sharing some tips on picking the perfect Mother’s Day flowers online.


  • Pick out her favourite flowers

You should already be familiar with what your mum’s favourite blooms are. You can ask for a florist and flower delivery service in Castle Hill to create a stunning flower arrangement that features all of her favourite flowers.


  • Flowers in a vase

A flower arrangement in a vase is an elegant and classy show of affection for your mum. Requesting for same-day flower delivery in a vase instead of a bouquet will make it extra special as your mother will definitely find the vase useful. She can use it as centerpiece on the dining table or install it in the bedroom or night table. Flower arrangements on a vase last longer, too!


  • Pick a flower that complements your home’s interior design

Another sweet and thoughtful Mother’s Day idea is to purchase flowers that match your home’s interiors. Mothers are practical, so don’t expect your mum to simply stare at the flowers you ordered for her.   She will find a space in your home where she can display her Mother’s Day gift. To make things easier for her, find blooms that match or complement the design or colour motif of your home. Ideally, look at the existing design and colour of your mother’s dining table. For instance, if the dining room is red, you can either purchase red roses or white carnations for a classy and timeless finish.
Image of red roses for mother's day, Image by Florist with Flowers

For more Mother’s Day flower ideas, you may visit us here. If you wish to order flowers from a reputable florist, give us a call on 02 9871 1666.

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Unique and Fresh Tips for Mother’s Day Flowers in Sydney Shoppers

Show your mother how much you love her by ordering Mother’s Day flowers online. If you don’t have the time to shop at the mall for a Mother’s Day gift, take advantage of Mother’s Day flower delivery online. Ordering from reputable Sydney-based florists with positive online presence is advantageous in that you can choose from a wide variety of arrangements at affordable price rates.

This article will serve as your guide on picking the best Mother’s Day flowers & gifts online.


  • Pick a unique flower arrangement for your mum

If you want to deviate from sending traditional Mother’s Day flowers, consider picking out a bouquet made from succulents instead. This out-of-the-box gift idea will surely be appreciated by your mother as succulents are both beautiful and useful, too! Instead of throwing out flowers after a few days, succulents can be nurtured for many months, or even years to come.


  • Consider buying edible flowers and fruits

A unique Mother’s Day flower gift idea is to choose blossoms of beautiful fruits that can be grown and transferred to the soil. For instance, you may opt for a flower arrangement that includes strawberries and their blossoms. Not only will they look beautiful on top of the dinner table, but the blossoms will eventually flourish whilst the fruit can be used for desserts.


  • Sunflower bouquet for Mother’s Day

Freshly-cut sunflowers are a bright and refreshing Mother’s Day flower idea that you should consider buying. If your mum does not like roses, sending her a sunflower bouquet is a sweet option you should choose. To add an innovative touch, you can ask your florist to combine sunflowers with other vibrant-coloured blooms such as Tithonia, feverfew, rosemary sprigs, and amaranth. This flower arrangement will surely brighten her day.

Image of beautiful carnation flower, Image by Florist with Flowers

If your mother has a sweet tooth, you may also request the florist to add a box of chocolates to the delivery. To discover more cheerful Mother’s Day flower arrangements, visit us here. For enquiries, you may call us on +02 9871 1666 today.

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3 Refreshingly Unique Mother’s Day Flowers Ideas in Cheltenham

Do you need assistance choosing the perfect flowers to send on Mother’s Day? This special occasion only comes once a year, which makes it extremely important to pick an exquisitely beautiful flower arrangement for the most important woman in your life. If this is your first time to send flowers on Mother’s Day, you will need these tips when shopping from online florists in Cheltenham.



  • Send a bouquet of untamed beauties


If sending red roses seem like a boring idea to you, choose unique and beautiful wildflowers instead. The majority of wildflowers are colourful, vibrant, and fragrant, too! Ask your florist about wildflowers that come in your mother’s favourite colour. To make the arrangement more memorable, combine an assortment of wild flower varieties with green leaves or petals and put it in a vase.

Examples of beautiful wild flowers are Baby Blue Eyes, Celandine, Corn Flower, Gold Yarrow, and Iceland Poppy.



  • Consider choosing a floral monogram wreath arrangement


If you want your gift to catch the attention of your mum but of the entire family, a creative idea for a flower arrangement will go a long way. Instead of ordering traditional flower bouquets online, ask your florist if they can create a floral monogram wreath arrangement for you. You can get an assortment of your mum’s favourite blooms and have them arranged to form her first name initial. Your mother will show her appreciation of your gift by placing it on the dining table as centerpiece.



  • Say I love you with succulents


If your mother loves growing plants instead of flowers, you may consider ordering a succulent arrangement. Choose different succulent species so she can then transfer them to her planter or garden after Mother’s Day!

Image of Pink Chrysanthemums, Image by Florist with Flowers
To check out more Mother’s Day flowers inspirations and ideas, visit us here. If you want to schedule a Mother’s Day flower delivery anywhere in Cheltenham, give us a call on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Order with Florist with Flowers for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Countdown On- Only 3 days to go!

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, you could be forgiven for thinking you may have missed your run. But believe it or not, you have still have time to organise something personalised for your special mum.

For BIG days like this, we are limited to local deliveries only, but we are always able to create something spectacular that you are able to collect in store. Unlike Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is an occasion that seems to last several days. It is a great chance to organise a family get together, and bring everyone together, so depending on what is convenient, Mother’s Day celebrations tend to start Friday and run right through the weekend.

When you are organising fresh flowers for mum, think about these few key points:

Does she like fragrant flowers? Flowers like oriental lilies are not only spectacular to look at, but they also fill the house with a strong, sweet perfume. Some roses may have soft fragrances, and some bulbs are perfumed also such as Johnquills, and hyacinth.

If she does not enjoy fragrant flowers, the good news is, the traditional Mother’s Day flowers ‘mums’  are not perfumed, and with big, luscious blooms, they make a terrific feature flower.

Perfumed oriental lilies make a gorgeous gift
Perfumed oriental lilies make a gorgeous gift

What kind of colours does she like? Whether she likes neutrals tones like simple whites and greens, soft pastel tones, or bright and cheery colours, Florist with Flowers can create something that will hit the mark.

Whether mum likes bright flowers, soft pastel mixes or a neutral colour palette, Florist with Flowers can create something as special as she is
Whether mum likes bright flowers, soft pastel mixes or a neutral colour palette, Florist with Flowers can create something as special as she is

Now lastly, where are you sending or taking the flowers?

You probably think that there could be nothing more glorious than turning up to mum’s favourite breakfast joint with a giant bouquet of her favourite fresh flowers.Right? Well, after breakfast, mum might have planned to do a spot of shopping or drop in to see a friend,  BUT she is now looking at these glorious flowers knowing that they won’t look so glorious it they don’t get into water soon.

If you are delivering mum flowers to somewhere other than home, or even if you feel like you don’t want to add something else to her to-do list on Mother’s Day, choose an arrangement that comes in its own container. Vase arrangements, ceramic pot arrangements, wooden troughs and even boxes make the gift of flowers sooooo much easier.

Arrangements in containers make excellent and convenient gifts.
Arrangements in containers make excellent and convenient gifts.

The countdown is on now, so run, don’t walk, to get your mum’s flowers organised today.

Only 3 days to go!!!

Fwf x


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Image of a daughter suprising her mum for Mother's Day with bouquet of flowers

What You Need to Know When Arranging for a Flower Delivery Service in Cheltenham

It’s almost the time of the year when people take the time to spoil their mums and express their appreciation for everything she has done. If you’re wondering how to make your mum feel special, you can never go wrong with gifting flowers for the occasion.

Of course, not just any flower will do and you will have to make sure that the flowers get to your mum fresh and on time for her special day.  If you aren’t sure which flowers to choose, expert florists in Cheltenham can help to ensure that your mum gets a beautiful flower bouquet for Mother’s Day.

Consider the following before making arrangements for flower delivery in Australia:

  • It’s important to consider your mum’s preference for flowers when deciding which flowers to get. If you know that she favours a particular kind, then that would be the best choice regardless of what anyone says. If your mum likes different types of flowers, then you can create a bouquet which will delight her.
  • What if you have no idea what your mum’s favourite flower is? Well, you can always opt for traditional favourites. Popular options include roses, carnations and of course, Chrysanthemum — the traditional Mother’s Day flower of Australia.
  • You can likewise take into account your mum’s personality and make decisions based on that. For example, if your mum has an outgoing personality and enjoys outdoor activities like gardening, then sunflowers are likely to be one of her favourites.
  • Choose flowers based on colour — each colour has a significance. For example, red roses have always been a symbol of love. If your mum prefers a particular colour, then you would want to take that into account as well.

There is no shortage of options in finding flowers that are most suitable for your mother on her special day. You need only to take the time to look around and consider the factors mentioned above.

Purchase flowers and arrange for delivery online

Are you looking for the quickest and most convenient way to get your mum Mother’s Day flowers? If so, the most convenient method is to shop online. Reputable flower shop businesses like “Florist with Flowers” have websites that showcase flower arrangements and other gift options for the occasion. You need only place an Order for bouquets Online for Mother’s day, and they will take care of the rest.

Make sure that you place an order for the flowers ahead of time to beat the rush and ensure the flowers you want are available. As the demand can often exceed supply just a few days before the occasion.


Are you looking to place an order for Mother’s Day flowers? Check out our beautiful selection of flower bouquets online or phone us today on 02 9871 1666. We would be happy to help you make sure that your mum gets the flowers that she deserves on this special day.

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A Good Look at your Options for Mother’s Day Flower Delivery In Parramatta

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and florists that offer flower delivery services in Parramatta can get extremely busy. If you want to make sure that you get your mum the perfect bouquet of flowers for the occasion, you would want to know what to look out for and place orders for the right flowers well ahead of the rush.

The following is a guide to the significance of various kind of flowers that you can gift your mum on Mother’s Day:

Chrysanthemum — the traditional Mother’s Day flower of Australia

Are you unsure what kind of flowers you mum likes? You can never go wrong with a bouquet of Chrysanthemum. These flowers are available in every colour with white and pink being the most common.

As flowers go, Chrysanthemums are tough and flower in abundance during the months of March, April and May which makes it perfect as a Mother’s Day gift.  These flowers are also a good source of Pyrethrins which helps protect against mosquito bites and other insects. They are tough and protective — just like mums are when raising their children.


Another traditional and popular option for Mother’s Day flowers are carnations which are widely regarded as a symbol of eternal love. Anna Jarvis, the woman who founded Mother’s Day in honour of her mum, Ann Marie Jarvis, was herself fond of carnations. The flowers are symbolic of many things but more so of the unconditional love a mother has for her children.


An excellent choice of Mother’s Day flowers for mums who exhibit elegance and grace. These flowers offer the perfect means to say “I love you” to one’s mum and express happy thoughts and appreciation for all the motherly care.


Flowers that have long been symbolic of a mother’s love. The flower is sacred to the goddess Isis — the Egyptian goddess of motherly love and protection.


Lilacs are flowers symbolic of the love between a mother and her children. They express love, humility and youthful innocence.


A bouquet of Iris flowers is ideal for mums who are devout Catholics as Irises bear a religious significance to the Virgin Mary. These flowers symbolise faith, hope and wisdom as well as deep affection between mother and child.


These flowers symbolise the sun itself and speak of how a mother can offer her child warmth and happiness.


One of the most beautiful flowers which conveys happiness and grace — qualities that represent some of the many joys of motherhood.
Are you looking to send flowers to your mum for Mother’s Day? We have what you need here at “Florist with Flowers”! Browse through our beautiful selection of flower bouquets tailor-made for the occasion or call us today on  02 9871 1666 to design your own. We can arrange for same-day delivery of flowers to Parramatta although  it is strongly recommend that you place your orders ahead of time to ensure your mother will receive the perfect bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers.

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